The best event agencies in Moscow

Many companies and ordinary people sometimes need a helper-organizer of a particular event: corporate party, anniversary, birthday, wedding, joint training, date, children's party, concert - the reasons can be listed endlessly.

Everyone wants the event to be on top: a beautiful venue, design, creative content, technical support and much more. So that all this does not fall on the shoulders of the heroes of the occasion, there are special companies that organize all kinds of events: from meetings from the hospital to large-scale corporate events with the participation of Russian pop stars.

In the capital of Russia, such services are especially relevant, because it is here that large companies, celebrities and people with special requests for events are located. Event-agencies in Moscow are working hard to win more customers. Which of them have risen to leading positions in this area?

Agency business event Maximice

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The company entered the market for event management services in 2006, and in 2014 received the first European award. The agency was awarded for a large list of services, compliance with quality standards for conducting diverse events, an active and purposeful team.

Over a decade of experience, more than 20 thousand events of various levels are already on the list of event agencies in Moscow : from birthdays in narrow companies to international exhibitions.

At the moment, the company specializes in business events. The list of services includes:

  • Project support. In the framework of this area, coordination and organization of events, assistance in the technical equipment of events, the solution of transport and corporate issues are carried out.
  • Logistic support. Work in this area is carried out around the world: booking hotels, conference rooms, escorting translators, assistance in obtaining documentation.
  • Creative and production. Scripts, concepts, design, creative accompaniment, photo and video shooting, organization of castings, work with artists and directors, and much more.

Address: Prechistenka street, 40/2, p. 1, under. 3.

Agency for Strategic Events "Podezhiki"

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Podezhiki is an event agency in Moscow in the top of the list of the most popular organizations. More than 1500 thousand events in partnership with the largest companies in the country.

The organization began in 2002 with the holding of raffles, the name is also from that time, because the customers were sort of “driven up”.

Now the basis of work is the organization of events in business, as well as private events. Among the agency’s clients are Kraft Foods, M. Video, Otkrytie FC and many others.

In addition to event-escorts, the company “Podezhiki” conducts educational activities: it teaches the courses “Project - it sounds proudly”, “Sales in the event”, which are taught by Mikhail Voronin (director of the agency) and Anton Merkulov.

Location: Novodmitrovskaya street, 1, p. 3 building. 26.

Communications Agency Eventum Premo

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A large event-agency in Moscow, whose rating has been formed thanks to high-quality services, well-known clients and a creative approach to any task, is Eventum Premo.

Agency clients: Microsoft, Toyota, Oriflame, Sberbank, Skoda and many other companies known around the world.

Eventum Premo conducts work in several areas: the organization of digital marketing and PR, the organization of large events, the definition of PR concepts, from promotion on the Internet to mass events to increase company recognition.

Address: Spartakovsky Lane, 2, p. 1.

Event operator Redday

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Redday is an unusual event agency in Moscow. A large list of opportunities awaits the client: holding protocol (summit, reception, etc.), media (shows, ceremonies, etc.), cultural events (festival, city day, etc.), client (conference, presentation, etc.), corporate (team building, quest, etc.) events.

The services include full project support, including costing, project report, logistic support, technical support, etc.

Address: 56 Friedrich Engels Street, building 1.

Agency Eventmaxpro

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Where to go in Moscow to help organize a wedding, seminar, club party or public holiday? Many will advise the Eventmaxpro agency, which consists of three departments: Max Private, Corporate Theater and Max Wedding. Each of them is engaged in its own field, thereby ensuring a high professional level of organization of holidays.

The company's services include: the formation of concepts, design, scenarios; coordination of events with different structures; organizational issues (logistics, food, event maintenance) and much more.

Location in the capital: Derbenevskaya street, 20.

Who else is in the top 10 event-agencies in Moscow?

Antares Event - the company that is preferred: Technosila, Rusfinance Bank, Rosgosstrakh, Moscow State University and others. The main work of the company was the principle of “one window” - when through one specialist you can solve all the problems. Address: Berezhkovskaya embankment, 20, p. 79.

Creative market - an agency with over 15 years of experience in the field of event organization. Promotions, Internet promotion, comprehensive study of events at various levels - all this can be done together with the Creative market. Location in Moscow: 57 Leningradsky Prospekt

Empire of Stars is an agency that provides concert support with the participation of the highest stars, organizes both private and public events. Address: Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage, 29, p. 4

Olivier is an event agency in Moscow that organizes field events, thematic celebrations (sports, the New Year, corporate parties, etc.), team building, parties, and much more. Office location: 1st Truzhenikov Lane, d. 15.

Antego will help in the design of business and entertainment events, including corporate events and PR events. Work is ongoing in Moscow and throughout the region. Address: Vvedensky street, 23A.


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