GAZ-2705, cargo van (all-metal, 7 seats): description, characteristics, prices

"Gazelle" is produced by the GAZ group of companies for 22 years - officially since June 20, 1994. The third generation is already being produced on the conveyor, given the “GAZelle Next”. During this period, 60 modifications and variants of execution have been developed for the model. In addition to the truck, the car is produced in special variations for municipal services, exploration, passenger transportation, armored cars for banks, etc. Companies manufacturing special vehicles will create a car taking into account the individual needs of the customer. The choice of two types of drive and several motors is only the beginning of a long way of building specialized vehicles. You can order a fiberglass body with a clearance of 70 cm and low pressure wheels - such machines are in demand among hunters, oil and gas workers and the Ministry of Emergencies. Even a model of a truck tractor is produced. If the exclusive offer is not relevant, then you can buy a simple GAZ-2705 - a cargo van, all-metal. 7 seats and a voluminous body will be another advantage of this commercial vehicle for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Model history

GAZ-2705 is available in two versions: with a three- and seven-seater cabin (according to the specifications of the plant, there are no differences in the indices).

gas 2705 all-metal cargo van 7 places

The Gazelle cargo-and-passenger can carry up to 1000 kg of weight. To increase sales, the characteristics of the car were brought into line with the driver's category B - the total mass of the car is about 3.5 tons, and in the cab less than 8 seats. In the 90s in Russia, “Gazelle” had one competitor - ZIL-5301, popularly called very original: “Goby”. Its total weight was 7 tons, and it no longer corresponded to category B. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the market required different products, and therefore ZIL-5301 did not fit into these requirements. The model almost left the market, losing its niche to the Gazelle.


The Gazelle freight and passenger received the characteristics that are most suitable for Russian conditions. For example, the presence of a solid frame is a big plus - due to this, the number of modifications of the Gazelle has 60 options. The frame is so strong that the car rusts before the body and the engine wears out. Thanks to this, the GAZ-2705 was a commercial success.

passenger-and-freight gazelle


Few people know that the GAZ-2705 - a cargo van, all-metal (7 seats) in total was equipped with 4 types of engines: 3 gasoline and one diesel. Of the gasoline engines, there were 2 domestic and one imported - Chrysler, with a volume of 2.4 liters. He had a capacity of 137 liters. from. and a torque of 210 Nm. Of the Russian engines, the most popular was the ZMZ-405: an injection engine with a volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of 133 liters. with., with a torque of 214 Nm. According to its characteristics, it was not inferior to the competitor from Chrysler.

The most modern of all engines is the Ulyanovsk UMZ-4216, they are equipped with the Gazelle Next and GAZ-2705. The engine is injection, received a working volume of 2.9 liters, a capacity of 106 liters. from. and a torque of 220 Nm. Do not think that low power will not allow the transport of goods in normal mode. The main factor affecting engine throttle response is the size of the torque. For commercial vehicles, this is an important indicator because it affects the ability of a car to carry heavy loads. The lower the engine speed at which torque is available, the less the vehicle will consume fuel. For this reason, cars engaged in cargo and passenger transportation are equipped with diesel engines - this allows you to save fuel and get maximum efficiency. Of course, diesel is not without flaws, but this is the topic of a separate, more extensive article.

gas 2705 specifications

And the last engine is a diesel GAZ-5602, created on the basis of the Steyr M14. The diesel GAZ-2705 has the following characteristics: it has a capacity of 110 liters. from. and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. This is a turbo diesel with a maximum crankshaft speed of up to 4750 rpm. It was popular only in the European part of Russia, the Ural and eastern regions, but less common - good diesel fuel is easier to find in the central regions near Moscow. In the outback, they often use fuel out of season or fill in a tractor, which is not suitable, because of which equipment often fails.

Range of motors



engine's type

Maximum power

TorqueWorking volume
UMP-4216Injection, gasoline., In-line1062202,5
ZMZ-40524Injection, gasoline., In-line1332142.9
ChryslerInjection, gasoline., In-line1372102,4
GAZ-5602Turbo diesel in-line1102502.2


The body is mounted on a solid frame, which allows you to transport up to 1000 kg for cargo-passenger modification. At the rear of the car are two swing doors for loading – unloading goods, and one sliding on the right. In both versions, the cargo and passenger compartments are separated by a metal wall.

In 2003, the car gets a deep restyling - updated front doors, optics, grille and bumper. The cabin also has a new instrument panel. The rear-view mirrors were also modified - now they began to be painted in body color and gained a beautiful, aerodynamic shape.

gas 2705 price
It is also worth noting that the GAZ-2705 model - an all-metal cargo van (7 seats), received new interior parts. The instrument panel is made of a different grade of plastic, it meets the current fire safety requirements, in addition, it does not reflect in the windshield on a sunny day. Designers have worked not only on the appearance of the panel, but also improved fixtures. Now she almost does not creak on bumps and does not emit an unpleasant odor. The readings of the new instrument panel are perfectly readable by the driver, even on rough roads. The LED backlight burns brightly, which in the dark is an advantage compared to the old lamp backlight. As an option, you can order air conditioning, which was not in the dorestyling model.

The capacity of the cargo compartment allows the transportation of bulky items - this is a key quality of the GAZ-2705 (cargo van, all-metal). 7 seats, including a driver’s one, make it easy to place cargo and passengers in the cabin of this model, and if the proposed amount of internal space is not enough, you can order a model with a high roof made of plastic. This will increase the capacity of the cabin, and the driver will have more space above his head. It can be used to the maximum, for example, to build additional shelves for documents. On the basis of this model, third-party manufacturers produced various modifications - ambulances, collection vehicles and other options.

Drive Types and Transmission

The gazelle can be ordered in two variations: full and rear wheel drive. All-wheel drive models are most suitable for transporting goods in suburban areas, where, possibly, there are no high-quality roads.

GAZ-2705 engine
In urban conditions, rear-wheel drive is enough even in winter. In extreme cases, you can use all-weather rubber with snow chains. There is only one transmission - a 5-speed manual, the same one that stood on the Volga.

Model service

Maintenance of a car like the GAZ-2705 does not bring big problems, despite a significant number of negative reviews.

car gas 2705

There are several conditions due to which Gazelle will last a long time:

  • It is necessary to service the car on time: change the oil, lubricate the pivot suspension elements, install new filters, etc.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit of the transported goods. Any mechanism has strength limits and it is better not to cross them.

Before starting use, it is best to familiarize yourself with the replacement intervals for consumables and spare parts by reading the instruction manual. Even a novice driver is able to replace spare parts on their own - fortunately, the design of the car is not too complicated.


On the secondary market, you can purchase a cargo-and-passenger “Gazelle” for 350-400 thousand rubles. It all depends on the condition of the car, year of manufacture and configuration. For example, a four-wheel drive passenger-and-freight modification with a 2013 diesel engine will cost about 500 thousand rubles. GAZ-2705, an all-metal cargo van (7 seats, gasoline engine) of 2013 of release in the secondary market is estimated from 350 000 rubles. For the new GAZ-2705, the price starts at 780,000 rubles, depending on the configuration and additional equipment.


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