Legal immigration to Spain: step-by-step instructions

Before anyone who decides to change their country of residence, a whole world opens up. Of course, the choice is quite complicated. After all, when making the final decision, you will need to carefully study all the legal methods of legal entry and evaluate your own capabilities.

immigration to spain
One of the most popular European countries for Russian emigrants is Spain. This state attracts our citizens not only with a good standard of living, but also with its excellent climate and excellent ecology. And even today, when there are certain difficulties in providing a job in the country, immigration to Spain from Russia does not become less attractive. In this country, not only local residents, but also foreigners feel very comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that until recently, the flow of Russian immigrants to Spain significantly exceeded the number of citizens who moved permanently to France and the United States. Most of the settlers chose the Mediterranean coast, Madrid, and those cities that were located on the territory of the most developed part of the monarchy to live.

Why Spain

This country, without any doubt, can be called open. After all, there live a huge number of immigrants who came not only from Russia, but also from the most different corners of our planet. Of course, it is hardly a secret to anyone that Spain occupies one of the leading places in Europe in terms of unemployment. And it seems that immigration to Spain from Russia should be completely unattractive. Should I move from an already acquired place to where the unknown awaits?

Everything is not so sad. After all, Spain has common borders with such European states as Andorra, France and Portugal. In addition, it has a wonderful climate. That is why in a state with access to the warm Atlantic Ocean, flows of tourists rush annually. After all, it is here that the most beautiful and popular beaches of the European continent are located.

immigration to spain from russia
Immigration to Spain attracts our fellow citizens and the fact that this state has a high level of medical and social services, low prices, including real estate, as well as low-cost higher education at the European level.

Equally important is the attitude towards emigrants of the local population. Here everyone is friendly and does not express the slightest hostility to visitors. A high level of tourism business allows you to easily find work in the service sector.

Methods of obtaining a residence permit

There are legal ways through which immigration to Spain is possible. More recently, citizens of Russia and other CIS countries came to this country to earn money and remained in it with expired visas. They did this in order to legalize in one way or another and obtain a residence (Spanish residence permit). Currently, this path is not recommended. The state has somewhat changed its immigration policy, which forces it to move to the country using only legal grounds. The list of such grounds for moving is as follows:

- admission to one of the Spanish universities;
- marriage with a citizen of the country;
- purchase of real estate in Spain;
- opening your own business in the country.

How is a residence permit different from permanent residence?

Legal immigration to Spain implies an initial residence permit. This is such a permit or residence, which allows a person to freely stay in the country and leave it, freely moving through the territory of the states that are part of the Schengen zone.

However, the owner of a residence permit for Spain is still a foreigner. Moreover, in case of serious violations of the law, the authorities have the right to deprive such a person of a residence permit and deport him from the country. You can lose your residence permit for other reasons. For example, if there are no more than 183 days a year in Spain, economic insolvency, etc.

Unlike a temporary residence permit, permanent residence is citizenship, i.e. citizenship. Upon its receipt, a foreigner gains a new status. He becomes a full-fledged subject of the kingdom. At the same time, he is given voting rights, as well as the opportunity to hold public office, he will be protected by the diplomatic services of Spain in case of unforeseen situations in the territory of other states, etc.


This is the easiest way by which immigration to Spain can be carried out. The reviews of those who have already applied for residence permits on these grounds say that collecting all the necessary papers to get a student visa is a very troublesome and time-consuming job. In addition, the list and requirements undergo some changes annually. Nevertheless, Spain is very attractive for training. And all this thanks to the affordable cost of the diploma, which will be further recognized throughout the world.

A student visa is not only obtaining a prestigious education, but also the possibility of legalizing the relatives of a person who has entered a university in the country.
Higher education institutions in Spain allow you to get a bachelor's degree, as well as a master's and master's degree. There are a large number of different professional courses, at the end of which an appropriate certificate is issued.

Education in Spain can be obtained not only in the language of the country, but also in English. The only exceptions are medical universities, as well as those that provide instrumental, vocal and pedagogical education.

Graduates of Russian schools

Those who have received a certificate in their homeland will have to pass the Selectividad exam in Spain. Its results are extremely important for future students. Indeed, the number of points received will affect admission to either a university or an institute.

The next step is to prepare the documents. Their list should include a legalized school certificate with an apostille, as well as a valid passport. Next, a comfortable place to stay is selected. Indeed, for a visa must be registered. On the Internet you can find a site on which there is an immigration workshop. Spain, as well as all the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in this country are actively discussed by users who have already passed the path of obtaining a visa. According to their recommendations, after registering a place of residence, it is necessary to choose an educational institution. This is only possible according to the points obtained at the Selectividad exam. After that, the university will issue an invitation to study.

The last step in paperwork is the visa itself. Sometimes universities request additional documents. The most important of them is the B2-C1 certificate, indicating the required level of knowledge of the Spanish language.

Students of Russian universities

A student visa in Spain can also be obtained by those studying in their homeland in the second or third year of full-time studies. How can Russian Spain be discovered? Workshop on immigration suggests that there is the possibility of transfer to a university in this country. This will give the right to receive a European diploma. To do this, you do not have to take entrance exams, but the transfer should be carried out only for that specialty, which is chosen by a student in a Russian university. This can be done after the second successful session. It should be borne in mind: despite the fact that nobody knows the knowledge of Spanish, a student needs to be fluent in it. This will allow you to perfectly understand all the materials given in lectures and seminars.

Russian spain immigration workshop
To translate, you will need to translate it into Spanish, and then notarize:

- a list of subjects studied at a Russian university;
- A letter of recommendation from the native university.

A current passport, as well as an open student visa, will be required.

Russians who have higher education

Those who have a diploma of their own university, you can enter the Spanish magistracy. This will increase the level of their professional qualifications. To do this, you will need:

- choose a suitable university in Spain;
- fill in the required form;
- provide a notarized translation of the diploma and excerpts from the record book;
- legalize a diploma;
- attach an official letter about the reasons for choosing a Spanish university or courses;
- have a valid international passport.

Study visa

In order to attend Spanish educational institutions, you must be in the country. And this is possible only after obtaining a student visa type D. It can be short-term (for 3 months) and long-term (over 3 months).

immigration to spain through the purchase of real estate

To obtain the first type of such a visa, the following documents are required:

- two color photos 2 x 3 in size;
- international passport;
- insurance in the amount of not less than 30,000 euros;
- confirmation of the invitation of a student by a Spanish educational institution;
- receipts of tuition;
- registration from the place of residence;
- booking air tickets;
- financial support or sponsorship letter based on residence in the country at 57 euros for one day.

Upon receipt of a long-term visa, the Consulate of Spain serves:

- an application according to the established model;
- two color photos 2 x 3;
- international passport;
- a document confirming financial security;
- medical insurance;
- a copy of the passport of a citizen of Russia;
- A document on admission to an educational institution in Spain;
- certificate of good conduct;
- a medical certificate in the form of 086-y.

Upon graduation, employment opportunities in Spain are provided, and after ten years - citizenship.


Creating a family with a citizen of Spain is another legal option for obtaining a residence permit in this beautiful country. In addition, in this case, citizenship can be granted under an expedited procedure.

What needs to be done in order to immigrate to Spain in this way? First of all, it is worth contacting the registry office located at the place of residence of the Spanish citizen. In this case, you need to collect a package of documents, the list of which varies depending on the municipality.

immigration to spain reviews
Those who marry a Spanish citizen will have a troublesome and rather lengthy collection of all necessary papers, which will need to be translated into Spanish. He is waiting for an interview, the purpose of which is to exclude fictitious marriages.

However, in these procedures there is nothing insuperable and terrible. Having become the spouse or spouse of a Spanish citizen, you will need to contact the immigration police station at your place of residence, in which they will issue a resident card. A year later, it will be possible to apply for citizenship.

Buying a property

This is another legal way by which legal immigration to Spain is possible. Through the purchase of real estate in the country can get those who buy a bungalow or villa, chalet, town house or apartment, the price of which exceeds 500 000 euros. The choice of an object will depend only on the financial capabilities of the buyer.

As for the authorities, they are only welcome when immigration to Spain through real estate is carried out. You can choose the necessary apartments or a house in one of the specialized magazines or on the website. Real estate agents will also help in this matter. After choosing the right option, you should check it with Registro Propiedad (real estate register), and then look at it with your own eyes.

immigration to spain seniors

Who does Spain offer immigration like? Wealthy people can buy real estate in the country. At the same time, it is advisable to have a good knowledge of local laws and speak Spanish. In this case, many difficulties in paperwork can be avoided.

After selecting an object, a contract is drawn up that describes all the payment terms. Next, you need to make a deposit of 10% of the total cost. Such actions provide an opportunity to obtain a NIE, i.e. an alien identification number. He is issued at the local police immigration office.

For some period, which, as a rule, is from 1 to 2 months, paperwork takes place and accounts are opened in a Spanish bank. And the last step is to sign the deed. The transfer of the remaining amount of money, as well as the receipt of documents for real estate should occur with the direct participation of not only the buyer and seller, but also a notary public, as well as a representative of the agency.

After going all this way, you can become the owner of a residence permit in Spain. However, it should be borne in mind that a temporary residence permit through the purchase of real estate does not allow you to find a job in the country, as it is designed only for the wealthiest foreigners.

Company opening

Popular among those who decided to change their place of residence is business immigration to Spain. And there are two ways. The first of these is the purchase of a ready-made company. This will save approximately a month, since you do not have to go through the registration procedure. However, finding a good business is not easy. And then it will be possible to resort to the option of opening your own organization. To obtain permission for its activities will have to contact the Ministry of Labor, the immigration department, as well as the embassy. In this case, you will need to provide:

- international passport;
- several photos 2 x 3;
- certificate of no criminal record;
- a document on the existing education;
- medical confirmation of the absence of serious diseases.

You will need to take all the papers personally. Or this can be done by a Spanish lawyer, for whom a power of attorney should be issued.

Work Visa

This option for immigration is very difficult. It is suitable only for highly skilled professionals with a punchy character. The fact is that the employer in Spain is unlikely to engage in bureaucratic efforts to arrange an individual call. He can do this only if he is confident in the skills and knowledge of his future employee.

But if such an employer is still found, then it will be necessary to provide the Spanish Embassy with a whole package of documents, which, in addition to calling for work and a standard set of papers, must certainly include a medical certificate of health and a certificate of criminal record. But it is worth keeping in mind that it is almost impossible to find a good company where you can earn without high qualifications.

Family reunion

As for the move of the husband (wife), as well as the children, there are no problems. They come to a person who has a residence permit, and automatically get the opportunity to find a job. But moving parents is much more difficult. Pensioners can immigrate to Spain if their children have lived in the country for at least five years. The second prerequisite in this case is the achievement by the father or mother of sixty-five years of age.

immigration to spain through real estate
Pensioners can join the Spanish beauties in the case of their real estate registered in the country or with their own annual income of at least 10 thousand euros.


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