How to draw up a disability for a bedridden pensioner: necessary documents, step-by-step instructions and recommendations

A person with disabilities is considered to be limited in the implementation of life activities due to health reasons. In the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 95 of 2006, three categories were identified that are interconnected, and the presence of which allows a citizen to be granted disability:

  • The presence of persistent disorders of the activity of organs and vital systems of the body, which are caused by an illness, injury or developmental defect.
  • The citizen’s presence of restrictions on self-care, the impossibility of fulfilling domestic and official duties, and the restriction of social contacts.
  • The constant need for programs to restore health, as well as prevent its deterioration, and other rehabilitation measures.

How to register disability for a bedridden pensioner? This question is asked quite often.

Statement of fact

At the place of observation of the patient in a medical institution, prerequisites leading to the appointment of disability should be recorded. A local therapist or a doctor with a narrow specialization in the underlying disease prescribes a special examination to the patient, consisting of several laboratory tests, physiological tests, and examinations by medical specialists. The results of the examination are considered at the nosocomial commission, which recommends the assignment of disability to the patient. In special cases, this decision may be taken solely by the head physician of the medical institution or the attending physician.

how to make disability bedridden senior citizen

How to register disability for a bedridden pensioner? About it further.

We make disability for a bedridden pensioner

People who decide to disability and have a history of serious injuries and illnesses face serious difficulties. Since the state is not profitable to maintain an army of people with disabilities, spending budget money on it.

It is important to understand that people sitting on commissions are initially instructed by their superiors to issue disability certificates as little as possible. Keep this in mind and not give up.

Everyone with a disease sufficient to prescribe a disability should be assigned this degree, and this despite the assurances of many employees of the futility of your attempts to obtain clearance. Do not give up, insist on your own. The employees of these commissions have their own goal - to save the state budget, and you have your own - to defend your rights.

Here's how to get a disability to a bedridden retired patient.

disability after stroke

Medical institution

Very often, doctors may refuse to be referred for examination if the reason for this is not the absence of limbs or other organs. Often you can hear hints that this is useless and referral to a commission will not bring you the desired result. If such a case has occurred with you, then you should be persistent and require the doctor to give a referral.

Very often, disability after a stroke is required.

Since there is no law requiring doctors to distribute disabilities to everyone, they may refuse. Of course, there are ways to negotiate with doctors in a different way, to find a compromise solution. But the process of obtaining directions may end with a negative result.

If you didn’t get a referral, do not despair, get a special certificate with which you can directly contact the bureau conducting these examinations. It happens that doctors stubbornly refuse to issue a certificate, in this case there is always the opportunity to change doctors or go to court, which, as practice shows, is more effective.

Many are interested in how to arrange disability for a bedridden retired patient? We understand further.

honey examination

Visit to the doctor

As a rule, you first need to consult your doctor about the profile of the underlying disease. We should expect proposals to be hospitalized in the hospital, do not refuse it, this is a kind of check of the seriousness of the situation. After the hospital, there will be honey. examination - passing numerous analyzes, consultations of specialists, ultrasound, X-rays and other examinations. Everything should be done quickly, because some analyzes are valid for ten days.

On the basis of all these examinations, the clinic’s doctors are required to prescribe additional medicines and give you recommendations (for example, prescribe hearing aids in order to improve your movement - walkers.)

What awaits us at the Bureau?

The disability process itself is quite a bureaucratic procedure that everyone goes through. He came, defended the line in the information window, handed over the documents. After processing by the staff, as a rule, the documents are returned and the day of the examination is set. Depending on the existing queue, this happens within a month or a little more.

And if you need disability after a stroke?

The most compelling reasons for becoming disabled are disability and disability. Failure to cook your own food and clean up after yourself are also a cause. A stroke, past injuries that affect your health and limit something, will also be counted in favor of disability. Moreover, these reasons are priority. An example is the situation when a person cannot get out of bed and overcome 10-20 m on his own. Therefore, you need to contact the main ITU bureau.

What documents are needed?

To speed up the passage of all procedures, it is necessary to prepare a package of the following documents:

  • Direction for examination received from the doctor.
  • A photocopy of the work book (certified).
  • Passport and certified photocopy, other identification documents.
  • Description from the last place of work, from neighbors from the place of residence.
  • For workers - a certificate of employment and a certificate of income.

Providing all of these documents should be enough to apply, then it’s more difficult - you need to convince the commission that you really need disability. Another point, a situation may arise when you are refused to accept any other document, except for an ID passport. This, of course, is illegal, but in order to avoid unnecessary incidents, show your passport.

What is honey. expertise? About it further.

medical report


At the commission, the presented documents cannot be limited. The examination is carried out by people who receive money not for the fact that they distribute to everyone a particular degree of disability. It is beneficial for doctors to deny you status, it was said above why this happens. Get ready for battle, think in advance what you will say. You will have to prove that the disease infringes you, does not allow you to lead a full-fledged lifestyle.

This is done by state institutions of medical and social expertise.

You did it! The examination recognized the presence of disability, now with the certificate you need to visit the local social welfare offices. In social protection, they will tell in detail and draw up the benefits that are due for the degree of disability received. In addition to benefits, it is possible to apply for a special pension, for which you should apply to the Pension Fund.

In the event of a refusal to recognize disability, there is the opportunity to appeal the decision of the commission. The application should be submitted to the medical and social examination, to the same place as before. Within a few days, a re-examination will be scheduled, and, as a rule, people who do not have a basis for obtaining status will be refused again. Another chance is to appeal this decision in court.

But the main ITU bureau does not always refuse, know this.

state medical and social examination institutions

Lying people with disabilities

For bedridden patients who are not able to independently appear on a commission and undergo examinations, the following methods exist:

  • He calls the doctor to the house for examination. Then, on the basis of this direction, an on-site commission is agreed at the place of the examination. This is a common practice for developed cities, the patient does not even have to get out of bed. The visiting commission can consist of either one person or several, they can leave once, or they can, at their discretion, and visit the patient again, and then make a decision. If there is a duck at the patient’s bed, in which he fulfills his need, this fact unconditionally recognizes the patient’s right to disability. Further processing of the procedure takes place, as described above, only an authorized person is involved in this, which should be notarized.
  • Less convenient way. A senior citizen is transported by taxi or other means. In case of recognition of a disability, the state compensates a part of the spent funds in case of documentary confirmation, most often this issue is decided in court. For this, a medical certificate should be on hand.

patient record

Disability after a stroke and other options

According to statistics, only every 5th stroke passes without consequences, all other people are forced to live with the onset of complications. Therefore, applying for disability after strokes is a fairly common occurrence. The presence of complications is a serious reason for disability. It is necessary to undergo the necessary analyzes and expert advice. Hospitalization after a stroke is necessary. Refusal from it can subsequently negatively affect the patient’s personal file and serve as a reason for refusal when trying to obtain a disability. Settle on most of the suggested procedures.

In some cases, in the presence of noticeable defects, disability is given for 1-2 years. Therefore, you will have to undergo repeated examinations and receive a degree of disability. A similar nuance is faced not only by stroke patients, but also by losing limbs. The order of the ITU is already known.

It is not profitable for the state to give life-long disability to people, so get ready to go on commissions every year. Bedridden patients do not need to go anywhere. The commissions will go home to identify changes and make decisions about the timing of the extension.

Making a disability pension leads to the free receipt of drugs in certain sizes. We advise you to think carefully about possible compensation. Recalculate the amount required for a pensioner for medicines, and compare with the one guaranteed by the state as compensation. If the disease is not very serious, and the drugs are not expensive, then it makes sense to choose compensation by abandoning free drugs.

ITU procedure

The frequency of medical examinations

What is the purpose of the patient's medical record? Different periods of rehabilitation are set for different disability groups. For example, for the 1st group two years, for the 2nd and 3rd one year. At the end of this period, re-examination is necessary. Based on the results of the inspection, conclusions are made about the improvement / worsening of the condition, that is, the degree is confirmed or removed. After the examination, a medical report and further recommendations for rehabilitation are issued.

According to the established list, it is possible to prescribe a lifelong disability, which does not require repeated examinations and confirmations. So getting a disability is a certain procedure, without special surprises. Its result directly depends on the patient’s state of health.


We hope this article will help you get a disability for a retired pensioner and arrange for a special pension with eligible benefits. If something does not work out on the first try, do not give up. If there are good reasons for becoming disabled, you will always achieve the desired result.

We examined what documents are needed to obtain a disability and described the whole procedure.


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