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According to ancient Chinese traditions, feng shui literally means "wind and water." Thus, water is one of the two main elements of the Taoist practice of symbolic space exploration. It stimulates the flow of vital Shi energy in man and space. Under the influence of lunar attraction, it fills the energy of the lake, river and sea. However, it is not safe to interfere with the direction of the movement of the elements.

Practice feng shui

Yang water implies large accumulations of liquid on the Earth: oceans, seas, deep-sea rivers. It is worth recalling that those whose birth year ends in 2 or 3 belong to the elements of water. Only "deuces" are Yang, and "triples" are Yin.

Water Yang

A person born under the sign of Water is like a powerful stream, absolutely uncontrollable, capable of tearing everything in its path. And what is impossible to crush, he bypasses. Such people are very lively and active, full of ideas and always on the move. And they themselves really like this condition.

Independence and changeable disposition

Their mood can change in the most unexpected way. Suddenly calm and quiet water surface turns into an unpredictable and raging hurricane. It scares someone, fascinates others. You will not get bored with representatives of this element. It is difficult to predict their reaction, thoughts. Yes, and what they have in mind, no one knows.

They value freedom very much. Like water in natural conditions, so people of this element do not suffer the slightest stagnation. They begin to fade, get sick, moping. They need movement like air. To withstand an inert state they can not do. They love to travel and discover something new.

Ambitious. People of Water Yang strive to get all the best: clothes, food, household items, a car, an apartment, a salary. Of no small importance to them is the impression they made. If good, then they are proud of themselves and feel great.

Purposefulness. "I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles!" - the motto of the people of the water element. Indeed, they can move quietly and peacefully with the current, enveloping obstacles along the course of the current. But insurmountable obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want are mercilessly demolished.

Innate intuition

The sixth sense is at their best. But the problem is that water people do not always listen to their inner voice. Often they act with the mind and completely eliminate their forebodings. They are able to help a loved one with valuable advice. To achieve harmony and balance in life, they need to learn to trust their inner voice.

Changeable temper of Water Yang

Impulsiveness. Absolutely do not tolerate restrictions and do everything in their own way. Making them do anything against their will is unrealistic. The greater the pressure, the stronger the resistance. In communicating with the people of Water, it is necessary to give them complete freedom of choice. Moreover, they can perfectly adapt to forced circumstances, but only by their own decision and will.

Mind and sociability.

Water People are extremely smart. They easily and quickly absorb new information in unlimited volumes. And with the same ease, they process and systematize the acquired knowledge in their head.

Along with the movement, representatives of the water element need to communicate. For them it is necessary. However, they are born diplomats. They can find and develop any topic in the conversation, support the conversation, are socially active, try to be useful and irreplaceable. True, sometimes they can go too far and, not being able to stop, seem to others somewhat intrusive and even unceremonious.

The people of Yang Water "reflect" everything that is happening around, like the surface of a pond. Easily picking up the thoughts and ideas of others, they give them to the world, adapting to themselves.

Personality Types in Ba Tzu Water Yang

Representatives of this element are brave and able to overcome any obstacles in their path, sweeping them like water in the ocean. Stress resistant. They have a large amount of useful and interesting information, which they are happy to share with others. Often become the "soul of the company."

Water Yang on the Dragon
  • Water Yang on the Dragon. "Waterfall". Under a pretty appearance hides an ambitious personality, striving for leadership. Smart. At the same time they are able to manage several business projects.
  • Water Yang on the Rat. This is a real ocean. A man is tough with a powerful rod inside. Life takes in close-ups, sometimes not noticing important details. Life and calm are not for him. He always has his own opinion on everything and will uphold it to the end. However, if he realizes that he is wrong, he admits it. He prefers to deal with his own kind: smart and strong personalities.
  • Water Yang on Monkey. It is an image of a sunken ship. These people first do, and then they think they’ve done. Do not lose time on empty thoughts. Quickly done - got the result. They are distinguished by mobility, sharpness, speed. In relations with the opposite sex are waiting for approval and support.
  • Water Yang on the Dog. Calm and reasonable, like a lake in the mountains. People want status and power in society. Masterfully able to control themselves and their emotions. By their behavior, they unconsciously provoke jealousy and control from the other halves.
  • Water Yang on the Horse. Feelings, ideas, emotions overwhelm and beat over the edge, as in a "seething source." They want to cover the whole world at once, they live by the principle: there is not enough time, but there is a lot of time to be done. Because of this, they rush from one extreme to another. Strive to control everything and everyone. They love money.
  • Water Yang on the Tigris. "River in the forest." Creative, love comfort. Strong and courageous. They believe that children are the main point of marriage. After themselves, they strive to leave something important for many years.

Yang water element woman

Nature is freedom-loving and independent. He will never tolerate a weak and stupid man around him. Very demanding. It can easily be offended, sometimes it is suspicious and impatient. However, deep down she is a passionate and romantic young lady who dreams of dating, flowers and beautiful courtship.

They don’t want to marry, afraid of losing freedom. And often it’s hard for her to choose the only man out of many admirers: either give her a calm romance, then an intellectual, or a passionate macho.

Woman Water Yang

In marriage, she will not allow her to dominate. Her opinion will have to be reckoned with. She must have a personal space. Feeling the slightest pressure, she will irrevocably break the relationship. Therefore, it is difficult for the representatives of Water Yang to build a long-term relationship.

Man: features of temperament

Strong, purposeful, business. But romance, tenderness and care are also not alien to him. Family and career are equally important for him, but in due time. He does not confuse these concepts.

The whole life of a man of Water Yang is painted literally by the minute. And a woman who is planning to start a family with him will have to come to terms with this. He will not allow sawing or humiliating himself.

Depending on the indicators of the birth chart, it can be either excessively strong and assertive, or weak, floating with the flow. A strong person strives for financial independence, never trifles in everyday life. Weak - on the contrary.

Basically, they are nice people to whom others are drawn. They always strive forward, leaving the past behind.

Yan Water Compatibility

Compatibility with representatives of other elements

The compatibility of Yang Water with Yin Fire is perhaps the most successful option. Both active and active, they complement each other perfectly.

Water Yang and Fire Yang. Also a good combination. However, their union has more friendship than passion. Similar goals and aspirations in life give rise to many points of contact. True, excessive fiery temper sometimes scares Water.

Water Yang and Fire Yang

Yang Water - Yang Land. The couple contains solidity and conservatism, which sometimes complicates the relationship. But better than Yang Earth, no one can restrain the impulsiveness of a partner. But relations with the Yin Earth will not work out because of the Yin love to educate.

Water and Metal Yang do not understand each other. One tough, straightforward, organized. Another freedom-loving and flexible. The same story with Metal Yin: they are not destined to live peacefully in a family nest, but building a career is possible.

Two Yansky Waters can be perfectly friends on the background of the same outlook on life. But personal life goes wrong. Someone must stand on their feet.

Water Yin and Yang can create a strong union only if someone consciously submits to a partner. Otherwise, two streams will interrupt and drown each other, which will certainly lead to a break.

With the Yang Tree, well-being of the union is possible due to the flexibility of Water. An indulgent and patient attitude towards slowness and stubbornness will save the tandem, thanks to the streamlined and loyal Water.

The yin tree will make a beautiful pair. Together they will create a lasting and strong alliance. The creative principle of the Tree and the energy and efficiency of Water will perfectly complement each other and will link them together for a long time.

Sign Compatibility

Of course, all divisions are conditional. But knowing each other's particularities, one can adapt to a partner and thereby smooth out the sharp corners of misunderstanding. After all, the main thing is love and the desire to be together!

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