We create DIY animal crafts for the home and garden

If you want to attract a child to some kind of creativity, then begin to create animal crafts with it with your own hands. It develops perseverance, accuracy and attention. Fine motor skills and observation are also involved. Such classes bring parents closer to their children, as adults are directly involved in creating an unusual product.

DIY animal crafts

DIY material

Material that may be needed to create crafts is available. Most often they use cardboard and colored paper. It is easy for a child to work with such material by cutting out various details. Crafts of animals are made with their own hands from plastic bottles, felt, beads, plasticine, dough, various sewing accessories, as well as natural material.

Products yourself can be made for any holiday from the four seasons of the year. This can be the decoration of a summer house, garden area, home, garden. Crafts can participate in landscape design, as well as in the design of the kindergarten. Of course, if in the manufacture of crafts it is necessary to use working tools, such as saws, a drill, secateurs, then such work is not for the child. It is better to involve in the manufacture of crafts from small parts.

A personal zoo can be created using any technique. It can be origami, quilling, modeling, embroidery, beadwork. The animal that you decide to make may be a symbol of the coming year or those years in which family members were born. When you make animal crafts with your own hands, you can combine several techniques. For example, a pet's muzzle and hooves can be made of baked clay, and wool can be made of fleece of the required color.

DIY animal crafts

Crafts from Bottles

Basically, such products are placed in the garden or in the garden. Since the bottle is not afraid of weather changes, it is durable and does not require maintenance. The garden can have both wild animals and pets. An example is the original piglet.

For this craft suitable containers of any size and diameter, at your discretion. Naturally, it needs to be painted with waterproof paint in pink, imitating the skin of a pig. From the side of the spinning lid, draw large, surprised eyes with cilia. At the top, cut the bottle on both sides to insert the ears, which are cut from the replacement container. Paint the ears with the same paint as the body. On the cover, depict a patch in the form of two black dots. Pig can be used as a flower bed for flowers. To do this, cut a rectangular hole on the back, sprinkle the earth and sow the seeds of flowers. The whole family will look more original, and not just one craft. A pet created with his own hands will delight the eye not only during the flowering of plants, but also during the rest period.

DIY pet do-it-yourself

Felt sheep

When you make animal crafts with your own hands, you can safely use felt of different colors. Create, for example, lambs. Pink felt will serve as wool, lilac will serve as a muzzle, white will be used for the eye, and we will make hooves of black felt. You can find patterns, or you can make a pattern yourself. The body of a lamb is like a cloud that needs to be cut from the corresponding piece of material. Slightly elongated head with ears, three times smaller than the body, cut out of lilac felt. On a white background, draw an infinity sign depicting future eyes.

DIY animal crafts

We put this sign on the animal’s head and sew the eyes - beads, piercing both materials. Embroider the mouth and nose with black thread. Glue the head to the body. Next, cut rectangles from lilac felt, and squares from black. Glue the legs with hooves, and then glue the parts to the body. So the original DIY craft is done!

Gifts of nature

Using natural materials, you can create unique masterpieces. All the gifts of nature are not only environmentally friendly and safe, but also free. Working with them is an informative and fascinating process.

DIY animal crafts

Crafts of animals made of natural material, created with their own hands, take part in various school and even city exhibitions and competitions. To create a masterpiece, various leaves, acorns, chestnuts and cones, branches, pumpkins and zucchini, shells, stones and much more are used.

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