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Well-groomed nails always testified to the good health of the hostess, and they look just aesthetically pleasing. But they do not always have the form that we require. The main reason is our environment. Nails become brittle, change color or grow into the skin. With the transition to summer shoes, I want my toenails to look great. But, unfortunately, they can thicken, which makes them not quite beautiful. In this article, we will try to figure out how to soften the toenails.

Chamomile broth

How to soften toenails

The first effective method that will help give you an answer to the question: "How to soften toenails?" We want to offer you a very effective way for this - chamomile decoction. For its preparation you will need 6 tbsp. l dried chamomile, which can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Soak it in 2 liters of boiling water and let it brew for 2 hours. After this, strain the infusion and boil again, cool the water to a tolerable temperature and lower your legs there for 10 minutes.


In no case do not cut your nails very short, as they can not protect themselves from various infections. Try to cut nails with special manicure scissors, do not think to do it with scissors designed for cutting paper. Too short nails are more often damaged by mechanical stress: excessive pressure or friction.

How to soften toenails: fungus treatment

how to paint toenails

If the toenails began to thicken, then we advise you the following remedy, which can be prepared independently at home. To do this, you will need to mix the following ingredients one tablespoon: melted butter, onion gruel, garlic gruel, aloe leaf pulp. In the end, add one tablespoon of beeswax to the whole mixture, having previously melted it. All this is put on fire and cook for 2-3 minutes. After this, the mixture is cooled to an acceptable temperature and applied in a thick layer to the nail affected by the fungus. From above, the affected area should be wrapped in a cabbage leaf and fixed with a bandage. It is recommended to wear thick woolen socks and leave for several hours or overnight. It is recommended to do this procedure daily until full recovery.

How to soften toenails with vinegar?

To cope with the deformation of nails, ordinary table vinegar will help . To do this, you will need to moisten a cotton swab in vinegar 9% and put it on a problem nail. You can fix it with a band-aid. Such a compress should be kept for up to 2 hours. Make sure that vinegar does not come into contact with the skin, as this can lead to unwanted burns.

How to make up toenails?

How to make up toenails

In addition to fungus and thickening, toenails can begin to exfoliate. The reason for this may be the constant exposure to them of varnish or acetone. In order to prevent damage to the nail plate, you need to know the basic rules of how to paint toenails. Before applying varnish, cover the nails with a base. After the base dries, take a brush and begin to apply varnish from the middle of the nail to its edges. Do not worry about the fact that the varnish can get on the skin, it can be very easily removed using a special corrective pencil. After applying the first coat of varnish, wait until it dries, and then proceed with applying the second. Use a fixer to keep your beauty as long as possible.


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