Love triangle: what to do to a girl.

Even happy love is an irrational feeling. It is difficult to understand a loved one and to force yourself to think soberly when it comes to a love triangle. We are so arranged that in this situation the feelings become aggravated and it is much more difficult to make sensible decisions. So, the girl fell into a love triangle. What to do?

In a triangle, a girl can be in two positions. At the top or at the bottom. In the first case, two guys are fighting for the girl’s attention. In the second, she herself vies for her beloved on the other. The first situation is very painful for the girl, although the second usually causes more sympathy.

Let's start with the situation when a girl has to choose one of two guys. This choice is always not easy, because usually these guys are very different. The most interesting thing is that the girl in this situation often loves both, but each in her own way. For example, to one she feels feelings similar to her mother’s, and in relation to the second she feels something close to friendship. This girl can be recommended ... to find the third option that will suit her more than the two available, because it is not in vain that she does not let go of both of herself, but does not make a final choice. This means that relations with both of them do not suit her, and such a state as a love triangle lasts for years. What if you are sure that you need one of the two? To state in writing the advantages and disadvantages of one and the second. Nowadays. And then make a similar table for the future. Bald head will only get worse, but a decent education promises the development of intelligence in the future. We, of course, are not soothsayers, but we need to think about how a man will become. If at least once you are seriously offended, hit or prone to wine drinking - it is better to immediately disqualify. There will be no such happiness, only questions “what to do”. If you love another and are sure of it, his opponent needs to know about it. But you can’t break the relationship yourself. You just have to like the unlucky boyfriend. Become inattentive, uninteresting and unresponsive in communicating with him. It is necessary to find those qualities that repel him and imitate them. He will leave himself, without scandals and tantrums.

If you are competing for a guy, the most effective way to solve the problem is to find a free guy who will look after you very nicely, so that the guy you competed for finds out about it. If your beloved will breathe a sigh of relief and give way to a new one, then he didn’t really need you. And you don’t need to regret such a man, but it’s better to either stay with a beautiful carer, or look for someone else. Try to forget this love triangle. What if the guy changes his mind and begins to sort things out? Suggest a barter: you give that guy a turn from the gate, and he throws that damsel. In no case do not enter into social competition for a man, you can not let the guys feel like masters of the situation. From this appear in their character arrogance and neglect of the girls.

And if it suddenly turns out that you are not competing with a stranger, what if your friend betrayed you and stole your beloved? Do not take revenge, but simply wish happiness and draw conclusions for the future - delete both from your circle of friends. It’s better to change your environment and geography altogether. Meet the man from another city on the Internet and look for happiness with him.

So, a love triangle has appeared in your life . What to do? Look for a partner outside this triangle and do not get hung up on people who are in the triangle with you. Better work on yourself to get a man of a higher social level than yours. This strategy is usually the most beneficial for the girl and allows her to look at the situation as if from a height.


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