DIY dishwashing detergent. How to wash children's dishes

Dishwashing liquid is the product that can be found in every kitchen. In this case, each has its own selection criteria:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • profitability.

However, hardly anyone is able to refute the fact that you can make a dishwashing detergent at home that will be quite effective in the fight against grease and household dirt. This issue is especially relevant for families in which there are small children. After all, caring for babies requires deliberation in choosing any detergents, and children's dishes are especially demanding in this regard.

DIY dishwashing detergent

Advantages of home remedies

No cleaning, washing or dishwashing is complete without the use of household chemicals. However, fighting for cleanliness in the house, we can do some harm to our health. Why are synthetic dishwashing detergents so dangerous?

First of all, they may include toxic and oncogenic substances, especially for cheap powders and gels. Secondly, such tools are very expensive if the main selection criteria are efficiency and safety. Thirdly, the danger can be posed not so much by the detergent for dishes (you can make it with your own hands), but by its packaging, which can turn out to be toxic and harm not only your family members, but also the environment in the future.

When using synthetic detergents, the skin of the hands may suffer if you forget to wear rubber gloves while washing. Yes, and sometimes it is impossible to wash off the product from the dishes (unfortunately, you cannot see this with the naked eye), and over time it accumulates on the surface or in the digestive tract.

Safe dishwashing detergents

In order to avoid the negative consequences of the use of detergents, it is recommended to wash the plates with natural home remedies, especially if it is children's dishes.

DIY dishwashing detergent

Well proven in the fight against fat soda, lemon, mustard, vinegar. Based on them, you can prepare a detergent for dishes with your own hands.

Soda Based Products

Soda is a tool that our grandmothers used when they cleaned after lunch or dinner. There are several recipes based on this substance that will forever solve the question of how to wash dishes safe for health.

household detergent for dishes

Soda will help you if you need to deal with burnt food leftovers. In addition, a soda solution can easily clean any glass surface.

Based on this substance, you can prepare a dishwashing liquid with your own hands with your favorite aroma. To do this, in addition to soda, you will need laundry soap, hot water and a flavor. Soap should be grated so that it dissolves faster. After that, pour the chips with hot water in a ratio of 1: 2. Now take a blender and thoroughly beat this mixture until foam appears (about 5 minutes). Without stopping, add about a quarter packet of soda and your favorite flavor. As a result of all the actions you should get a tool that resembles an air souffle. Cool the resulting mixture and boldly use it to wash the dishes.

Another homemade detergent for dishes with soda, which is quite effective, has in its composition, in addition to the main component, hydrogen peroxide. Mix the same amount of soda and hydrogen peroxide, dissolve the mixture in a glass of hot water. This tool is very convenient to use from a spray bottle.

Dry mustard not only helps with colds

Mustard powder is the oldest remedy that helps clean dishes from food debris. And still remains one of the most effective. In order to prepare a dishwashing detergent with your own hands using mustard, you will need directly mustard powder (about 1 tbsp. L.) And hot water. Mustard should be dissolved in this water and mixed until a foam forms (in some cases, soda is added). And that's it, you can wash the dishes - moisten a kitchen sponge with this tool and wipe the plates with it. After rinsing with running water, a characteristic creak will notify you of the crystal clear dishes.

dishwashing liquid

Another mustard-based remedy requires the addition of the following ingredients:

  • 25 g of laundry soap (grate);
  • 2 tbsp. hot water (dissolve soap in it);
  • 1.5 tbsp. l soda and mustard powder (add to the cooled soapy solution);
  • 2 tbsp. l ammonia (when working with this substance, you need to take care of ventilation).

gel for washing dishes

After combining all the ingredients, the mixture must be tightly closed and let it brew for about 3 hours. After this time, the tool can be used, and not only for washing dishes, but also for cleaning the stove and other surfaces. For effectiveness, the applied product must be left stained for several minutes, and only then begin direct cleaning.

Lemon - an independent cleaner

This product is not just a cleaning agent, but also a truly natural component. To combat fat and other spots, you can use not only lemon juice, but also its peel. It is she who in a few minutes will help you get rid of unpleasant kitchen odors that can annoy for a long enough time after cooking, for example, the smell of fish, onions or garlic.

In addition, lemon can be part of detergents, which, despite their effectiveness, in no way harm the skin of the hands. You can prepare the gel for washing dishes yourself, for this, take:

  • melted laundry soap;
  • 1 cup of hot water;
  • 25 ml of glycerin;
  • lemon;
  • half a teaspoon of alcohol or vodka.

children's dishes

Combine the melted soap with hot water until a firm foam forms. After this, gradually add glycerin, without ceasing to stir. Next, add the juice of half a lemon and alcohol. You can use this dishwashing detergent immediately after it becomes room temperature.

Vinegar takes care of the glass

Another means that makes the care of glassware very easy and time-consuming is vinegar. It is popular among modern housewives, because under its influence glass objects, pots and teapots with scale (both calcined and calcareous) will shine like new ones. For these purposes, you can use both concentrated vinegar essence, and diluted with water. The effectiveness of the remedy for this is reduced slightly.

Homemade dishwasher detergent

If you are used to washing dishes not with your hands, but with the use of household appliances, do not abandon the idea of ​​using natural components for these purposes. The following recipe will help you with this.

how to wash the dishes

So, prepare the following components:

  • 1 tbsp. hot water;
  • 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide;
  • 1 tsp soda.

Dissolve soda in water, then add hydrogen peroxide to the mixture. This tool can be safely used both for manual washing and in the dishwasher.

Do not be lazy and do not save your time in order to prepare a detergent for dishes with your own hands, and then cleanliness in the house will bring exclusively health to you and your loved ones.


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