Safari is a test of masculinity

The words "safari", "Africa", "hunting" for many are associated with wild animals. This type of tourism business today exists not only on the hottest continent of our planet.

Safari hunting


"Safari" in Arabic translates as "travel." As such, this concept originated in the nineteenth century. Its creator is a researcher from England, Sir Richard Berto. Today, safaris are mainly male hunting for wild animals, carried out in their native habitat, and this is exclusively for fun and pleasure. Many representatives of the stronger sex with the help of such hunting tried to show others their masculinity. And then, upon arrival home, they decorated the walls of the living room with some special trophy, for example, antlers of a moose or deer.

If initially safaris are hunting trips through the territories of exclusively East Africa, then later they began to be carried out in other places of the continent. And over time, the meaning of the concept has changed significantly. Today, the word β€œsafari” is more completely peaceful and at the same time relatively inexpensive excursions to untouched corners of the wild, where tourists rarely shoot and more often only photograph animals.

Safari africa hunting


But the original meaning of this lesson has not lost its former significance today. Hunting - safari - is a fairly prosperous and, in some places, even constantly developing tourism industry, which brings considerable income to those states in whose territory it is conducted. The most popular destinations for this wild hunt are countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, the Central African Republic, etc. An entire safari industry is developed in these countries. The hunt here is conducted with experienced escorts.

How does a peaceful safari go

Of course, today the number of lovers of killing wild animals just so significantly decreased, although there are still many who have a sense of excitement. Recently, safari as a wild hunt has received a qualitatively new meaning, having acquired the meaning of the concept of "observation". Most of those who come to Africa to rest, definitely want to see with their own eyes wild leopards or rhinos, elephants, buffalos and lions who do not live in a zoo, but in familiar conditions. These animals today top the list of the most popular African inhabitants that tourists want to see as part of a safari.

Safari is

Most popular parks

Serengeti, Masai Mara and East Tsavo ... These three parks are considered the largest in Africa. Our compatriots are increasingly choosing peaceful safaris. And it's not that they are more affordable. Impressions from such trips remain no less than from hunting, but the inhabitants of wildlife remain untouched. Rides in jeeps or ATVs through endless deserts or mountain serpentines are now available not only in Africa, but also in popular resorts in Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, etc.


In Africa today safari tours are hunting, during which tourists shoot small animals or large animals. Depending on the type of extraction chosen, the cost of the voucher also fluctuates. The price is quite high, this is due to the fact that even experienced professionals cannot do it themselves by hunting wild animals. In Africa, even those who have been here more than once do not risk doing hobbies alone. The tourist must be accompanied by a professional hunter who will perform the duties of a consultant and also prevent poaching. Often the group includes two or three more people who are both guides and porters at the same time.

The cost of trophies starts from one hundred and fifty dollars, for example, for a baboon or a small antelope, and reaches tens of thousands of dollars. e., for example for an elephant or rhino. To this is added the payment for service and accommodation in the camp and in the hotel, airline tickets.

Wild animal hunt

About trophies

In the case of hunting with an increased risk to life, the tourist must be insured. Of course, according to the instructions, the escort should cover the ward, firing from his weapon. Nevertheless, the rule in this matter is very strict: the presence of an insurance policy is mandatory. For example, during elephant hunting, shots are often fraught with an attack from the prey, and running away from this huge and furious animal is not so simple. The trophies of the African buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard are considered the most honorable on safari tours.


Clients are not allowed to hunt alone: ​​they are accompanied by the professional hunters from the organizing company, whose responsibilities include delivering guests directly to the place, ensuring the correct approach to prey, and also specifying the beast to shoot at. The latter is important enough, since not everyone can distinguish between a male and a female from a sufficiently large distance. In addition, the guide helps to choose the most valuable trophy from the herd. Even if the hunter is an experienced professional who does not need instructions, the person accompanying him stands out nonetheless. Formally, the conductor must control every shot to avoid poaching.

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Hunting wild animals is incredibly dangerous and difficult. Often it ends in an accident. A safari hunt is carried out both with the help of a gun rented on the spot, and with your own. Often, fittings or carbines are used for African mining. Customers choose their own safari weapons. The cost of rent is usually low - from twenty to fifty dollars a day.


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