How to make a robot at home: a step-by-step action plan

How to make a robot at home to make it work? You need to start with a simple and gradually complicate! DIY instructions for making robots at home literally flooded the Internet. The author of the article will not remain aloof from this. In general, this process can be divided into three parts: theoretical, preparatory and direct assembly. Within the framework of the article, all of them will be considered, as well as a general scheme for the development of a cleaner will be described.

Creating a robot at home

a simple robot how to make at home
To develop from scratch, you need knowledge about the current, voltage, the functioning of various elements such as triggers, capacitors, resistors, transistors. You should also learn how to solder all this on the circuits and use connecting wires. It is necessary to work out every aspect of the movement and execution of actions, achieving the maximum detail of actions to achieve your goal. And this knowledge is necessary if you are really interested in how to make a robot at home, and not just idle curiosity.

Preparatory processes

instructions for creating robots with your own hands at home
Before you start figuring out how to make a robot at home, you need to take good care of the conditions in which it will be assembled. To begin with, you should prepare a workplace where the desired device will be created. It is necessary somewhere to place the structure itself and its components. You should consider the issue of convenient placement of a soldering iron, rosin and solder. The workplace should be as optimized as possible to provide convenience when interacting with the design.


make a robot at home
It is necessary to think over the β€œbackbone” of the structure on which everything will be built. Usually one part is chosen, and all the others are already soldered to it. Speaking about the quality of soldering, it should be said that the places where it will be carried out should be cleaned. Also, depending on the thickness of the wires and legs used, it is necessary to select a sufficient amount of solder so that the elements do not fall off during operation. To simplify the processes of signal transmission and to prevent the possibility of a circuit, you can etch the printed circuit board. Then all the necessary elements are applied to it, the resulting design is connected to a power source and, if necessary, the device is refined.

Simple robot

how to make a robot at home

How to make something not difficult at home? Yes, and useful? Your home must be kept clean, and this process is desirable to automate. Of course, it is difficult to create a full-fledged cleaning robot, but the minimal design that will ensure the collection of dust from the floors of the rooms is quite affordable. To be honest, we will consider a simple mechanism that works in one place and at the same time removes small debris located in the dislocation zone. To create such a design, you must have the following materials:

  1. Plastic plate.
  2. Three small brushes that are used to clean shoes or the floor.
  3. Two fans that can be taken from outdated computers.
  4. 9V battery and connector for it.
  5. Screed or clamps that can snap into place.
  6. Bolts and nuts.

Drill brush holes at an equal distance. Attach them. It is advisable that all brushes are placed at an equal distance from the others and the center of the plate. Using bolts and nuts, an adjustment fastener should be attached to each of them, and they themselves are fixed with their help. The sliders of the adjusting fasteners should be set in the middle position. For movement we will use fans. We connect them to the battery and place them in parallel so that they provide rotation of the robot in a circle. This design will be used as a vibration motor. Throw in the terminals and the construction is ready for use. If the robot goes sideways during the cleaning process, work with the adjusting brackets. The design presented in the article does not require significant cash costs or the availability of skills and experience. When creating the robot, inexpensive materials were used, which is not a significant problem. If you want to complicate the design and make it move purposefully, you will need improvements in the form of additional motors and microcontrollers. Here's how to make a robot at home. Just think how much you can improve here! The widest field for design activity.


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