Beautiful manicure on small nails at home (photo)

Nature awarded each girl with its shape of the nail plate, sometimes imperfect. The female sex seeks to create an impeccable image, one of the components of which are well-groomed hands. Lucky women with long fingers with square nails do not have to rack their brains over the question of how to make a manicure today. But for those who have a small plate size, it will be more difficult. How to make manicure on small nails so that it looks no less worthy than nail art on an elongated plate?

The advantages of a small nail plate

Long nails are believed to be a sign of femininity and sexuality. But it turns out to grow them not always and not at all. It would seem that modern technologies in the form of acrylic or gel building can come to the rescue. However, the result of their use is able to please the owner of long claws for a short time. After a week or two, to maintain an ideal appearance, overgrown nails should be corrected, and this is an additional cost and time. In addition, the extension procedure affects the condition of the plates is not the best way. Native nails are more practical, and with proper care they always look good. But accrued at any time can break and ruin the whole appearance.

Now beautiful manicure for small nails is very popular. Many fashionistas are happy to accept this trend because of its main advantage - practicality. In addition, the design of small nails looks as impressive as nail art on long claws. But there are several conditions for this: a healthy appearance of the nail plates, well-groomed hands, regular cutting of the cuticle and lacquering without flaws and chips.

The basics of creating a perfect manicure on small nails

Effective manicure on small nails at home is possible subject to the following rules:

  • Selection of the correct form of nails. Rectangular nails are suitable for owners of long fingers, in other cases, you need to give preference to the classic oval plate. A correctly selected form visually lengthens the nail and finger as a whole.
  • Removal of cuticles, burrs and rough skin. Cut manicure should be done weekly, because short nails must have a neat appearance. Cuticle removal helps to visually lengthen a small plate.

manicure on small nails photo

  • Giving nails the same length. This procedure requires special care, because on a short plate the deviation from the average by at least one millimeter becomes noticeable.
  • Use of nourishing hand cream. Daily use of this tool is necessary, and a single application is not enough. It is necessary to use a cream after each hand washing, massaging them at the same time to improve blood circulation.

Hygienic component of manicure

A manicure for small nails will be effective and fashionable only in the case when the okolonogtovaya zone is qualitatively processed. This procedure at home is as follows:

  • Remove the remnants of the old coating.
  • Make nails the desired shape using a glass nail file.
  • Make a warm bath for your fingers.
  • Remove the softened cuticle by pushing it with a manicure stick and cutting it off with tweezers or scissors. Get rid of burrs and rough skin.

After this procedure, the fingers will look gentle and neat. And to apply the coating on the nails a lot of time is not required.

The basics of the decorative component of manicure

In order to make small nails beautiful and elegant, you need to choose dark or bright shades of varnish. Pearlescent varnish is categorically not recommended for use, because it contributes to a visual reduction in length.

When choosing the color of the coating, you need to pay attention to the skin tone. If it is pale or yellowish, you need to use dark varnishes. And if the skin has a dark complexion - it is recommended to use a coating of pastel or pink tones.

The choice of colors for nail art should be limited to two or three colors.

beautiful manicure on small nails

If the nail plate is too small and deeply recessed into the nail roller, it is recommended to use gel polish. To avoid being tied to one color for two to three weeks, it is better to choose a transparent coating and use your favorite shades on top of it as often as you want. This must be remembered when doing such a manicure on small nails. Gel polish, unlike extensions, does not need to cut off the top layer of the nail. So, after this procedure, the plate will remain healthier.

The following describes in detail the possible design options for small nails.

French manicure

Everyday French coating involves the use of a transparent tone for the nail plate and white for a “smile”. If you need to look solemn, then you should choose other shades for the components of this manicure.

french pink

The angular jacket looks stylish on small nails . And when applying dark varnish to the edge of the nail, you can visually increase the length of the plate.

black jacket

How to make a French manicure on small nails? Photos will help to cope with this seemingly difficult task.

  1. Cover the nail with the selected base color. Let it dry well.
    manicure on small nails
  2. Draw the edge of the plate. To do this, use a special glue-based tipsa, which can be purchased at cosmetics stores. Putting this stencil on the nail, you need to fix it in the required position.
    manicure on small nails photo
  3. Apply a white varnish to the “smile”. Tipsu off. Allow coating to dry.
    how to make manicure on small nails
  4. Apply topcoat - transparent fastener.

It serves to give a natural shine to French manicure and helps to keep the appearance of the nail neat for a long time.

manicure on small nails at home

Plain coating

Today, there are many varnishes that vary in color and texture, so it’s not difficult to choose a coating to make a plain manicure on small nails. Photos of a possible design are presented here, but do not limit yourself to the proposed options.

one color coating

For a more stylish manicure, you can give each nail its own shade, and the colors used can be from the same color scheme, or contrastingly different from each other.

manicure for very small nails

Looks good on small nail plates as matte varnishes and glossy. You can use a variety of shades - from pastel to dark.

manicure on small nails gel polish

The highlight of the manicure can be the allocation of the ring finger nail with varnish of a different texture or even a different color.

Newspaper manicure

To make a manicure on small nails using newspaper font, you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare a newspaper, scissors, varnish, alcohol and a transparent fastener.
  2. Coat the nails with the chosen foundation. The use of pastel shades is recommended, because in other shades the letters will not be visible. Dry well.
    manicure on small nails gel polish
  3. Cut small fragments from the newspaper a little larger than a fingernail.
  4. You should get 10 rectangles: one for each finger.
    manicure for very small nails
  5. Dip a newspaper fragment in a container with alcohol.
  6. Apply it to the nail for 10 seconds.
    beautiful manicure on small nails
  7. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the nail plates.
  8. Carefully, trying not to grease the drawing, remove all pieces of the newspaper. Let the letters dry a little and cover all the nails with a clear topcoat.
    beautiful manicure on small nails

Ombre effect

The ombre effect is a smooth transition of one shade of varnish to another, while the border of the color change should be invisible.

ombre effect

Using this technology, you can make a manicure on very small nails.

After all, with the right arrangement of shades, you can achieve the effect of visual extension of the plate. The lightest shade should be placed at the base of the nail, and the darkest at the edge.

The process of applying varnish is as follows:

  • Cover your nails with a basic shade.
  • Apply the selected shades to the foam sponge in the required sequence.

ombre effect

  • Use a painted sponge to coat.
  • Remove excess varnish in the periungual area and fix the effect with a transparent finish.
    ombre effect

Patterned coating

To get a beautiful manicure on small nails using a drawing, you should try these options:

  • Contrast design. Using white at the base of the nail and black at the edge visually increases its length.

contrasting manicure

  • Shallow horizontal stripes. This manicure looks bright and stylish. Made using special stickers for the nails.

shallow horizontal stripes

  • Pastel rhombuses with sparkles. This design gives the nails a delicate and original look.

pastel rhombuses

  • Multi-colored horizontal lines. To achieve maximum effect, their width should be uneven, the color of the coating should also differ.

multi-colored horizontal lines

If you have small nails, they must be well-groomed, without burrs, an overgrown cuticle and rough skin. In this case, the design is not a problem. Manicure on small nails has a number of features, considering which, you can achieve a stylish and effective look of your hands. Without any fear, use the technology of French manicure, monochrome coating, ombre effect, newspaper nail art and various drawings.


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