Recipe: pasta with minced meat, with tomatoes and cheese, with mushrooms

Macaroni, it would seem, is a completely ordinary and boring dish for everyone. And indeed, if you cook them according to the most common recipes, very soon they can get bored. Nevertheless, if you want to diversify your diet and the diet of your family, take a note: you can cook other original dishes from pasta. In a word, you will have something to surprise guests and home.

Let's start with the most ordinary ones: the recipe "Pasta with minced meat" is familiar to most people, however, for beginners, we will repeat it here again. You will need only minced meat - a store, vegetable oil and pasta are quite suitable. In another way, we used to call this dish navy pasta. They must be cooked, then put the previously thawed minced meat in a pan and add a small amount of sunflower (vegetable) oil. Stuffing is necessary to grind and lightly fry. Then toss the freshly cooked pasta into the pan, mix and turn off after a couple of minutes.

The beauty of the recipe is that you need to cook in literally a few minutes. There is nothing to talk about taste - this is a wonderful dish. Married housewives, especially those with children, just need to adopt the recipe "Pasta with minced meat", because this is the opportunity to cook a delicious dish in a few minutes.

However, you can add some more pleasant tastes to this dish. To do this, we need to slightly modify the recipe "Pasta with minced meat." The difference is that before you put the minced meat in the pan, you will need to fry very finely chopped onions and carrots in it. Actually, this is all the difference, but the taste is already different. Give it a try!

Pasta with minced meat and mushrooms

- spaghetti (can be replaced with simple pasta) - about 350 g;
- champignons (200 g);
- 200 g of shop chicken stuffing;
- one onion, medium;
- 3 tbsp. l pasta from tomatoes;
- a bunch of parsley or dill.

Put the spaghetti to cook, and in the meantime cook the pasta. To do this, you need to wash the mushrooms, peel and cut into small slices. Finely chop the onion and herbs (parsley, dill). Fry the onions in a skillet, add the minced meat, also slightly fry. Then add salt, add pepper and tomato paste, and after a couple of minutes - a glass of hot water or broth. Stir, simmer for 5 minutes, then add mushrooms and simmer for another 20 minutes, focusing on the readiness of the mushrooms.

Greens are added only when you turn off the fire. Serve spaghetti with sauce, sprinkle with herbs and (or) sesame when serving.

Pasta with minced meat and tomatoes in cheese sauce

You will need:
- seasoning packaging for meat dishes, or for minced meat, etc., of your choice;
- a jar of canned tomatoes (usually 600-700 g);
- half a kilogram of ground beef;
- pasta - 200 grams;
- 2 cups of meat broth or water.

For the sauce:
- 2 tbsp flour;
- 2 tbsp butter;
- 200 g cheddar cheese;
- a glass of milk.

Mix the minced meat in a deep heated pan with seasonings, add the tomatoes, the broth, mix everything and add the pasta there. After boiling, simmer the pasta until cooked.

Separately, prepare the sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Then add flour and whisk with a whisk. Heat until light brown. Then add milk, beat everything thoroughly by hand. Wait for thickening, stir. Add salt and pepper to your taste, and before turning off, add grated cheese and stir. It should melt. This does not mean that the cheese should be completely dissolved. Try it, the sauce should have a cheese flavor, and the cheese should be distributed evenly in it.

Pour pasta with sauce and can serve. It must be served immediately, hot. Bon Appetit!

This is a great recipe! Pasta with minced meat and tomatoes with cheese sauce is cooked in just half an hour, and they have an excellent taste!


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