Julie Poe: Book, Lecture, and Seminar Reviews

If you are interested in numerology, you most likely met information about our compatriot Julie Poe on the open spaces of the network. The reviews of those who had the honor of being acquainted with her personally or via the Internet are mixed. Most often, people resort to the help of Julie Poe to learn more about themselves, about their destiny or about why personal failure is a failure. Julie is not only a numerologist, she declares her abilities in medicine, palmistry, physiognomy, Reiki. In addition, Julie Poe conducts training in numerology, which also causes some interest.

Who is Julie Poe, is her knowledge of practical application effective? Or is it a network marketing product for making money? If you are interested in such subtle matters, will Julie Poe's numerology be useful to you?

Training, reviews of those who attended lectures or resorted to consultations of a numerologist, Julie Poe's book - this is what this material is devoted to.

Age of Aquarius

Even if you are indifferent to esoteric trends, you probably heard that in the 21st century planet Earth entered the new era of Aquarius in the space-time continuum. This time portends an increased interest in occultism, secret knowledge, the development of internal abilities and extrasensory perception. It is difficult to say whether it is so or not. Indeed, in the twentieth century, he was not poor in this interest of the public. The New Age movement was quite popular, and the emergence of various religious groups and sects was the most significant and quantitatively diverse in recent history.

Where wizards hide

Meanwhile, if we talk about our time, the presence of various magicians and clairvoyants, the number of which increases exponentially, indicates that there is definitely a surge of interest in the other world and "miracles." If earlier “word of mouth” helped to find out about the existence of such people, and most often these were grandmothers in villages and villages, now magicians have come out via the Internet. And, curiously, these magicians look young, stylish, can talk and lure a client only through oratory.

Ads on social networks and through search services about all kinds of healers, prophetesses and fortunetellers will not surprise anyone. In addition, people of these "professions" do not disdain to use the grief of a person, coming "to the aid" at forums devoted to the loss of loved ones. However, if a person really has extraordinary abilities, then he is able to help, calm and alleviate grief.

If we decided on a place where to look for knowledgeable people, then what about the quality of the services provided? Unlike a hairdresser or a cook, whose skills are immediately visible, psychics can be just great psychologists, not owning any paranormal powers. We will talk about this a little further.

As for the numerologist Julie Poe, training, feedback on working with her, the acquisition of her books - this is possible on the specially created Alvasar website. More precisely, this is the name of the Institute of Parapsychology and Numerology, created by Julie and existing not only in the network, but also in real three-dimensional space.

Who is Julie Poe?

So we got to the personality of the numerologist. One of our compatriots who does something unrelated to “real objects” is Julie Poe. Reviews of consultations with her or seminars can be found on the network - people share their impressions about what they learned new about themselves and whether the information received is true. The tool that Julie owns and uses is numerology.

Is this area of ​​research considered scientific today? Of course, a lot depends on our perception. On the one hand, once physics and astronomy were considered unscientific and unfriendly disciplines. Galileo Galilei was seriously affected, right up to his life, for his scientific discoveries from the Catholic Church, which is completely unscientific by today's standards. On the other hand, today in India, the same "unscientific" astrology in our country is recognized as an official science and is studied in higher educational institutions.

Numerology was considered serious science several thousand years ago. Today she operates with numbers, turns to mathematics, which we understand, and to the achievements of civilizations that have already disappeared, whose knowledge is not fully accessible. To some extent, numerology seems more understandable to a modern person than divination by coffee grounds or laying out cards.

One of the famous people who developed numerology was the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. Unlike his theorems, numerology is not studied at school, but this does not mean that this area of ​​research is fiction. Just everything that is connected with predicting the future (even with the help of mathematics), for many, is similar to quackery, and not to real science.

Julie Poe: biography

Feedback on the work of any specialist is impossible without knowledge of the conditions of his life and specific experience. It is unlikely that you will go for an operation to a homegrown surgeon who has worked as a plumber all his life. No, you need diplomas, regalia, patient reviews. With psychics the same thing. Having decided to turn to such a person for help, you first need to find out how and when he developed the abilities in himself, how many people he helped.

No exception and Julie Poe. Feedback from people who attended her seminars or personally communicated is one thing, and what she represents as a specialist in the esoteric sphere of knowledge is another.

You can learn about the life of a numerologist only by her own story about yourself. Julie Poe is a pseudonym, the real name is unknown. On the aforementioned Julie’s website “Alvasar” it is said that from childhood the girl showed extraordinary abilities to all subjects, but she was especially interested in mathematics and genetics. Julie was worried about who the people were, where they came from, how the universe was formed. To give answers to these questions, a girl in her youth went to Thailand, where she met a llama.

According to her, he not only revealed to her the secrets of the universe, but also advised to send an inquiring mind to the study of numerology. Numerology is a reflection of astrology and palmistry, but using numbers as an instrument that is close to Julie Poe. The reviews of the numerologist seminars and her consultations below will help you conclude whether or not to contact this specialist for help.

Education Julie Poe

If you think that numerology has nowhere to learn, then you are mistaken. What courses are not offered today to those who are looking for knowledge! You can learn to guess on tarot cards for a fee, develop psychic abilities in yourself, and numerology is no exception.

But before learning numerology with someone, Julie Poe studied architecture at the quite secular Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. She also graduated from the Russian Academy of Advocacy with a degree in law, and studied design and computer graphics at the Konto training center. But not only Julia mastered earthly specialties. A numerologist graduated from courses at the Taro Club and Matrix Centers, the American Association for the Study of NLP. Julie does not look like a grandmother from a remote village, she has a fairly substantial education. Note that the numerologist studied NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming teaches how to win people over with the help of psychological techniques, arouse their trust and inspire what is beneficial to the speaker.

Types of numerology owned by Julie Poe

If we consider physics, then this science is based on laws, on the basis of which more and more new studies are carried out. In physics, there is no fuzziness or multivariate judgments according to one or another law. Modern research varies, but not because of the uncertainty of the base, but because of a lack of information.

But numerology does not have such a basis. This discipline, which was considered as scientific as physics in extinct civilizations, each nation had its own. For example, they distinguish between Western, Chaldean, occult, Vedic, astrological, Kabbalistic, Chinese numerology. Each of these types operates with numbers, but the essence and interpretation of numbers and meanings differ. Julie Poe, whose work reviews are mixed, not only studied these types of numerology, but also developed her own working numerical system.

Esoteric skills by Julie Poe

Not only in numerology lie the skills of Julie Poe. Reviews of people who have resorted to help her services, indicate that he is a specialist in many modern areas of esotericism. On the official website it is indicated that Julie practices sorcery, healing, reiki, palmistry, physiognomy, fortune telling on the cards. These all skills, coupled with numerology, allow Julie to see the whole picture of everyone’s fate, his karma, fate, predestination. If the person contacting Julie has problems, then the numerologist is taken to help the person and solve them. Can one person have so many knowledge and skills? The most famous stories of psychics showed abilities for one thing in terms of psychics.

Training center "Alvasar"

Today on the Internet you can find information about the brainchild of Julie Poe - the Institute of Parapsychology "Alvasar". If you are interested in codes of a person’s fate and the opportunity to know the future by date of birth, then courses on mastering numerology are offered to your attention. In addition, on the site you can order books written by a numerologist. Are Julie Poe's lectures useful?

The reviews are quite different, but, apparently, not everyone who listened to Julie Poe's seminars became professional numerologists. Moreover, on the forums you can find negative feedback that people just gave their money in vain, and lectures, in fact, represent more detailed material available in Julie's books.

Numerology workshops

One of the main areas of activity of the numerologist is the performances of Julie Poe. Feedback on the workshops is controversial. Those who like the work of Julie say that after the lectures you come out with a full body of knowledge, Julie is an excellent lecturer and speaker and can give a detailed and detailed answer to all questions from the public. But there are those who consider positive reviews on the Internet to be intentional and of an advertising nature.

Alas, if you do not have the opportunity to attend seminars at the training center, then you will not be able to independently draw conclusions about Julie's skills. All information about the lectures is limited to a few short and uninformative videos on the Internet, but if you are seriously interested, then sign up, pay money and become listeners of her seminars.

Works on numerology from Julie Poe

Lecture and consultation activities of Julie Poe is not limited. So, in collaboration with Airen Po, Julie wrote several works that are dedicated to numerology. These are works “We are from the matrix”, “Sacred codes of the matrix”, cards “The numerological oracle”, “The Chinese school of numerology”.

Where can I get the works of Julie Poe? Firstly, you can order them on the website of the Alvasar training center, and secondly, some stores in Russia sell such literature. These are the second-hand White Clouds and the Solar Gate in Moscow, Bukvoed in St. Petersburg, Capital in Yekaterinburg.

The most famous work of numerologists is the book "We are from the matrix" by Julie Poe. It is interesting to read the reviews about this book and the comparison with other works on numerology before purchasing a product - the price in stores is about 1100 rubles.

The book "We are from the matrix"

The author promises to reveal to readers the secrets of this mathematical science, teach the basics of numerology, introduce the world of demons and angels, find out how many years you live on this planet, and also help you figure out your own code. Note that on the Alvasar website there is an opportunity, substituting your date of birth in the field for calculating, to receive the calculation of your fate according to the method of Julie Poe.

“We are from the matrix” - reader reviews about this book are mostly not enthusiastic. Those who managed to get acquainted with the work write on the forum that this is far from the most comprehensive guide to numerology among similar works by domestic and foreign authors, and contains a lot of "water". In addition, the promised calculation of the code of fate, because of which many bought the book, does not differ much from the calculation by the date of birth given on the Alvasar website. But, of course, in order to form an opinion, it is best for the reader to familiarize himself with this work of Julie Poe.

Reviews of the book "Sacred Matrix Codes" are similar. But once again I want to emphasize that you need to form your opinion on the basis of personal experience, and not on the feedback of other readers.

Paid consultation Julie Poe

If you do not want to become a student of lectures or learn the magical meaning of numbers, then there is the opportunity to communicate with a numerologist personally via Skype. Such a consultation will cost you five thousand rubles. Is such communication with Julie Poe informative?

Feedback on the consultation is given on the Alvasar website, as well as on third-party forums where people discuss the quality of goods and services without a cut. Needless to say, Julie’s clients at Alvasar thank the numerologist and believe that communicating with her is worth the money. Julie quickly and clearly identifies the problem that a person has in life, points to the karmic past that attracts this problem, and ways to solve it.

But as for other places of communication between customers and customers, the reviews there are neutral and even negative. Since Julie's “product” is quite specific, those who turn to her already had experience in dealing with numerologists. People write that much of what Julie says does not match with the consultations of other psychics. But once again we note that esotericism is not an evidence-based science, and “converges” or not is just our judgment, and not an indicator of the professional numerologist.

Can Julie be believed?

Society is built on consumption, and knowledge (and especially about oneself) is the same product. Serving it in beautiful packaging, seasoning it with miracles and a bit of what is true for you, an excellent and expensive product can come out. A satisfied customer will tell friends about you - and voila, the market is ready. To create such a product does not need psychic abilities. There is quite a bit of marketing, psychology, successful advertising, and this recipe can be a quite successful product for receiving money from grateful customers.

What do those who attended the Julie Poe seminars say? Reviews of her work, as we have already found out, are controversial. There are many people on the forums who praise Julie's own technique and consider it working. But no less than those who attended the lectures or talked in person doubt the veracity of the data provided by Julia. This does not mean that Julie Poe has no abilities. It must be understood that any esoteric practice is a very subtle instrument, and there may be a mistake due to misinterpretation. In addition, unlike mathematics or chemistry, in the esoteric sciences there are no unequivocal answers and what can be verified empirically. A lot should be taken for granted, and only with the passage of life can one know whether the psychic was right in his predictions.

Julie as an advertising product

The numerology and specifically numerology of Julie Poe are of rather great interest. Reviews, no matter what their character, are just someone’s opinion. But do not discard the idea that for a lot of money you can buy a product that is simply designed by Julie Poe and her associates to earn money.

There are so many extrasensory abilities that Julie possesses, in addition to numerology, which suggests an idea not of a miracle, but of a desire to expand the consumer market. In addition, Alvasar's lectures are held not only in numerology, but also in tarology, regression, clairvoyance. This is an extensive course, albeit not scientific, but still disciplines that can not simply be taken and taught. But to make money on this is quite possible.

In any case, if you have a craving for studying this science or you want to develop your abilities, the information given in this material will be useful to you.

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