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The real estate market in Russia can be called sufficient due to the volume of investments present on it, as well as large enterprises and companies operating here. Yes, and without resorting to numbers, one cannot but notice the many objects per million square meters, which are regularly put into operation throughout the country every year.

One of the prominent participants in the domestic real estate market is ZAO SU-155. Customer reviews about the facilities built by the company, as well as employee recommendations on labor, we will describe here in this article. We also touch on the structure of the group, the specifics of its activities.

About company

The Construction Management Number 155 group (or, as it is abbreviated as β€œSU-155”) is a large holding, which includes several dozen companies involved in construction, repair work, production of building materials, special transport equipment, and others enterprises operating in this field.

reviews SU-155

The history of the group is quite interesting - management was founded back in 1956 under a different name. The joint stock company referred to in this article was formally founded in 2014. Prior to that, the company acted in the form of a closed joint - stock company.

Today, as can be judged by the legal form of the enterprise, SU-155 is owned by shareholders, the largest of which is the billionaire Mikhail Balakin by share in the company . Consequently, he is one of the most influential chairmen of the board of directors of the company. In addition, the shares in the company belong to the General Director Alexander Meshcheryakov, as well as Ilya Mikhalchuk. Information about other shareholders is not so interesting in the framework of this article.

Closed loop enterprise

It is important to note that the history of the company began with a simplified form of activity, when SU-155 was a single legal entity acting on the basis of its statute, which conducted business activities in the field of real estate. Today it is a group of companies that is able to ensure the execution of contracts without involving third-party contractors. The company can be safely called a closed-loop enterprise for the reason that all the work and materials for their completion are carried out by the companies that are part of the holding.

SU-155 employee reviews

The network has a lot of information about each of them, we will not disclose the topic in more detail, characterizing these enterprises. We only note that their number is several dozen legal entities, divided both functionally and geographically. To work on a specific object, the group attracts several of these companies, while paying attention to the logistics features, as well as the specifics of each of them. All companies are divided according to their areas of influence.

The property

Since the construction of real estate is the target activity of the group, it is not surprising that the bulk of the companies are focused specifically on this sector. According to reviews, SU-155 includes several developers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Tula, Volgograd, Kaluga, Ivanovo, Tver and other cities of Russia, as well as contractors focused on the provision of relevant services to these companies (most of them are located in the capital). Further, it should be noted the transport and financial companies engaged in organizing cooperation in the construction process, as well as those that are engaged in the production of building materials and equipment, supplying appropriate products for work.

SU-155 employee reviews

We will not list all these companies, we only note that such an organization is very convenient and beneficial for the SU-155. The reviews about the developer, which are left by the buyers of apartments in specialized forums, for example, testify to the rather quick delivery of some objects precisely due to the coordinated actions of contractors, developers and materials suppliers. This, in turn, has its positive consequences for the company's reputation and favorably affects its future activities.


SU-155 customer reviews

In addition to conducting construction work and implementing projects on the real estate market, MIAT CJSC SU-155 (expert reviews confirm this information) also supplies construction equipment, as well as materials for such work. First of all, the orientation of these companies is aimed at ensuring the core business of the holding - the sale of real estate. However, of course, in addition to this, for their further development and increase in profits, firms are expanding sales channels, entering independent business activities with other counterparties.

Among such enterprises are BioLesProm LLC, Domodedovo Reinforced Concrete Products Plant CJSC, Master LLC and many others.

Design activities

In addition to work with the organization of construction, as well as the supply of building materials and equipment, the most important element of the activity of the SU-155 holding (reviews of employees who understand this, confirm) are design work. This is obvious: the company can obviously carry out all projects of projects independently if there is an appropriate specialized unit in its structure. These are three companies: LLC Design Institute DSK-Project, LLC Construction Construction Department of Construction Department No. 155 LLC, and SpetsStroy LLC. They allow you to "close" the cycle of construction of real estate and, thus, protect the activities of the company as a whole.

Again, as evidenced by the reviews, the SU-155 is able to remain one of the market leaders precisely due to the ability to accumulate a sufficient amount of financial resources, as well as materials and labor in order to complete the projects started, implement them and repeat the procedure. All this is carried out within the normal production cycle between "internal" enterprises, due to which the cost of work, their quality and level of performance increase significantly.

Investment activities

Since the holding operates in the real estate market, it is not surprising that it constantly engages in investment activities, raising funds for the implementation of projects, as well as reinvesting profits from sales of already completed facilities. Thus, SU-155 (employee reviews mention the developed investment department operating in the company) is constantly located between huge cash flows that run between third-party investors and directly the companies that fulfill the orders of the holding and are part of it.

ZAO SU-155 reviews

Funds are attracted to the structure in several ways at once - more about this is written on the group’s official website. So, firstly, this is the issue of bonds on which holders can subsequently receive income from the activities of the company through expansion, development of new objects and their sale. Secondly, the company often uses loans. With their help, modernization of production facilities, their completion and further improvement of the quality of finished products takes place.

Thirdly, handing over some finished objects and continuing to build new ones, the company attracts funds from individuals. Here it is advisable to mention the practice and equity participation of contributors (persons wishing to purchase apartments after their commissioning); and those who buy the first lines of construction as the developer begins to build new ones, reinvesting the income received. All these mechanisms, as evidenced by the reviews of SU-155 employees, allow the holding to develop.

Customer reviews

reviews SU-155 Kamenka

In order to attract new funds and sell more apartments and houses, the company has a transparent policy for its customers. In particular, a service is functioning on the Internet where everyone can give their opinion on how the group works, how well the work was done, and whether it is worth trusting the SU-155. Customer reviews are posted on the forum, which is divided into special sections. They allow you to find built objects in different cities and, thus, find out information for each of them. In the transparency of these comments are not in doubt for the reason that there is no total praise. Instead, you can even find sometimes negative reviews: SU-155 (Kamenka), for example, delayed settlement; defects were found in a particular building; did not have time to complete one of the two promised kindergartens and so on. All this information is available to the public - company representatives do not monitor it, but give answers to questions of interest to people. And this is a huge plus. So, everyone can learn about SU-155 customer reviews. Moscow, Moscow region, Leningrad region - all real estate companies are discussed here.

Employee Reviews

As for the other component - reviews of the SU-155 employees, they can be found in large numbers on third-party sites. These are primarily resources that are created specifically for the exchange of employee experience and opinions about certain companies.

As for the SU-155, the reviews of employees about the company are not the most flattering. Despite all its significant structure and huge potential of the company, over the past year it has undergone a number of financial failures regarding unfulfilled obligations to borrowers. In this regard, as the reviews of employees show, the company stopped paying salaries on time - they give money to people in 2-3 months and in small parts, 3-5 thousand rubles each. Some employees of the holding note that they were forcibly transferred to a shorter working day in order to again reduce labor costs. At the same time, no social guarantees were made regarding payments in connection with the reduction in the company.

If you read earlier reviews (SU-155 ran into problems literally at the end of last year), you can also find out about the friendly team, about the great opportunities given to employees, about various bonuses and rewards of bona fide performers. The company really seemed a reliable place of work, with the help of which everyone can secure a decent life. Perhaps in the near future the SU-155 will find the means to refinance its debts and continue its fast-moving activities, but so far the feedback from the workers is extremely negative, which is why we paid less attention to them.


SU-155 customer reviews Moscow

If we talk about the situation before the crisis in the holding, then there were enough free jobs here - both working specialties and office ones. Salaries were relatively high, although, according to workers with many years of experience, periodically delays occurred earlier.

Training and arrangement

But a positive feature of the SU-155 from the point of view of the employee can be called the opportunity to learn and gain experience. In this regard, graduates or those who have just come into the real estate and construction sectors would have a unique chance to get a decent start. In addition, one should not forget about the career ladder - in the holding it can be very high.


But, as already noted, today the company is going through hard times. The media noted that at the end of spring, the SU-155 defaulted on bonds issued in the fourth series; in addition, about 20 applications from banks to declare a company insolvent are currently being considered in court.


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