Job description - what kind of document? How is the job description of a specialist

Job description is a legal document that spells out all the conditions and responsibilities of an employee of a company. According to this decision, a certain set of tasks and tasks is assigned to the employee, which he must unquestioningly carry out. The Labor Code does not write about strict obligations to conclude a job description with a new employee. However, many heads of various organizations require a similar document. For municipal and civil servants, job descriptions are one of the main legal regulations governing their work.

Job description is

The main difference between such an instruction and an employment contract is that it is not written individually for each employee with his personal data, but is compiled in a generalized version for a particular specialization.

Job description is a document with which you can prevent conflicts, disagreements between subordinates and the head. Here, all the nuances, labor moments, which the employee must fulfill, are prescribed as detailed as possible.

Rules for writing instructions

When developing the job description, the compiler must be guided by certain rules and conditions.

  1. The job description is written for each specialization according to the internal working order and staffing. This also includes senior management positions and units.
  2. If the department has several employees performing the same work, then one general instruction is drawn up.
  3. Before developing a document, a full description of the workplace and position must be made. This will clearly reflect all sorts of nuances and small details.
  4. The qualification reference book of posts No. 37, approved by the Ministry of Labor on 08.21.1998, should become the basis for the description of any specialty.

Specialist job description


A typical job description of a specialist contains several sections:

  • "General Provisions."
  • "Rights".
  • "Responsibilities."
  • "Responsibility".
  • "Final provisions".

The clause “General Provisions” includes several legal aspects:

  • Job title;
  • requirements according to specialist qualifications;
  • who subordinates the employee;
  • the presence of subordinates;
  • who will replace the employee during vacation, sick leave, time off;
  • a list of documents that the worker is obliged to follow, and so on.

The item “Rights” reflects the main list of legal opportunities that an employee can use during the performance of his labor duties.

The item “Responsibilities” speaks for itself. All functions to be performed are described in detail here.

The “Responsibility” clause provides for the measure of obligations under the laws of the Russian Federation that a worker must incur for non-compliance or violation of his labor duties.

The clause “Final Provisions” governs the moments when the document comes into legal force, the rules for making amendments and changes.

Who is developing the job description?

Job description is a legal document that is compiled by an authorized person, most often the head of the organization or the head of the personnel department . Also, a lawyer or representatives of the company's narrow-profile department can be connected to the process of writing such a document to make appropriate adjustments and additions.

Job description

The purpose and significance of the job description

The presence of this document in the organization is due to a number of goals:

  • settlement of labor disputes;
  • reasonable division of labor;
  • improving the working efficiency of workers;
  • creation of a legal basis for specialist labor;
  • consolidation of labor discipline;
  • regulation of relations between employee and subordinate;
  • correct selection of frames.

The significance of the document for the employee is as follows:

  • complete order in the distribution of duties;
  • clearly defined responsibilities and functions;
  • quick resolution of disputes related to labor activity;
  • knowledge of the criteria by which the assessment of labor productivity.

Document storage

An endorsed job description of a specialist is fixed with the seal of the organization, laced up and stored in the personnel department. The specialist and his immediate superior are given a copy of such a document, which they can contact if necessary.

Department job description

Accountancy job description

The job description of the accountant is the same document that spells out all his duties and rights, among which record keeping, invoicing are the main ones. Among other important functions and regulations determine:

  • the procedure for appointment to the relevant position;
  • level of qualification of an accountant;
  • registration and control of the flow of financial documents;
  • continuous verification of paid / unpaid bills;
  • statement of penal accounts;
  • preparation and delivery of accounting documents;
  • transfer / accrual of taxes to local and regional budgets;
  • participation in the inventory of inventory items and cash;
  • formation, storage and maintenance of an accountant database;
  • compilation of payroll;
  • accrual and issue of cash bonuses to workers;
  • control and acceptance of primary documents.

All these responsibilities of the accountant are prescribed in the instructions. If its functions are not fixed in other legal acts regulating labor relations, then this document is the only one and has equal legal force in comparison with generally accepted resolutions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

The job description of an accountant is

HR job description

When drawing up such a document, the specifics of the work of specialists in the personnel department should be taken into account. For example, in the job description of the head of the personnel department, the following duties must be prescribed:

  • HR management;
  • verification and control of the performance of duties of subordinates;
  • participation in the development of personnel strategies and policies of the organization;
  • ensuring the reception, placement, placement of young specialists on the basis of their business, personal qualities and qualifications;
  • complete preparation of documents related to pension insurance of workers;
  • organization of events aimed at staff development.

Dispatcher Service Operator Instructions

As a rule, the specialty of the operator is assigned to the unit of the technical contractor. The job description of the operator of the dispatch service includes the main responsibilities:

  • registration of transport permits;
  • distribution of work of drivers;
  • accounting of transportation;
  • filling in of consignment notes;
  • maintaining technical documentation;
  • reporting on freight transportation and more.

Operator job description

Municipal Employee Instruction

The job description of a municipal employee is the right document that governs the duties and rights of an employee in the conduct of a particular local government authority.

To correctly determine the functions of an employee, one should be guided by the provisions of the Federal Law “On the Basics of the Municipal Service of the Russian Federation”, as well as other documents of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

When writing an employee’s job descriptions, it is necessary to take into account the rules of the technological and functional division of labor for the adoption and development of their own decisions in the field of self-government.

Head nurse instruction

The job description of the chief nurse is developed in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and the Labor Code, as well as with the federal laws of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Labor.

The main responsibilities of a senior nurse include:

  • compliance with the rules of medical deontology;
  • provision of proper patient care;
  • arrangement of posts of middle and junior managers;
  • timely provision of necessary equipment, drugs, medical instruments;
  • full compliance with the rules of conduct of personnel for patient care;
  • maintaining medical reports on the consumption / receipt of medicines, on the work of junior managers;
  • monitoring compliance with the appropriate form of clothing;
  • full control over the work of nurses.

The job description of the municipal employee is

Upon entering work, the worker should carefully and thoughtfully study all the documents that require his signature. Be sure to read the employment contract, internal regulations and acts of the organization on the distribution of labor time, the provision of leave and sick leave. It is also important to familiarize yourself with your duties in advance, in which case the job description will come in handy. This is one of the most necessary and important documents when applying for a job, capable of resolving almost all problems, disputes and conflicts between a subordinate and a manager.


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