How to create a resume for work: features, recommendations, sample

The average employer spends about three minutes studying the information provided in the resume of a potential employee. Therefore, your self-presentation should combine information and conciseness. Knowing how to create a resume for a job, you get a certain advantage over your competitors and in a matter of minutes you can make a positive impression on the employer.

Do not take a resume as a mere formality. This is not just an information sheet, but this document, thanks to which the employer meets the potential employee in absentia and makes the first impression of him. An experienced recruiter in a matter of minutes will determine your level of professionalism and personal qualities on just one resume. Therefore, it is important to establish oneself from the best side. Having mastered the ability to present yourself qualitatively, you will overcome the first step on the path to career heights. How to create a resume for a job?

How to Create a Resume Sample Plan

Resume structure

For high-quality self-presentation, you need to know the structure of the document. It will help you figure out how to write a resume, a sample plan. It includes such items:

  1. Heading. In the heading of the document should be the word "Summary". Many people prefer to omit this point, but this is not entirely correct. For the day, the head of the enterprise has to deal with many documents. The presence of names will help to sort the paper correctly and not get confused in them. You can also immediately indicate the name. For example, "SUMMARY of Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich."
  2. Goal. Before creating a resume for job search, you must decide on the position that you are applying for. This is especially important for large organizations with a large number of departments and many specialists. Thus, under the heading, you should write "The goal is to obtain the position of sales representative" (accountant, translator, head of sales, and so on). You can also indicate the salary you are applying for.
  3. Personal data. If you have not indicated your full name in the header of the document, write this information in this section. Also here should be indicated the date of birth and contact details. Indicate the maximum number of channels through which the employer can contact you (address, mobile and landline phone number, email, instant messengers and so on). If appropriate, you can indicate marital status and the presence of children.
  4. Education. These are educational institutions with a mark on the period of study, specialty and degree. You can also mention attending specialized courses and seminars.
  5. Experience. These are previous jobs with an indication of the period and position. It will be appropriate to mention job responsibilities. It is possible to create a resume without work experience, there is nothing wrong with that. To make the document look more presentable, graduates of educational institutions can indicate the place and period of practical training.
  6. Achievements. This item is optional, but it can significantly increase your competitive advantage. If thanks to you at the previous place of work sales volumes were increased, costs were reduced or working conditions improved, write about it without hesitation. Specific numbers are desirable.
  7. Professional skills. Describe all your skills that will be useful to you for the position you are applying for.
  8. Additional Information. This is all that does not fit into the framework of professional skills, but can also be useful in work. For example, a passport, visa, driver’s license and so on.
  9. Personal qualities. In this section, you should describe yourself as a good employee. This is punctuality, diligence, stress resistance and so on, in accordance with a specific position.
  10. Recommendations If you have letters of recommendation from previous places of work or past managers are ready to confirm your competence, be sure to indicate this. List the names, positions and contact details of these people.
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The most useful skills for office workers

Not every applicant for a particular position is familiar with the rules of how to write a resume. Sample and structure are certainly important, but the key focus is on the content. If you don’t know what to highlight in the column “professional skills”, pay attention to the skills that are most valued by modern employers:

  • Business communication is the ability to conduct personal negotiations and correspondence with customers, suppliers and partners. It is important to have an understanding of etiquette and put them into practice.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a valuable skill for those whose work involves reading technical documentation or business correspondence with foreigners, receiving delegations or traveling abroad.
  • Work with a client base - the ability to collect, organize and store data about customers and partners.
  • Budgeting - planning and cost analysis of the organization as a whole and its individual units.
  • Office life support is the ability to create comfortable conditions, plan material support, as well as create a favorable emotional climate and solve conflict situations.
  • Sales planning - involves the preparation of a plan for the sale of goods, based on the current situation and indicators of past periods.
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Filling in the column about personal qualities

If you need to create a resume for work, the template must certainly contain information about your personal qualities. This is the most controversial graph, because everyone wants to put himself out on the best side. Moreover, this information is difficult to verify. To make the resume look presentable, remember these rules:

  • Do not overdo the description of your personal characteristics. The optimal number of points is five.
  • Indicate only those characteristics that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Write in a restrained tone. Humor or floridity will be inappropriate.
  • Imagine yourself in the employer's place. So you determine the most valuable qualities that an employee should possess.
  • Write only about those personal qualities that you can confirm with examples from personal experience.
How to write a resume sample structure

Basic Rules

Properly composed self-presentation is half the success of a job search. How to create a resume competently and efficiently? To make your document informative, remember these rules:

  • Write briefly. The resume should fit on one A4 sheet. But this does not mean that you can trick by reducing margins, font, and indentation between lines. Just learn how to highlight the most relevant information.
  • Write correctly. Double-check several times before sending a self-presentation to the organization’s human resources department. There should be no grammatical and punctuation errors or even typos. One small typo can ruin your impression.
  • Attach a photo. This will create the illusion of an absentee acquaintance of the employer with you. Such a resume is much more likely than an “impersonal” one. This item can be ignored only if your position does not imply communication with customers. That is, you will not be the face of the organization.
  • Do not write too much. Indicate only information that directly relates to the workflow. It’s inappropriate to mention your ability to cross stitch, dance tango or sports records.

Useful Tips

Creating a resume for a job where the structure and basic rules are followed is not as difficult as it might seem. Guided by some useful tips, you will cope with this task without difficulty:

  • Speak the language of the employer. Check the organization’s official website or flyers. Highlight style features and try to write your resume in the same manner.
  • Give the applicant what he needs. No matter how talented and versatile a person you are, indicate only those qualities that are of interest to a potential employer. Their list is usually listed in the job description.
  • Move away from the template. A standard resume template is not always suitable. We compose a resume flexibly and creatively! The structure, content, as well as the sequence of presentation of information must be determined individually, based on the characteristics of the position and corporate culture of the organization.
  • Do not leave understatement. For example, if you have worked too little in some organization, do not force the employer to ask about the reasons. Indicate them yourself. If you have not worked for a long time, indicate what you did during this period (freelance, housekeeping, and so on).
  • Take care of the design. Use quality thick paper. Be sure to print your resume on the printer. The employer will not waste time understanding the handwritten text.
How to create a resume job example


If you need to make a self-presentation, it is most convenient to create a form in Word. Resume for work should correspond to the following parameters:

  • The main text should be written in 12 pt.
  • The names of the subheadings should be in bold. Also the size can be increased to the 14th.
  • The top, bottom and right margins should be 2 cm. The left margin is 1 cm.
  • The one and a half line spacing is most optimal for reading. If the information does not fit on one sheet, you can reduce it to a single sheet.
  • Do not use italics, underline, and fill. This will overload the document and make its perception difficult.

7 mistakes in writing a resume

Ignorance of the basics of how to create a resume for a job leads to serious errors that can lead the applicant to a fiasco. To get the job you want, remember the seven mistakes you make when writing a resume and never allow them.

  1. Cheating. Sometimes, in an attempt to create a good resume for a job, applicants embellish reality by attributing themselves to non-existent achievements, skills and qualities. Yes, a false self-presentation can be a pass for an interview. But with a personal contact, the recruiter will immediately expose you. You not only do not get a position, but also run the risk of getting into the organization’s black list.
  2. Pretentiousness. Ornate font, multi-colored markers, frames, illustrations and other decorations are inappropriate in the resume. A resume is primarily a document. It should look appropriate.
  3. Clericalism. Cliche and over-officiality do not color your resume. Write in simple words, in a lively and understandable language.
  4. Summarized information. How does the item “PC Knowledge” describe you? No way, because even a child can handle a computer. But if you describe the software products with which you know how to work, it will benefit you. This applies to any professional skills.
  5. Invalid format. PDF, DJVU, and so on files require special reading programs. If they are not installed on the recruiter’s computer, your electronic resume will be ignored. Therefore, the right decision would be to create a resume form for work in doc format.
  6. Empty resume. If you do not have work experience, if you have only one educational institution behind you, most likely your resume will fit on half the sheet. But such an "empty" document is not credible. Try to fill out the sheet. Write more about professional skills and personal qualities, increase the font by one point.
  7. Frivolity. Do not use slang, and do not provide an email address with a frivolous nickname (for example, little_girl, kotenok and so on).
Where to create a resume for work

Recruiter Tricks

Writing a resume for a job is not just a skill. This is real science and, to some extent, art. Recruiters share with the applicants three tricks that will help make a good impression on the employer:

  1. Do not be too frank. In a summary, it’s enough to describe your strengths. But the disadvantages are better not to mention. You will have the opportunity to talk about this at an interview. And if you indicate in the resume that you don’t know something or don’t know, most likely you won’t pass the initial selection.
  2. Make the document concise and neat. Clearly structure the data, highlight the main thing. The summary should be readable. This will make an impression of you as a neat and rational person.
  3. Be cheerful and optimistic. This does not mean that you need to write jokes and jokes in your resume. Just your text should not be a dry listing of facts. Write about your personal qualities lively and in the first person. If you attach a photograph to your resume, let it be with a smile. Employers like positive people more than strict and boring ones.

Transmittal letter

If you know how to create a resume correctly and informatively, finding work in Moscow and any other large city will be quite simple. In megacities, personal contact between the applicant and the employer takes place last. The first step is a thorough analysis of the resume. And if you want the employer to know more about you, attach a cover letter. It is compiled in a looser and more comprehensive form than a resume, and should contain the following information:

  • From what source did you hear about the vacancy and why did it interest you.
  • The story in any form, why you are suitable for a vacant position. Two or three small paragraphs will be enough.
  • Explanation of why you are interested in this particular organization, why you want to work in it. One concise paragraph is enough.
  • Duplicate the contact information that is in the resume.
Create a good job resume

How to create a resume for work: sample form

Self-presentation is not as easy as it seems. It is important not only the content, but also the structure and design. An incorrectly written resume can nullify all your achievements and advantages. Therefore, do not be lazy and create a resume template on your personal computer that you will fill out each time, based on the requirements of a particular vacancy.

SUMMARY FULL NAME (in the genitive)

Purpose: job posting ...

Contact detailsMailing address
Mobile phone
Home phone
Period of studyEducational institutionSpecialtyPower
Work periodOrganizationPositionAchievements

Resume for Sales Manager

Sales Manager is one of the most sought after vacancies at the moment. On the one hand, this job is good for starting a career. On the other hand, it requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. How to create a resume? A sample for a sales manager will allow you to competently present yourself.

SUMMARY Sidorov Sidor Sidorovich

Purpose: a job as a sales manager with a salary of more than 50,000 rubles

Date of Birth


Mailing address

Stavropol, st. Pushkinskaya, 77 square meters 99

Mobile phone

+ 7-000-000-00-00

2005-2010North Caucasian Social InstituteAdvertisingSpecialist
2005-2008North Caucasian Social InstituteProfessional CommunicationsBachelor
2011 - 2013LLC "Advertising company No. 1"Advertising Promotion Manager

- Market analysis;

- contacts with customers;

- after-sales service

2008 - 2011LLC "Market Management"Financial Services Promotion Manager

- The accumulation of customer base;

- conduct of negotiations;

- organization of presentations;

- conclusion of contracts

2013Coaching NLP trainer P.P. Petrova"Sales Manager"

- English (spoken);

- confident user "Photoshop";

- work with databases;

- organization of negotiations;

- establishing and maintaining business contacts


- Responsibility;

- attentiveness;

- diligence;

- leadership skills;

- high efficiency

Director of Advertising Company No. 1 LLC Victor Viktorovich (+ 7-000-000-00-00)

Driver Summary

Not only office workers need to know how to create a resume for a job. A model for writing a self-presentation will also be needed for the driver. A competent resume will significantly increase the chances of getting the desired position.

SUMMARY Mikhailov Mikhail Mikhailovich

Purpose: a job for a driver with a salary of 50,000 rubles

Date of Birth

Mailing address

city ​​..., street ..., house ..., apt ...

Mobile phone


2002-2007Polytechnic University of the city ...Maintenance and repair of motor vehiclesBachelor
2011 - ...LTD "..."Truck driver

- Delivery of commercial goods;

- control of the technical condition of the car;

- passing inspection

2008 - 2011LTD "..."Forwarding driver

- Prompt delivery of goods to outlets;

- filling out reporting documentation;

- control of loading and unloading products


- driver's license of categories B and C;

- driving experience of 8 years;

- knowledge of the vehicle;

- the ability to work with reporting documentation.


- responsibility;

- attentiveness;

- diligence;

- sociability;

- high efficiency

Director of OOO "..." Full name (+ 7-000-000-00-00)

Example resume for a graduate with no work experience

If you have just graduated from an educational institution, it is extremely important for you to know how to create a resume for a job. An example will help you in this difficult task.

SUMMARY Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

Purpose: seeking a trainee position with a salary of 10,000 rubles or more

Date of Birth

Mailing address

city ​​..., street ..., house ..., apartment ...

Mobile phone


2011-2016Moscow State UniversityPsychologymaster

- English language (with a dictionary);

- confident user "Photoshop";

- site administration;

- psychological counseling for youth;

- ability to work with large volumes of information


- responsibility;

- diligence;

- good learning ability;

- the desire for self-education;

- commitment to a healthy lifestyle


- Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Full name (+ 7-000-000-00-00)


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