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Online stores have made life much easier: now, to buy a product, you don’t have to go to the store, and there’s no question of queues. Until recently, one could not even dream of an analogue of the usual shopping centers online, so it was impossible to buy home goods, gifts, and household appliances on the Internet in one place. However, everything has changed with the advent of - a unique platform that makes online shopping even more comfortable and profitable thanks to a whole system of special offers and cashback of up to 50%. What are the reviews about

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Guard of comfort website is a marketplace, in other words, an aggregator, where products from various online stores are collected. Here you can find almost everything: from children's things to household appliances and electronics. At the same time, the assortment is constantly expanding and offers new positions: both repair tools and pet products.

A distinctive feature of the site is its convenient interface, which allows you not to waste time on long searches for the right product, but to find everything in the shortest possible time. The main page always contains current special offers and promotions. In addition, thematic collections, such as gifts, regularly appear on the site to make the selection process even more convenient and quick. Numerous reviews about the store are focusing on this.

What is its novelty?

Unlike the usual many online stores, Goods is a marketplace, or aggregator. In other words, it combines offers from various stores, helping to compare prices and find the best solution. Moreover, all purchases are made virtually on one page. This means that the buyer no longer needs to visit a lot of different sites to find what is required and order immediately.

In terms of functionality, this service can be compared with aggregators for the sale of airline tickets or hotel reservations. But in fact, is most similar to the well-known Amazon.

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All at once

Regardless of the composition of the future order, made sure that all goods arrived at a time. You can pay for purchases in any convenient way: either immediately on the site, or upon delivery by courier. It is impossible not to note the unique promotions from the site: when ordering goods before a certain date from 1000 rubles, delivery will cost only 1 ruble, provided that the goods must be delivered in Moscow or up to 50 km from MKAD.

Thanks to, you can find incredibly advantageous offers: the site makes it possible to compare prices of different sites, and if the buyer finds a better offer, the administration reduces the cost.

Despite the fact that the site has existed not so long ago, since 2017, it has already established itself as a reliable and high-quality supplier, and quite deservedly. Reviews of the online store highlight the following positive qualities:

  • Range. The presented assortment pleasantly surprises with its variety and is constantly expanding.
  • Prices. The site offers the best prices, in addition, various discounts and promotions are constantly held.
  • Geography. It is planned that soon any product can be delivered throughout the country. Currently, delivery is carried out only within Moscow and the Moscow region.
  • Quality. All presented goods pass quality control and have all the necessary certificates for compliance with technical standards.
  • Convenience. Making an order is very simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface of the site. Some of the positive features of the pages are described in detail below.
  • Flexible returns policy. If you save the presentation, the order can be returned within 14 days.

As follows from the reviews of employees, is proud of all the results achieved, but continues its own development. Currently, there are branches in Moscow and the region, and the service is working to expand its presence. In addition, the company is doing everything to constantly improve the level of service. As the reviews about the store say, the service often exceeds the wildest expectations of customers.

This is not surprising and quite understandable. Indeed, the main goal of any store is a customer who returns, because he is satisfied with the quality of services and knows for sure that he can find everything he needs at the most attractive prices with an impeccable level of service.

What explains its popularity?

Many buyers of goods in AliExpress and are tired of incomprehensible transfers, since the payment system on these sites is somewhat complicated. This is precisely what explains such a rapid increase in popularity with the service. Here you can make the choice of goods in the same way as on the above-mentioned well-known sites, but at the same time all the content of the pages is presented in Russian, and the payment system is organized easily and simply.

This is the first trading platform in Russia of this type, which is a project of M.Video. It is worth noting that the marketplace is not an online store, but a trading platform uniting many sellers, with an excellent choice and a convenient interface. At the moment, the site is working to eliminate all the shortcomings, and, according to the reviews of employees about, in the near future all errors will be fixed. However, even now the site is impressive in its size and quantity of products offered. But this is only the beginning. The most pleasant thing on it is that everything except the names of firms that cannot be changed is absolutely in Russian that is understandable, without a clumsy translation.

Website design does not have a huge amount of meaningless advertising and an incomprehensible catalog, like on Chinese trading floors. At first glance, the design of the site attracts attention. Convenient, understandable, well recognizable and beautifully designed home page - the designers tried and thought out everything to the smallest detail.

Actual shares are placed on a large banner that occupies more than half the page. The search box with the name of the resource is located just above the main menu. The general appearance of the site makes a good impression. In the name Goods, the letters "o" are presented in the form of pictures and change the appearance (ball, bagel, iron, etc.). According to reviews about the online store, this is a trifle, but the mood rises.

The site menu is made horizontally, and not vertically (as in Chinese sites), which makes it possible to search for the desired product faster and easier. When you hover over one of the sections of the menu, categories and subcategories of a certain value open.

According to reviews of, all the advantages on the site can be found in the sections of another menu, which is located just below the main banner. There is also information about the bonus system, but more on that later.

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The registration procedure on is very simple and will take no more than half a minute, and it does not require confirmation of the account via mail. The payment rules and delivery conditions are at the bottom of the page, and the "Basket" - as expected, in the upper right corner. Do not focus on spelling the names of paragraphs and categories with a small letter. Most likely, this problem will disappear after beta testing.

Assortment of goods

On large trading floors with such a magnificent and wide range, it is unusually difficult to keep track of goods sold. But on, the number of names of goods included in one or another category is checked by the site itself. Very large, one might even say, a huge selection in each section. For example, several thousand cards were found - impressive. But what do the reviews about (sale moll2) say?

When viewing the catalog of mobile equipment, it turns out that from about the twentieth page, and there are seventy in all, there are cards with the inscription "Out of stock", which definitely reduces the rating of It turns out that only one third of the goods are available from the list on the site. But in comparison with other sites, the figure in any case goes off scale.

Example: “Yulmart” is a popular online store, but its range is only 650 models, “Bayon” is not a competitor (much smaller), “Citylink” is the largest choice in the Russian market in the assortment - the main competitor. is on a par with him.

Thus, we can assume high positions in the ranking for Customer reviews report that such a number of positions makes it easy to choose the right product.

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In addition, the creators of the project promise that by 2020 the site will cooperate with 50 thousand different partners. This allows you to approximately imagine how much goods will be present in the catalog.

Prices and payment method

As mentioned above, M. Video is the parent company, and it remains to find out where the price will be lower. To do this, you need to compare and analyze the cost of smartphones on competitors' websites.

Considering the electronic commercial platform, we can conclude that the pricing policy is approximately the same as that of its main competitors. Certain products (such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4) can be purchased much cheaper. It is especially necessary to highlight the fact that such online stores, which are a priority (Citylink and M. Video), meet the consumer at affordable prices. Reviews of I also report the following. To come to this conclusion, you need to familiarize yourself with the assortment on the specified trading platform. After analyzing the value of a position on, you must certainly take into account the following 2 points.

The client can save the first minute of visiting the site, and this does not require the purchase of electronics for a large amount. The user only needs to register on the site, as his balance is instantly replenished with 500 bonuses. They provide an opportunity to get a discount of up to 50% for the first purchase. The cashback system provides for the return of 20% of the purchase amount to the user's balance when calculating online with a payment card. You can, of course, be skeptical about the bonus program, since it is already very attractive to the client.

The seller provides the customer with the best value guarantee. If you compare the prices indicated on the sites, you will see that the iPhone SE in Citylink has a lower cost than on This is what the “guarantee” is for. To do this, you need to fill out an application on the site and wait for the link to the product you are interested in at a reduced price to come to the email you specified. If the price is fine, you can pay for the purchase and enjoy saving your budget. The online store itself considers Citylink and M. Video to be its competitors. According to the creators of the platform, the functionality of the well-known international Amazon system is taken as the basis. It is planned that in the near future the system will process up to 20-30 thousand orders per day.

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At the same time, reviews about https indicate that there is a limited ability to pay for goods, since the user can:

  • Pay to the courier upon delivery of the goods to your home.
  • Upon receipt, make a payment card payment.
  • Carry out online payment by credit card on the site.

The seller’s recommendation is to use the last payment method, as it is more reliable (numerous reviews confirm this). Https uses state-of-the-art 3D Secure technology, which ensures maximum security of card payments on the Internet. If the emission bank does not have this technology, the transaction may not take place, as will not accept cashless payments and electronic funds.

Goods delivery

When conducting a site analysis, you can find out that the consumer is offered only standard and oversized courier delivery. There is no way to carry out pickup, which is very upsetting, since the profitability of bonuses is coming to naught. All privileges will go to cover courier delivery services, although you will not need this. However, the seller soon promises the possibility of self-delivery and the fastest possible delivery. will deliver goods to you only in Moscow and the Moscow Region; delivery to the regions is not possible. The price for this service will vary, depending on whether you need to travel outside the Moscow ring. Shipping cost is as follows:

  • Standard delivery within the MKAD will cost 249 rubles, outside the ring (50 km) - 349 rubles.
  • Oversized will cost the client 349 rubles. within the MKAD, and beyond its borders (50 km) - 699 rubles.

However, on the site you will not see clarifications regarding bulky goods. To receive the package within the next day, you need to place an order on before 13:00. At most, you have to wait a couple of days. Separately, it should be noted that the client himself can determine the time interval for delivery, and with this the online store fully meets the challenge.

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What else does the service provide?

In addition to the above, the following is implemented on the website:

  • in the merchant’s interface, you can create storage bins by dragging goods;
  • five options for the interface of the page when buying goods, designed for various business cases;
  • there is a checkout configurator that provides the ability to arrange different delivery times for several products;
  • the product catalog contains thematic collections in addition to the main filters;
  • You can quickly view photos of each product, being in the catalog itself, without opening its card;
  • the best price is guaranteed for each position;
  • a call center provides a step-by-step interface that takes into account the operator’s script;
  • in one screen there is the ability to manage bundles of various goods and merchants.

In addition, there is a platform configured to work with various sellers, as well as an integrated 3PL provider and call center. A mobile version of the site is also currently available, which many reviews have noted. (sale moll) 2 promises the rapid development of functionality in the near future.

Service representatives clarify that the site is currently in beta testing mode. However, this does not reflect too much on her work. Many features are fully available, including Combined Shopping Cart. This means that in one order, the buyer can collect goods from various stores, as well as from different categories, and you can order everything you choose in one delivery.

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The above “Best Price Guarantee”, in turn, means that if the buyer can find the price of the goods lower than that presented on the site, he will be able to make a purchase at the price he discovered.

The news also says that in the future it is planned to open an affiliate program for buyers. However, bonuses will not be awarded for inviting new customers or viewing ads, but for making purchases.

Future plans

According to representatives of, at this stage, the main tasks are the development of all business processes of the service, as well as an assessment of the site’s capacities in the face of increasing traffic. A lot of attention is paid to the elimination of possible inaccuracies in the work.

According to experts, for the full establishment of all processes, a constant stream of orders, continuous feedback and constant reviews about from users are needed. It was for this purpose that the site was opened in test mode only for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

The head of the RAEC / Electronic Commerce cluster Ivan Kurguzov claims that has the greatest resemblance not to Yandex.Market, as it seems at first glance, but to Wikimart. The expert confidently says that the site will have a successful future in the market, but it is unlikely to become dominant. This is explained by the fact that’s work is ensured by a strong team and established relations with suppliers, but there is no reliable traffic generator and a combination of product offers.

Kurguzov notes that the advantage is that M.Video did not go to the level of the marketplace, but created a separate one from itself. However, according to him, to reach the top you need a large and strong team, created over the years.

The expert says that the situation may change after the entry into force of the law on commodity aggregators. Because of it, price growth at another site, Yandex.Market, was suspended. It is worth noting that AKIT, which includes M.Video, are active supporters of this law.

What can be observed now?

New reviews on the website indicate that the marketplace is almost ready for use and work. How are proposals formed on it?

According to a representative of one of the largest online stores, M.Video offers cooperation on the following conditions: product announcements will be placed on behalf of the store, but the marketplace will be responsible for delivering and interacting with customers. In the first year of the project, about 200 such partners were involved.

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What does the project earn on if the site has almost no advertising and the prices remain low? Everything is very simple. Partner stores pay a market percentage a certain percentage for each position sold. Considering that the service deals with all matters related to sales, everything turns out to be mutually beneficial. This is especially pleasing to buyers, since there is no increase in prices.

It is also worth noting that, according to the organizers, will only cooperate with trusted stores that have a valid license. It also guarantees the quality of products sold, eliminates all kinds of fraud customers.

Customer reviews

From the current practice of reviews about, we can conclude that users are more likely to leave negative entries, commenting on the negative experience. At the moment, the site often receives negative reviews about its work sent to the site. One of the common complaints is lack of organization. Complaints about the non-punctuality of couriers are also frequent. There are times when warehouse employees send the wrong goods for which the order was placed. The facts were recorded when the goods needed to be sent, but it was not available at all. At the same time, the clients themselves note: you should not expect that the trading platform will work in a coordinated and organized manner if it is not yet fully open and only passes beta testing.

Mention of the bonus system, which helps to save and allows you to get tangible discounts, is often found in positive customer reviews of There are such comments in which people are impressed with how the service employees pack the packages in a quality manner.

Summing up, the main advantages of should be highlighted:

  • The value of goods on the market is below average.
  • The presence of a bonus program, a large number of discounts and promotions that actually help to save, for example, “Low Price Guarantee”, “Delivery for one ruble”.
  • Simplicity and ease of use. There is nothing superfluous in the design of the site.
  • Huge selection of goods. For a wide range of gadget models, only Citylink can compete.
  • Fast delivery (the package will arrive within two days, no later).

The disadvantages of the online store, according to customers, are as follows:

  • Reviews about the marketplace indicate that the service will deliver the goods only if you are a resident of Moscow and the Moscow region. The site does not provide for the possibility of free delivery, which its competitors can boast of.
  • Extremely limited payment option - the trading platform does not accept payment through electronic payment systems.
  • The logistics management is inefficient, as a result - a large number of negative reviews.

Many Internet market experts are also mistrustful of, even skeptically. For example, A. Avdey, one of the CIAN top managers, said that the idea of ​​a marketplace in Russia cannot be attributed to innovation. Many fairly large online stores have tried to bring such projects to life, but in vain. But carefully analyzing and conducting the review, we can conclude that has a good opportunity to establish itself in the market. The online store approaches the buyer in a non-standard and peculiar way; there are good marketers in the state who attract attention with interesting offers. It remains only to work on organization, eliminate some shortcomings and improve managerial skills, and then the marketplace can safely make the main competition to Citylink and Yulmart.

Confusion with other stores

On the network you can find various versions of reviews about Office, Crypto and so on. Is it always a question of a specified marketplace? If you analyze all the information available, you can see that often reviews are written about completely different services.

They should be discussed in more detail:

  • Reviews about At first glance, it seems that the comments concern the round-the-clock work of the marketplace. But in fact, we are talking about a completely different service for the sale of household appliances. It is in no way connected with the monitored site. Products sold in this store are not offered in Goods.
  • Reviews about When you try to find information, you can go to a site offering a sale of branded watches. That is, all these comments not only do not relate to the marketplace, but also affect the sale of a completely different category of goods. Moreover, erroneous references to the monitored resource are often encountered.
  • Reviews of In this case, the most confusion. With this name, there is an online electronics hypermarket, the assortment of which largely coincides with Goods. However, the sites work on different principles. If the first is an independent store with its own range of products, then the second is the above marketplace.
  • Reviews of lp1 suggest that this site is also based in Moscow, but offers customers not only delivery, but also self-delivery of goods. In addition, this store works much longer.
  • Reviews about can also be confusing. At first glance, it seems that this is a service for registered customers (similar to Ikea and other brands). In addition, the description of the store on the site has many similarities with the Goods pages: a large selection of electronics is offered at low prices. However, it is also a third-party service that does not have any connection with the marketplace. In addition to electronics, he offers other product groups. In addition, on the main page it is noted that the delivery of goods throughout Russia is available.


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