How to force yourself not to eat and lose weight? How to stop eating a lot?

How to stop eating and losing weight? Such a question worries about 20% of the world's population. Note that this topic is interesting not only for the fair sex, but also for men too. The problem of excess weight in our time has become popular. But, of course, no one will solve it, except for the people themselves.

How to eat less?

As a rule, a problem is noticed only when the rooster pecks in a soft place. This attitude very often leads to trouble, because of which many citizens simply give up and lose the joy of life.

how to force yourself not to eat
How to force yourself not to eat? Why force? After all, you just need to know the measure in nutrition, then you will not have to drastically change your habits. Overweight people have health problems, such as hypertension, and also increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It is more difficult for them to perform physical activities and even walk elementarily.

So, as you know, eating a lot is bad. We will now tell you how to stop eating a lot. This is easy to do, you just need to configure yourself correctly. If you eat right and in small portions, you can say goodbye to extra pounds. Isn't that an incentive to change something ?! But first things first.

Good advice

How to force yourself not to eat in large quantities to get rid of a couple of extra pounds? In general, man is a very lazy creature, he will never do anything against his will, well, except at gunpoint. We will explain how to stop eating a lot of free will. Know your subconscious mind shapes your reality. This principle applies to all aspects of life: work, business, relationships with others. Weight loss issues are no exception. Therefore, everything must begin with the subconscious.

how to eat less

Say goodbye to the old circle of friends

Want to know how to force yourself not to eat a lot? Leave the old circle of friends. You probably have friends, both women and men who love to cook something tasty and eat tight. So, in such a company, in order to restrain yourself, you need to show tremendous willpower. If you understand that you can not resist the temptation, then limit communication with such people. Of course, the ideal option is to completely stop communicating with friends who like to eat themselves and feed you. But why lose friends? A break in communication should be done at least for a couple of months, until you rebuild your settings in the subconscious.

New acquaintances, friends, like-minded people

Many people think about how to make themselves eat less and lose weight. And itโ€™s not so difficult. You need to start a new circle of contacts, find people who, like you, want to get rid of the habit of eating a lot. You can meet like-minded people even on the Internet, for example, social networks are a great place to meet people of interest. You should also sign up for the gym. There you can not only remove the extra centimeters, but also meet people who also seek to rebuild their thoughts and improve their shape. After all, together more fun and easier to go to the goal!

how to stop eating

Visualization - the path to success and a chic figure

How to force yourself to eat less and return to the figure the ideal parameters? Using visualization. To do this, glue the house with images of girls with beautiful, fit figures. In addition, post pictures of healthy food. They must be present throughout the apartment (in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen). If you own a graphics program like Photoshop, you can make whole posters with perfect shapes and delicious wholesome food. These pictures will program your brain in the right direction.

Self-hypnosis is a great way

How to force yourself not to eat much? Self-hypnosis will help. You need to write a special text that will contain everything that you want to receive. An important note: you can use only positive statements, such as โ€œI eat a littleโ€, โ€œthis is enough for me to eatโ€ and so on. Do not use the โ€œdo notโ€ particle in such texts. The subconscious mind does not notice it, therefore it does not associate with anything. As a result, a person who does not want to get better will get fat even more.

Carefully think over the text, write it down and always carry it in your pocket so that at any opportunity you can read it. The most effective way of reading is, of course, aloud. You can do this before bedtime and immediately after waking up. Write what you want in the text! Believe me, you will succeed, you should only really want to achieve what you want. How to force yourself not to eat when you really want to? Of course, you need to help your subconscious mind with active actions, then you really will succeed.

how to force yourself not to eat much

Some more tips

1. If you have already eaten a plate of food, but you still want to eat, do not give in to this desire, you can do something with yourself, for example, read an interesting book or watch a fascinating movie. By the way, it helps to forget about the desire to fill the stomach with such an activity as drawing. Even if you do not have great talent, do it! A good occupation is cleaning. It is distracting, so the thought that, for example, one so wants to eat another plate of pilaf or fried potatoes, will recede into the background.

2. Are you all the same drawn to the kitchen like a magnet? Then the refrigerator should have more low-calorie foods, fruits and vegetables.

3. It is possible that you will stop eating a lot if you watch TV shows about obesity. Such shows absolutely affect the psyche of a losing weight person. True, the effect is short-lived, because everything viewed is forgotten.

how to stop eating and lose weight

Important points

If you strongly want to overcome the habit, there are many, you must understand that everything depends only on your willpower. Therefore, to make it easier for you, set a goal, then the brain will understand what needs to be done in order to get what you want. Just set the right goals. For example, the goal of "losing 20 kilograms in three days" is wrong, you wonโ€™t succeed, as a result, it will lead to another disorder. For example, you can plan to remove an extra two centimeters per week. If you fulfill your wishes earlier, be sure to praise yourself. There is another good goal, "eat up one plate of food." So you can not spend a lot of money on food, but buy yourself a new beautiful dress or stylish shoes for your money.

how to stop eating a lot
Be sure to praise yourself for success. For example, you dined easily today, so give yourself something nice for this small but victory. This may be a new varnish or the thing that you have long wanted to buy, but your hands did not reach.


Now you know how to force yourself not to eat, and therefore, you can begin the path to the cherished goal! Good luck!


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