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It is no secret that we live in an era of developed market relations. To understand this, it is enough to look back: there are many companies, enterprises and organizations making profit around us. Each of them can be called an independent business. Companies such as Altera Invest allow any enterprise, store or other business entity to attract investment by purchasing a stake or the entire complex. In simple terms, this can be called the acquisition and sale of a business. We will talk about this in this article.

What is a turnkey business?

Altera Invest

So, all of us more than once, probably, have heard such a term as “ready-made business”. Obviously, it is called “ready-made” for the reason that all processes, the whole mechanism of how this or that business model will function , are established. The owner who wants to acquire it should not deal with organization issues, since everything has already been done before him. Most often we are talking about the office, staff, documents, relationships with suppliers and distribution channels of finished products. Of course, this set varies depending on the type of business .

You can buy not only enterprises, factories and shops. If you study the catalog of offers on the website of Altera Invest, a ready-made business here includes real estate objects, for example, a shopping center or rental premises, which will bring profit gradually, passively, but on an ongoing basis.

Who benefits from selling a business?

Altera Invest reviews

Of course, only those who own it may be interested in selling a business. According to representatives of the intermediary company Altera Invest, most often the business is sold by its organizers, who either want to get their profit to do something new, or just want to leave the country and for this reason sell their property. A little less often, business can be sold by intermediaries themselves or by those who purchased it for resale. This, by the way, can also be a pretty profitable scheme: buy an enterprise, improve its performance and sell it at a higher price. In this case, we can talk about profitable resale.

Most often, people who want to leave the country are in a hurry to sell, so it is more profitable for them to close the deal as soon as possible. For such purposes, there are agencies like Altera Invest. Feedback from customers who have worked with this company suggests that it protects business owners from selling it at a lower price due to lack of time and tight deadlines. Instead of selling cheaply, owners, with the help of intermediaries, find customers faster at a reasonable price.

Who buys a business?

Altera Invest Ready Business

First of all, people with significant financial resources, who want to invest them somewhere , are interested in buying. This is correct and reasonable from the point of view of the economy, since acquiring a business can bring much more than a bank deposit or trading in securities. Again, if you work with the same Altera Invest, each offer to buy a finished business comes with an indication of how long a particular business will pay off. Consequently, this will make it possible to clarify somewhat the rate of return on capital.

In addition to more accurate calculations, working with an intermediary allows you to select more reliable offers and at the same time be confident in their legitimacy. If you decide to buy a business through Altera Invest, you will know that you will not be “thrown”.

Transaction Mediation

A company that "brings together" the buyer and seller of a finished business acts as an intermediary in their relationship. Its task is to secure all the key moments of the transaction and, in addition, to prepare a “meeting” of the interests of the buyer and seller. This may be the coordination of prices, the assessment of objects that are sold, checking the profitability of the business and so on. The advantage of intermediary companies is that they are focused on this activity, which means they have extensive experience in this field. Working with them, you will be more confident than in the case of buying objects directly.

Altera Invest employer reviews

In addition, the company that provides such services also has a different profile. For example, she can conduct full legal support for transactions that she organizes herself. It is convenient that you can order a full package of services in one place.

Altera Invest Company: reviews

In fact, the feedback from the parties who collaborated with the intermediary company in the purchase and sale of the business is mostly positive. Many of them are backed up with a document, such as gratitude to the company and its specific employee for a successful transaction. If it is real, it means that someone helped Altera Invest to acquire a ready-made business and develop it, while someone helped them get money and retire.

Altera Invest Moscow

As representatives of the company themselves note, it has been on the market since 2007. The city, as you might guess, in which the main office of Altera Invest operates is Moscow. True, the agency was founded in St. Petersburg. Over the years, it has shown excellent results, since it was able to organize more than 2 thousand transactions for the acquisition of an existing business.

Another thing is alarming in all this. The Internet is full of reviews indicating that this company is not functioning. Believe them or not - you decide, because there is other information that extols Altera.

How to apply?

The beauty of Altera Invest is the ability to quickly and easily express its interest in an object. In its form, the company’s website resembles an online store with a variety of products on display. These are descriptions of the business models that are currently being sold. You can not only read what the company selling them does, but also find out the income of each individual business and the payback period of the money spent on it. Of course, it is impossible to say that these figures are a 100% correct forecast, since in the future everything will depend on the new owner. However, at least approximate indicators, based on statistics for the past period, can be found in this way.

Altera Invest customer reviews

Activity statistics

The intermediary company in the sale of ready-made businesses has quite a wealth of experience in this field. So, as already noted, she has been working for 8 years, for which she was able to sell more than 2000 enterprises, companies and real estate. At the same time, the amount that the previous owners together managed to extract from these transactions is equal to more than 740 million rubles. As noted in Altera Invest itself, they already have about 120 regular customers in the database. What is most surprising is the constant increase in their number.

True, again, if we return to the reviews, then most people are distrustful of such indicators: they are “good” painfully.

Work at Altera Invest

Now, in addition to providing services for the implementation, evaluation and purchase of a business, the company is also engaged in the search for suitable personnel. The Jobs section on their website contains information on who can come up. So, these are purposeful young people who are already versed in the field of entrepreneurial activity, who want to learn and develop further.

If you would like to try yourself in this area, but don’t know if Altera Invest is suitable for you - reviews about the employer will help you! There are a lot of them on the Internet, and most of them are laudatory. For example, there are people who claim that the earnings of a simple manager in a company begin with 30 thousand. The salary calculation formula for this is set simple for intermediaries: a person receives a salary (as a rule, he is not so high already) and interest for each transaction he completes.

Conclusion: Altera has an ambiguous reputation, judging by the reviews of counterparties. There are people who call the company “fake,” and its site is a scam; and there are those who allegedly sold and bought business there themselves. Let's just say: if you are interested in the services of a company, contact us by the numbers indicated on the website. If you are scheduled to meet in a decent office, you can go and talk with representatives. The main thing is to try to learn as much as possible before committing more serious actions, and if this is a scam, you will immediately understand this.


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