Steve Kerr - an outstanding player and a good coach

Steve Kerr is a former American basketball player. He is currently the head coach of Golden State. From 2007 to 2010 he worked as general manager at the Phoenix Suns club. This article will present a brief biography of the former athlete.


Steve Kerr was born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1965. Such an unusual place of birth for an American was due to the work of his father, a scientist. Malcolm Kerr majored in the Middle East. Therefore, Steve spent most of his childhood in a number of Arab countries. In Cairo, Kerr studied at American College, and in Egypt - at one of the California schools. There, a young man became interested in basketball.

Steve Kerr

Amateur career

After graduation, Steve Kerr was not interested in recruiters - he jumped rather weakly and did not differ in speed. From 1983 to 1988, a basketball player played for the University of Arizona. In the summer of 1986, Steve was included in the US national team, who went to the FIBA ​​championship (Spain). The team consisted exclusively of amateurs. She became the last male adult team to win gold. During these competitions, Kerr injured his knee and missed a whole season. Having recovered, the athlete returned to the team and almost immediately won the sympathy of fans with well-aimed throws from long distances, as well as leadership qualities.

Transition to Professionals

1988 - this is the year when Steve Kerr came to the NBA. Basketball has become his main occupation. The first athlete team was Phoenix Sans. However, a year later he was sold to the Cleveland Cavaliers. For them, Steve played 3 seasons, after which he signed a contract with the legendary Chicago Bulls team.

In seasons 93/94, 94/95 “Bulls” managed to get into the playoffs, but it did not go further. The reason was the absence of Michael Jordan, the strongest player and leader. Because of this, “Chicago Bulls” and could not reach the final.

Steve Kerr Basketball


In the next 95/96 season, the situation has changed dramatically. Jordan returned and helped the team win the final. In 1997, the Chicago Bulls again won the association championship. And this is the great merit of the hero of this article. At one of the final games, Steve Kerr received a pass from Jordan and scored a decisive goal. For the entire history of the Chicago Bulls franchise won the fifth time.

New team

In 1998, Kerra was resold to the San Antonio Spurs team, where he remained until his retirement. The athlete spent only the 01/02 season at the Portland Trail Brothers. In 1999, this team for the first time in its history managed to get into the NBA finals. And the San Antonio Spurs were able to take the title from the New York Knicks. After this victory, Kerr became one of 2 players who managed to win the NBA championship title 4 times in a row.

Towards the end of his career, Steve was a very good substitute. Sometimes he was involved in the field, as Kerr successfully carried out three-point shots. In 2003, immediately after the end of the NBA finals, he announced his retirement.

trainer golden state steve kerr

After the NBA

After completing his career, Kerr began commenting on basketball games. Steve is currently a Golden State coach. On June 17, 2015, while in this position, he won the NBA championship title. Golden State coach Steve Kerr became the 7th mentor in the history of the NBA and the first since 1982 who managed to do this in his debut season.


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