How to brew coffee - the secrets of a coffee lover

This amazing drink has gained popularity all over the world extremely quickly. Probably, in the modern world there is not a single person who would not have tried at least once scorching hot, strong and aromatic coffee. For its preparation, it is customary to use coffee tree grains rich in aromatic substances and caffeine . Coffee cannot be called just a drink - it is a lifestyle and a symbol of vivacity, the best start to the day, as the advertisement says, and a delicious continuation of a romantic date.

We can try this drink in any restaurant or cafe, not everyone knows the secrets of its preparation, and not everyone knows how to brew coffee correctly. There are several secrets that every coffee lover should.

First of all, it should be remembered that a real, thick, strong and burning delicious drink can be prepared only from grains. No connoisseur will name all those powders scattered in jars or packages with the noble word - coffee. Only roasted grains that require grinding before brewing coffee, so that they do not have time to lose their useful and palatability. Store coffee beans in a glass or tin container, best of all - in a cool place, as far as possible from seasonings and spices.

To prepare a delicious drink, you need to thoroughly wash the coffee pot, take clean and soft water. The process of heating and cooking should be smooth, and boiling - instant. In order to prevent a long boil, it is worth using special equipment - a brazier with sand and pebbles and copper Turks. If you have these devices - the question of how to brew coffee will never arise. Everything is very simple: the turk is heated, β€œloaded” with ground grains (20 gr.) And water (150 ml), after which it is put on a roasting pan and starts to warm up. As soon as a delicious chocolate foam appeared at the edge of the Turk, it must be removed from the fire. When the thick settles - the drink is ready and you can serve it to the table.

If you want to cook and try coffee in an oriental way, you should take care not only of high-quality grains, but also of cezve - a special cone-shaped container in which all the ingredients are laid out - ground grains, sugar to taste and water. Cezva should be heated over low heat until foam is formed. When it settles, the process needs to be repeated a couple more times. The main thing is to keep the foam on the surface under which the drink will languish and boil.

There are several recipes with which beginners can begin to join the magical world of a coffee drink. If you still do not know how to brew coffee with additives or according to more complicated recipes, it is better to try a simple way - the traditional one, for which you need to take ground coffee (10 gr.) And water (100 ml). For cooking, pour water into the Turk, boil it, then pour out the powder, mix thoroughly and return to the fire. When the foam forms, the Turk can be removed and pour a spoonful of cold water into the finished drink to give it an amazing aroma.

How to brew coffee in Turkish - such a question is often asked by those who have already mastered the most elementary way of preparing this marvelous drink, and want to advance further in their skills. To do this, mix ground coffee (10 g.), Sugar to taste, salt (3 g.) And water (100 ml) in a Turk. Next, the Turk should be put on a slow fire, wait until foam appears on the surface, pour a few drops of cold water into the finished drink and let it brew for several minutes.

Fans of all delicious and sweet coffee will enjoy Eskimo ice cream. To prepare it, you need to put ice cream (60 g.), Ground coffee (10 g.), A little salt and sugar, and also melted chocolate (70 g.) In water (200 ml). This drink is prepared in the same way as the previous recipe, only it can be infused for less time.


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