Arcanum Strength: meaning. Tarot, Strength: Card Combination, Interpretation

When learning to guess, pay special attention to the lasso of Strength. The meaning of tarot is quite complicated. The deck covers all manifestations of a person, possible situations and energy flows that form a society. Our lasso is very difficult. The Tarot Card of Strength combines many aspects that reveal unusual, depending on the nearest arcana. This should be taken into account in order to avoid errors in forecasts.

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Description and inner meaning

Let's look at the lasso Strength. The Tarot value is encrypted in what is shown in the picture. Many people do not study the thick books of masters, but focus on it. By the way, they give quite successful forecasts. The map depicts a young beauty, carefree playing with the terrible king of animals - the lion. The animal completely obeyed her will, fascinated by the charm and kindness of the girl. Pictures vary around this semantic plot. You probably met a slightly different lasso of Strength. Tarot value does not change due to design variations. The meaning of the card is that there is nothing in the world that weakness cannot handle. It contains a special mechanism to curb any power. A baby who does not have physical strength conquers hearts, a beautiful flower makes him cry from the rapture of a rude warrior, forget about the stiffness of the fights in which he participated. In a practical sense, the lasso speaks of the enormous potential of man. He is ready to fight for their positions. And he perceives the battle with optimism. Negative emotions, such as anger, fear, nervousness, jealousy, this person transforms into a positive channel. In approximately this way, the lasso of Strength should be interpreted. The significance of the Tarot for self-development is as follows: the personality has matured in order to realize and overcome the internal negative. A person understands the destructiveness of some of his aspirations and attitudes. He bravely and successfully fights with them. His inner beast is almost subdued.

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Effect on the alignment (upright position)

Fortune telling on the Tarot is a rather complicated matter. It is necessary to analyze the mass of information provided by the value of each lasso. If the Force has fallen in an upright position, attention should be paid to the positions of the individuals involved in the situation. One of them is a very unusual, outstanding personality. This person has a positive effect on events. He probably is not trying to stand out, to declare himself loudly. But they listen to his quiet words with great respect. He tames anger, reconciles enemies. Strength (Tarot) in the alignment is perceived positively. It portends hope for a harmonious and favorable development of the situation. We can say that a person is going in the right direction. He was able to realize his own destiny and find the possibility of its implementation. That is, no matter what question is asked, the answer is rather optimistic. It is necessary to listen to the wise advice of others, but to trust your intuition. Naturally, the combination of Tarot in the layout also affects the forecast. But Strength softens negative cards. For example, the Tower next to this lasso does not portend strong shocks. Rather, in trouble, good friends will come to the rescue. A change will occur, but will lead the fortuneteller to a new, higher level.

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The meaning of the inverted Arcana Strength

This map position has two meanings. Firstly, he says that a person is ready to surrender under the pressure of adverse circumstances. He has lost faith in success. Its potential is spent in an unequal struggle. He was bored with constant confrontation. This is indicated by the inverted Force. The value of the Tarot at the same time does not lose the positive characteristics of the direct lasso. The personality still has enough energy to pull himself together. It is only necessary to redistribute it. Do not give up. Life is a fierce battle until you learn to enjoy the process. We constantly overcome something. Fatigue accumulates only when you perceive the process with hard work, and not with a chain of natural events. In a practical sense, the inverted Strength tells you to take a break. It should be used to analyze your perception of the world. Somewhere a serious mistake has been made. It needs to be identified and adjusted worldview. Strength, even upside down, is not a negative lasso. It encourages a more thoughtful attitude to the issue, focusing on important points, to the detriment of the secondary. No need to listen to gossip, react to critics. They only lead astray. It is necessary to find the strength in yourself to achieve the goal. The path is not as far as it seems. Shrug off those who exaggerate the problems, trust yourself.

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Fortune-telling on a relationship (upright position)

The couple has every prospect of building a stable union if the lasso of Strength appears in the alignment. The relationship tarot is seen as a mutual desire of individuals for harmony. Everything is important here: their intentions, partner’s assessment, ability to respect and obey, lead and lead. Our lasso says that people correspond to each other in the strength of personalities. They do not allow distortions, keep up, so to speak. These are mature self-sufficient individuals striving for union. It is important for them to get a response, to satisfy a partner. When you start to guess at the Tarot, you need to perceive reality from a distance. A loved one has flaws, just like you do. They should be understood and accepted, and not try not to notice. Strength hints that passion prevails in the union. Lovers are able to manifest animal instincts, are revealed, they do not have forbidden zones and topics. However, they sometimes encounter conflict situations. Overcoming them helps tenderness in relation to the partner. If we are talking about a quarrel, then the recommendation of the lasso Strength is as follows: do not be afraid of your weakness, trust your loved one. The partner should do the same. Sincerely loving people are able to overcome any obstacles, even internal divisions. You should trust the stream, swiftly carrying you to happiness. In the study of relationships, the combination of Tarot: Strength - Tower is negative. This is a sign of a serious scandal that will lead to a terrible loss.

The effect of an inverted lasso on relationships

The couple has an unenviable future, passion left them, leaving boredom. So should be taken Arcana Strength, if fortune-telling is carried out for an old couple. Their relationship has become obsolete. People are no longer able to give each other anything. From neighboring cards, you should determine the network of the problem. If the Moon and one of the sevens fall nearby, then the deception is revealed (or it will happen in the future). This event does not allow more trust in the partner. He is perceived as a liar, an unworthy personality. Love no longer gives birth to magical worlds. Feeling gradually dies, unable to cope with the troubles that have fallen on people. Arkan Strength (Tarot) in the relationship relationship leaves hope for a change. If he falls in the position of "advice", then you should get rid of boredom, shake yourself. A couple needs to change something in a relationship. It's time to look at a partner with different eyes or in a new setting. It is recommended to go to the resort, go camping, go to the cottage. The inverted Force says that everything can still be changed, but partners need initiative, a desire to breathe new life into relationships. And none of them, unfortunately, lack the spirit. A shake-up is needed here, a sea of ​​pleasant impressions, and no one but the former lovers themselves is able to help. It’s bad when, next to the lasso, Strength in the Tarot layout, the Knight of swords appears upside down. This is a sign of male partner weakness. He no longer wants amorous pleasures.

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Impact on the business sector (direct position)

Arkan Strength says that a person has chosen the professional sphere correctly. He gladly works and achieves good results. In addition, the lasso Strength portends a higher level in the matter that man is now engaged in. He has already gone beyond the borders of his current situation. It is necessary to strive for more. In a practical sense, this is a promotion, participation in a new promising project. The person on whom the alignment is made is a professional. He should expand the scope of application of forces and talents. If there are no negative cards, then there are no obstacles. If they are available, then one should not give up without a fight. Strength suggests that a person has the energy to overcome all existing obstacles and avoid the emergence of new ones. In terms of material well-being, the lasso is a harbinger of a beautiful, fully financed period of life. The work will be well paid, new sources of income will appear. If the distribution of Tarot to a man is performed, he should actively implement his own projects. They are very promising, will bring good results. In general, Strength in the material plane recommends trusting your intuition. Do not listen to people who have not achieved anything in the professional field. They act out of envy. And the personality itself is moving exactly where it is necessary in order to secure a comfortable and prosperous future.

The value of the inverted Force in the layout for work

A man fell into a vicious circle, the way out of which he is not able to see. Wrong decisions lead to trouble or loss. A person reacts to it too emotionally and impulsively. This makes the situation even more complicated. New problems cause an even more nervous reaction. This leads to apathy, unwillingness to deal with a bunch of difficulties, to put everything in its place. You need to stop and calm down. You should not create additional difficulties for yourself, build fences, which you will then have to disassemble. There is a way out. He is in trust in professionalism. If you cannot figure it out on your own, seek the advice of a wiser person. The adjacent arcana will point to it. For example, the King of any suit (in the upright position) hints that you have an influential friend who can clarify the situation indicated by the inverted lasso of Strength (Tarot). The combination with Death is also auspicious. It is interpreted in a positive sense. Suppose that at present you do not see a way out of the circle of troubles, but soon everything will change. A ray of hope looms ahead. It’s bad when the inverted Force drops out next to the straight Tower. This is a sign of serious irreparable loss. Have to start a professional career from scratch. Acquired skills will not be needed elsewhere where you will be forced to go. Circumstances are beyond the control of the fortuneteller. He will survive extreme stress.

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Health value (direct position)

If you are overcome by ailments, then the lasso Strength should be perceived positively. He suggests that a person is too pessimistic about reality, inclined to paint it with black colors. He has enough strength to cope with diseases, to gain the desired health. You need to communicate more with nature, trying to pacify your negative passions. Often, it is the presence of bad habits that have a bad effect on the body, indicated by the lasso of Taro Sila. Health was not crippled by unknown microbes, but by the person himself. He has every opportunity to rectify the situation. It is necessary to analyze habits and preferences, to identify and eliminate distortions. A simple matter, but requiring courage. As a girl pacifies a lion on a map, so a fortuneteller must subdue her passions. If we are talking about methods of treatment, then give up surgery. The disease can be defeated by medical methods in combination with moderate physical exertion. Strength encourages the fortuneteller to limit himself. It can be a reasonable diet, rejection of excessive laziness, gluttony, and so on. The body needs respect for consciousness. It is necessary to love yourself and try to give the body what is good for it.

The health effect of an inverted lasso

Not very good, if the card fell in that position. This is a sign of lack of strength. The man is tired of the constant struggle with ailments. He has no motivation, he is ready to give up. But you should not do this. A little more - and the disease will be defeated. No need to put up with the current state of affairs. On the contrary, one should resist more actively. You are on the right track. The treatment was chosen correctly, it is necessary to persistently and methodically implement the recommendations of the doctor. You will soon feel such a welcome change. The inverted Force indicates that a person has lost his spirit too early. He succeeds, albeit more slowly than we would like. The presence of Ace of Swords nearby indicates the need for surgical intervention. This radical method in this case is the most optimal, but guessing it is afraid of it. You should pull yourself together and trust the doctors. If the question was about general health, then the inverted Strength speaks of over-indulging negative aspirations. Are you abusing alcohol or smoking? Do you eat too much fat or sweet? Card recommendation: pull yourself together and try to limit your desires. Otherwise, the disease can not be avoided.

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Map of the future

If the force fell out in the upright position, then you should look confidently into tomorrow. You have enough energy to overcome obstacles, to build happiness with your own hands. Ahead is a great time for the full realization of abilities and talents. We need to work harder. In addition, when you draw out Tarot cards for the future, the Force portends internal changes. Your self-improvement efforts will succeed. Achieving maturity of personality - this is the inner meaning of the lasso. You will get the opportunity to look deeper into the essence of events, to understand what was previously hidden. The inverted lasso has a different meaning. He pushes to spiritual growth. On the path of self-improvement, a step back. You could not learn the lesson, surrendered under the pressure of circumstances, slipped to the bottom of malice, jealousy, resentment. All this should be rethought. It is necessary to understand what caused this retreat in order to transform the negative into a positive channel. This is a serious job that the card offers to do in the near future. And more confidence in your own intuition! There is nothing in life that a creative person cannot handle. And it all depends on who the Arcana of the Force fell to. The Tarot deck is sure that the fortuneteller has energy for this, confirmed by an internal basis. And what to do depends on him. Tarot may be advised, but will not do anything for you. Therefore, despondency and depression must be shook off; they do not help build a beautiful world of harmony and well-being. Namely, it is necessary for a person to feel satisfied with the current state of affairs. Work! And everything will work out. Good luck


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