Snus: what is it?

Many people from time to time want to try something new and unknown, so often in the search process they come across such a thing as snus. What it is? This is Swedish tobacco, which does not need to be set on fire during smoking. It is considered smokeless. People who purchase this unfamiliar product for the first time usually don’t know very well what snus is, how to use this tobacco. In fact, everything is quite simple and does not require much effort.

snus what is it
You need to know, using snus, that this substance needs to be "smoked" as follows: you need to put a packaged bag under your upper lip and start sucking. Reception of one portion of tobacco can last from five minutes to half an hour, it all depends on the sensations and condition of the human body during smoking. You can find out by buying snus that it is a combination of water, tobacco and all kinds of flavors that give it an unusual taste. Therefore, anyone who suffers from an allergy should get acquainted with the composition of snus before buying in order to avoid troubles.

Is it that simple?

Many believe that the use of snus is almost harmless, but this is only partly true. This type of tobacco does not really harm the lungs of a person, because it is smokeless and, accordingly, does not pollute the lungs. Does snus ever

snus how to use
harm to the body? There is an opinion that no. However, there is one β€œbut”: when using tobacco products of this type, the risk of cancer of the oral cavity and pancreas increases sharply. This is especially dangerous given the unfavorable environment, the wrong lifestyle - all this in itself increases the chances of illness. In the composition of snus, to improve its taste, a large amount of sugar is often used, so those who often use this tobacco will no doubt earn caries. This is only the most harmless part of the problems that smokeless smoking can lead to, because sometimes this activity can lead to the appearance of irreversible changes in the oral cavity. Because of this, people sometimes have to remove part of the jaw, and sometimes some neck muscles, as a result of which the appearance of a person changes beyond recognition. If the smoker still wants to use snus, he needs to remember that in no case should he swallow a packaged bag of tobacco, because this will lead to poisoning and greatly affect the condition of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole.
snus harm

Is the game worth the candle?

In this article, we partially answered the question about snus. What is it, it is not difficult to understand. People rate this tobacco product differently. Those smokers who smoked before chewing tobacco
ordinary cigarettes, they believe that after starting to use snus, their well-being improved much, their health improved noticeably, and on the whole they strengthened. Some doctors, in contrast to them, believe that snus is more harmful due to the fact that it increases the risk of cancer, so its sale and distribution must be prohibited. Each person has the right to decide whether to use this substance or not, but you should never forget about the consequences to which it can lead.


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