Thorium ore as the main auction earnings

It is very easy to accumulate a decent amount of gold coins in WoW. The main thing is to know how to do it right, and where. One of the easiest professions to earn money is mining, since most gaming locations are teeming with an abundance of mountain veins. But not every resource can bring enough profit.

Thorium ore, the most popular in the gaming market, which is easy to farm and sell expensive. Metals such as cobalt and saronite do not have constant demand and often fall or rise in price. They represent unstable profits, the mining process is laborious and time consuming. We need a stable and huge income!

Thorium Ore WoW

You can do a little market research: a stack of thorium ore at an auction goes for 80-120 gold coins, and can be sold wholesale and for 150. Three to four stacks of ore can be accumulated without effort in a day. It is very important to quickly and effortlessly collect an amount that will fully satisfy demand.

While traveling through WoW locations, thorium ore is abundant in three lands. On Kalimdor Island, visit Silithus and Winterspring. And the third, teeming with thorium location, is in the Eastern Kingdoms (Burning Steppes). Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages.

Location - Winter Keys

This territory has good ore deposits (thorium, cobalt, saronite), which are quite close to each other. The richest ore concentration sites in Winterfall Village and the Ice Thistle Caves. They are located very close, which will save you time when farming. Thorium ore in WoW is easily located on the mineral tracker - then you can collect much more than from the memory or advice of the players. In the caves you can easily find several rich thorium veins and a huge number of small ones, which gives more than twelve pieces of thorium ore and other minerals.

Silithus: WoW Thorium Ore

This area is not for the fastidious and not for quick profit. The main accumulations of ore are in caves with a large number of mobs. Thorium ore is scattered throughout the location, so you have to run from core to core. But there are advantages, because when faced with mobs that quickly respawn, you can collect additional gold coins for sale or materials for professions. On this territory there are many rare mobs from which powerful weapons and strong armor fall.

Burning Barrens is a great place to farm

Continuous farming is a phrase that is the best suited for this location. Thorium ore is spread around the perimeter of the location, which is an oval. Conclusion: you just have to run around the β€œcircle” and collect ore when it is restored. Also, for convenience, you have the opportunity to remelt the ore into ingots in the center of the location. In addition to thorium, here you can find deposits of mithril (a rather expensive and demanded resource at the auction), dark iron (not at all profitable metal). Look for an ogre cave map. They are worth a look not only for ore. Many rare mobs will bring you decently gold and other goodies.


The main direction of movement when farming is a large circle around the perimeter of the location, when small veins will be restored in one run, and large ones in about two circles. Constant movement gives you a constant flow of resources, provided that there are no competitors nearby.


Of course, there are other ways to earn money: daily tasks, dungeon trips, and helping players. But you need to spend a lot of time and effort on this, be constantly in the game and not be distracted. While searching for fossils, you can easily watch TV, drink coffee or read a book. And in a short period of time you will collect ores for about three hundred gold coins.


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