Blissful summer heat, or How to escape from the heat in an apartment?

"They came together like ice and fire ..." Remember these lines from "Eugene Onegin" characterizing the duel of Lensky and the title character? And why do you think these epithets were taken as an example by Alexander Pushkin? Everything is simple! The fact is that cold and heat are two phenomena that are strictly opposite to each other, causing any person to exhaust and languish ...

how to escape from the heat in the apartment

In the summer, in the apartments of many people living mainly in megacities, it is so hot that you just want to settle accounts with your own life ... In winter, the opposite picture is observed! But let's lower the winter and talk about summer stuffiness. How to escape from the heat in the apartment is the topic of our article today.

Oh, that siesta!

Summer is not only holidays, good mood and solid positive. Unfortunately, the blissful summer heat in most cases is overshadowed by the endless weeks of an endless siesta, when I don’t want anything ... I lived in my temple, but only one thing in my mind: β€œHeat in the apartment! What should I do?” Friends, now we will try to answer this cry of the soul. So, what can we do ...

heat in the apartment what to do

How to escape from the heat in the apartment?

  1. Of course, we need to drink more fluids. An adult (and healthy) person needs to drink up to 3 liters of water per day. The best option is fresh, cool water. We recommend acidifying it with lemon juice. Since the necessary salts are removed from the body along with sweat, it is recommended to slightly salt the water. No carbonated sweet drinks, as well as beer (it causes dehydration of the body), strong coffee (it overloads blood vessels) and alcoholic cocktails based on vodka (an enormous load on the heart)! This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to escape from the heat in the apartment.
  2. The heat in a city apartment is a very dangerous phenomenon, especially on the upper floors of the house. After all, the air there is able to warm up to ... 40-50 degrees! That is why the best and most effective way to survive the heat in an apartment in a multi-storey building is to install an air conditioner. At worst, you can get by with a good powerful fan. This method is really considered very effective, but costly in financial terms. If he can not afford it - read on!
  3. You can dampen the sheets and hang them on all the windows. The fact is that a wet sheet is an excellent means of salvation from the heat!
    how to survive the heat in the apartment
  4. You can just wrap yourself in a wet sheet! The main thing is to ensure that drafts do not walk around your apartment, otherwise instead of solving the problem of how to escape from the heat in the apartment, you will have to look for a solution to another problem - how to recover!
  5. If it’s unpleasant for you to mess around in damp sheets, take a cold shower. It is very refreshing. You will feel after him a real person. Take a shower about 10 times a day. If there are children in the apartment, then rinse them more often. This method is quite suitable in order to survive the heat even at 40 degrees!
  6. There is a combined way. For this we need raw sheets and a fan. Pull the wet sheet in front of the fan and enjoy! This method helps for half an hour, after which the sheet must be moistened again.


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