How to clean the cache in the brain and why it is needed

Today it is difficult to find a person who would not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Global Network. Almost everyone who uses a personal computer or laptop understands that the capabilities of their modern assistants are used by only a third if they do not have access to the Internet. It doesn’t matter what the Internet is used for - for work or for entertainment - the principles and its use, the tools necessary for working on the Global Network, as well as the knowledge to ensure the smooth functioning of a computer and programs for working with web resources, are independent of the tasks set. One aspect of the Internet that every user should know will be discussed below.

It is known that the main tool for viewing resources hosted on the global network is an Internet browser. Every user should know that during their work, any browser caches data - that is, they are written to a specific file on the disk, called the browser cache. This gives a lot of opportunities, in particular, accelerated loading of web pages, the absence of delays in playing streaming video and audio, etc. With all the advantages that browser caching provides, this process also has some negative aspects. In particular, information stored in the cache takes up space on the hard disk of the computer. In most cases, the browser saves its data on the system partition, which can lead to a significant reduction in free space on it, and in some cases to its overflow. In this case, the inevitable slowdown of the browser, other programs and the operating system as a whole. In other words, the browser cache should be periodically cleared.

One of the most popular Internet browsers today is Mozilla Firefox, so let's figure out how to clear the cache in the brain. It is worth noting that, knowing how to clear the cache in the brain, the user can easily figure out this issue in other browsers as well - the procedure for different representatives of this software is similar.

It should be noted that access to files in which the browser stores its data is, in most cases, limited, but all browsers have built-in tools that allow them to be cleaned.

So, to clear the cache in firefox, you can resort to two ways:

Method 1. In order to understand how to clear the cache in the mazil, you need to start the browser and look for the "Tools" item among the menu items located on the top panel of the browser. By clicking on this menu, you can see several sub-items, among which there are “Settings” - this sub-item must be selected. Next, a window opens containing the browser settings. This window contains the "Advanced" section, which in turn contains the "Network" tab. Next, you need to find the section "Offline storage", which will give an answer to the question of how to clear the cache in the cabinet - here you just need to click on the "Clear Now" button. After that, the settings window must be closed by clicking on the "OK" button. That's the whole procedure - the cache is cleared!

Method 2. The second method, which allows to answer the question of how to clear the cache in the brain, makes it possible, in addition to clearing the cache, to clear the browser history . As in the first method, you need to call the "Tools" menu. Next, click on the item called "Erase Recent History." Here there is a check mark located near the signature “Details”, after clicking on which a list of items that are saved in the history and can be deleted becomes available. You need to check the box next to "Cache", and then click on the "Clear Now" button.

When using an Internet browser intensively, it is advisable to clear the cache at least once a day.


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