Magic drug pedicure "Golden Trace"

Being well-groomed from head to toe and without spending your precious time on endless cosmetic procedures is the dream of many girls. One of the latest developments in the field of skin care for the feet is Golden Trace products. The pedicure performed with the help of cosmetic products of this brand gives every woman a chance to boast of velvet skin of heels. Such a procedure does not take much time, and its implementation is necessary no more than once a month. The result is delicate foot skin, velvety heels and no irritation or dryness.

Golden Trace drug pedicure

Golden Trace products are suitable even for those who have quite sensitive skin, prone to cracks and dryness.

How to pedicure with Golden Trace

Golden Trace is a pedicure preparation, which is carried out using special formulations. The main components of this cosmetics are micelles and fruit acids. They contribute to the gentle and gentle removal of rough skin on the foot, and even fight with deep corns and fissures. The Golden Trace pedicure procedure does not require any mechanical effect on the skin: neither prolonged soaking, nor filing or grinding.

When applying the composition for pedicure to the skin, micelles attract dirt and fat, special enzymes dissolve dead cells, without exerting any harmful effect on living layers of the skin.

Golden Trace drug pedicure

The duration of the procedure itself does not exceed half an hour. Many have already tested the magical power of the pedicure with Golden Trace. The reviews of these lucky ones suggest that this procedure can be successfully carried out independently at home, without spending extra money. But if you wish, you can go through it in the cabin, in a pleasant environment, relaxing, surrendering to the hands of professionals and having fun.

Golden Trace products for pedicure. Composition and characteristics

Complete Golden Trace Toolkit for the preparation and absolutely atraumatic pedicure has several components:

  1. A special gel of the Golden Trace trademark used to soften the cuticles on the nails. Available in a convenient jar with a dispenser.
  2. Cleansing mousse to prepare the skin of the feet for the effects of a unique composition for pedicure.
  3. Elixir for the feet. The main working component of the Golden Trace pedicure line.
  4. Jelly for feet, allowing for easy peeling.
  5. Cream for the feet. It is applied to the transformed skin of the feet to consolidate the result and care for the updated velvety skin of the heels.

The use of all components when performing a pedicure guarantees a stunning result. Reviews of the Golden Trace pedicure masters suggest that using only an elixir of this brand may be sufficient to achieve a good result. All other components can be replaced with the usual care products. Of course, that when using all the components of the line, the effect will be excellent.

golden trace pedicure reviews

Pedicure with Golden Trace has a number of undeniable advantages over other types of pedicure and solves stop problems in a comprehensive way.

All arguments for an acid pedicure

Golden Trace pedicure solves the following problems:

  • eliminates even deep cracks in the heels and corns,
  • regulates perspiration on the skin of the feet,
  • helps prevent corns from appearing on the heels,
  • moisturizes the skin and promotes tissue regeneration.

Benefits of Golden Trace Pedicure:

  • atraumatic method of pedicure,
  • suitable for very sensitive skin,
  • due to the natural composition it may not have restrictions for use even in pregnant women,
  • solves a complex of problems and has a prolonged effect.

Home Pedicure with Golden Trace

In order to conduct the Golden Trace drug pedicure procedure at home, it will take a minimum of time and effort. All you need for an acid pedicure :

  • half an hour of free time;
  • funds from the Golden Trace line;
  • film;
  • cotton pads.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clean the skin of the feet, using a special cleansing mousse.

Then the active composition of the Golden Trace elixir is applied to cotton pads and applied to problem areas of the foot. After processing, the legs must be wrapped in polyethylene and left for a while. The duration of exposure depends on the degree of imperfection of the skin of the heels, but it should not exceed 30 minutes.

After exposure to the composition, the skin of the feet should be lightly treated with a grater.

At the end of the procedure, you can apply Golden Trace cream or use jelly for peeling. In this case, you need to apply a little tool on the skin of the feet and wrap it in a film. Leave for some time (15 minutes, maximum 30) then wash.

Golden Trace Pedicure Masters reviews

The procedure is not complicated at all, and the result is excellent. The skin on the heels will become like that of a baby, with little effort. The only drawback of this method is its price. Cosmetics are not cheap, but they are spent very economically, therefore, in terms of the term of use, it may happen that this drawback will become a merit.


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