Sberbank consumer credit: conditions, interest rate

Sberbank has developed a number of consumer lending programs: for personal needs, for military personnel, for private household owners and secured by real estate. What is the percentage in Sberbank for a consumer loan, and what is needed for processing? Consider these issues in this article.

Pros and cons of programs

Is it profitable to get a consumer loan at Sberbank? The benefits are as follows:

  • Low interest rate. Today, Sberbank is one of the few lenders that provide optimal conditions for customers. The interest on consumer loans is less by 0.5-1 points than in many other banks.
  • A wide choice of programs. Clients are offered different options for obtaining a loan: with a pledge and without collateral, with a guarantor, with confirmation of the purpose and without it.
  • Available repayment options. You can make a payment online, at an ATM or at a bank operator. A wide network of branches and convenient Internet banking allow you to quickly transfer money.
  • The ability to get money without contacting the office. Salary customers are available through the website.
Consumer loan at Sberbank

Disadvantages of lending:

  • Strict requirements for recipients of funds. Even debit customers who have already issued a loan can refuse.
  • Only official revenues are taken into account. For this reason, it will be difficult for Sberbank to receive a large sum for those who transfer all or most of their salaries bypassing the tax service.

Despite some disadvantages, Sberbank's consumer loan terms are quite flexible. A client with a good credit history, stable official earnings and a salary card of this bank can receive money on favorable terms.

Credit at Sberbank

For personal needs

A loan for personal needs is possible with a guarantor and without security. The conditions and rates for both options are different.

Without a guarantor, such credit features:

  • The consumer loan rate in Sberbank is from 13.9.
  • For salary clients - from 12.9%.
  • Amount - from 30 thousand to 3 million rubles.
  • Repayment - up to 5 years.

With a guarantor:

  • The rate is from 13.9 (for participants in the salary project - from 12.9%).
  • Credit up to 5 million rubles.
  • Repayment - up to 5 years.

Any individual with Russian citizenship, stable official earnings and registration in the region where the Sberbank branch is present can become a surety. The age of the guarantor is from 21 to 75 years. If the loan recipient is less than 21 years old, then only his parents can act as responsible persons for the payment of funds. It is possible to attract no more than two guarantors.

Sberbank loan interest rates

Loan for military personnel

The program is valid only for the military participating in the NIS who received a preferential mortgage at Sberbank or are in the process of registering it. Conditions:

  • Up to 1 million rubles for up to 5 years.
  • A surety is not required if the amount does not exceed half a million rubles.
  • Sberbank consumer loan interest - from 13.5% to 14.5%.

Funds can be spent on any needs, including using them for a surcharge for the purchase of real estate.

Interest rate for the military

Loan for owners of private household plots

Clearance is available for those involved in farming. To confirm your status, an extract from the household book is required. Lending terms:

  • Up to 1.5 million rubles for a period of up to 5 years.
  • The rate is 17%.
  • A surety is required. the client also has the right to attract the co-borrower. This will increase the chances of approving the required amount, since in this case the bank will consider the solvency of not only the main recipient of the funds, but also the additional one.
Interest rate on consumer loans at Sberbank

On the security

Owners of their own real estate can take a loan on special conditions - a large amount (up to 10 million rubles) for a long term (up to 20 years). Money can be spent on any needs, including the purchase of real estate.

  • The size of the loan cannot be more than 60% of the price of the collateral object.
  • The interest rate on a Sberbank consumer loan for salary clients is 12%.
  • For the remaining applicants - 12.5%.
  • Refusal of insurance increases the rate by 1 point.

Valid collateral: apartment, house, land, house with land, garage. It should be borne in mind that the bank can only accept liquid assets as collateral. For example, a loan secured by an apartment located in an emergency building cannot be obtained. To obtain this type of loan, additional costs will be required - for the assessment of the property, mortgage registration and insurance in favor of the lender.

Consumer lending at Sberbank


The main requirements relate to age, residence and work term. The age of the applicant must be at least 21 years old. From 18 years old you can take a loan only with a guarantor. The maximum age for obtaining a consumer loan at Sberbank is 75 years. If the applicant applies without income statement and work record, then the age at the time of making the last payment should be no more than 65 years.

The term of employment must be at least six months at the current place. The total experience over the past 5 years should be at least 12 months. Other conditions apply to the participants of the salary project: the term of work in the last place is from 3 months, the total length of service is from six months.

Permanent registration is not required. However, the client must be registered at the place of stay. It should be noted that the maximum possible loan term in this case will be limited by the validity of temporary registration.

It should be noted that a loan program secured by real estate cannot use:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Employees of enterprises with the right to sign financial documents (managers, accountants, directors, deputies, etc.).
  • Participants or owners of a small business with a share of more than 5%.
  • Participants in the farm.

These requirements apply to both main borrowers and additional borrowers - co-borrowers and guarantors.


The main list:

  • Passport.
  • Application form (filled out on the website of the bank or at the branch).
  • Employment history.
  • Certificate of salary for the last six months (or a certificate in the form of a bank).

To apply for a Sberbank consumer loan with a pledge, you will additionally need documentation for real estate: extract from the cadastral register, registration certificate, document of ownership (agreement of sale, exchange, gift, etc.), written consent of the spouse (if the client is married), permission OPiP (if a minor is registered in the apartment). You must also provide a report on the assessment of the object.

The owners of the subsidiary farm will need to provide an extract from the household record book attesting to the registration of private household plots.

loan repayment terms

When they can refuse

Compliance with all requirements does not guarantee a positive decision on the application. The most common reasons for the denial of a Sberbank consumer loan:

  • Bad financial reputation. Delays in previously issued loans, as well as large debts on housing and communal services, alimony and other obligatory payments, most often impede the receipt of the required amount.
  • Big credit load. If the client has one or more active loans or a mortgage, then problems may arise with obtaining a new loan. When considering an application, a bank employee looks at the size of the salary and the amount of payments for other loans. If the amount of financial obligations taking into account the new loan will exceed 40% of the amount of income, then the loan may be refused.
  • Lack of stable work, unofficial earnings. The bank is more willing to give loans to state employees and those who have been working at the same place for several years.

Other possible reasons: a criminal record, a small salary, the provision of incorrect information in the questionnaire. In order to increase the chances of approval, it is advisable to provide a full package of documents, as well as involve a guarantor in the execution of the contract.

Summarize. Salary clients with good credit history, as well as those who additionally provide guarantees, such as a guarantee or a pledge, can receive a low rate and comfortable repayment conditions at Sberbank. Before applying, it is advisable to pre-calculate the payment using the Sberbank online loan calculator (credit) for consumer loans.


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