Do-it-yourself courtyard decoration: ideas

Have you decided to arrange your summer cottage for the new season or are you just tired of the monotonous look? Then we propose to decorate flower beds and install beautiful benches in the garden. In our article you will find several original ideas that will allow you to design your own yard. Also, all the material is diluted with real photos of landscape design, motivating the homeowner to implement the most ambitious ideas.

Flower Arrangements

To organize the design of a private courtyard with your own hands, you first need to familiarize yourself with the basic theoretical information that every designer and florist learns in special schools. To do this, you do not have to spend several years on expensive training. It will be enough to study the “short course” presented in this and subsequent sections. For example, any designer should know the combination of different types of colors and be able to come up with some original compositions based on this information.

If your house has a porch or porch, then you should consider decorating it with climbing plants, such as roses. Also, a similar idea is perfect for windows with bars. Well, if you don’t have any supports on which to start decorative cultures, then you can make them yourself. For example, you can build a beautiful arch for roses or build a special white lattice, along which decorative grapes will be woven - there are a lot of options.

Also do not forget that garden crops can be planted in the most unusual pots. For example, old unnecessary shoes or even a bicycle are suitable as a flowerpot for flowers! It will be enough to fill up all the holes in the basket with clay, then pour a little fresh substrate there, and on the wheels you can let the weaving violets, which will give the old thing a decorative appearance. In general, the original ideas for decorating the courtyard of a private house are limited only by the imagination of the designer.


If your site has several bushes that need regular processing, then why not add a touch of variety to this routine process? If everything is in order with imagination, then you can make various houses, pyramids, Christmas trees, or even large animals from plants. Of course, to create such a composition, you will need to handle the pruning shears and clippers quite well, but this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Garden haircut.

Professional gardeners recommend that beginners begin with simple shapes, such as balls or triangles. Over time, your skill will grow and you can make a real zoo with a variety of animals out of your garden plot. To make more decorative elements in such compositions, it is recommended to add some bright objects. For example, bows, hats, glasses and so on.

Pool, fountain or waterfall

Too many designers and florists use various fountains, waterfalls and pools to decorate the courtyard garden, which look especially wonderful in the summer season. Of course, such a pleasure is far from cheap, but just imagine how nice it would be for your guests to be near the water on a hot summer day.

Beautiful fountain in the garden.

In addition to the decorative appearance, fountains and waterfalls have a very practical purpose - to protect plants from drought. Spray falls on nearby crops and constantly keeps the soil moist. Well, almost any child who visits your house with his parents will be happy with the pool. But what a sin to conceal. Even adults sometimes do not mind splashing in the water.

Fountains and pools installed somewhere deep in the garden amid overgrown crops look pretty good. If you manage to organize a shady zone on your site, then you can also put several shops or swings for children there. Just imagine how nice it will be to hide in such a secluded corner from the heat, and even enjoy the murmur of crystal clear water.

Stone Garden - mysteriously and beautifully

Many designers use beautiful decorative stones to create a flower garden in the yard and create real works of art from them. Well, or you can just dilute the area near the water with beautiful pebbles. Particularly harmonious stone paths are combined with waterfalls and living ponds. Stone elements will give your garden plot special notes of mystery that can be seen in Asia.

Stones for decoration.

You can also use special decorative tiles and lay out not only tracks, but also entire areas. After that, you can place a table there and several chairs for relaxing, and pull the tent on top - an excellent area for relaxation. Well, if you also adore dishes on fire, then be sure to put in such a place a beautiful decorative brazier on which you can cook a barbecue or barbecue.

Have you ever heard of the stone gardens in Japan? Who said that such beauty cannot be arranged in our country? especially if you manage to get really beautiful stones. As additional elements, you can build a small brook and an Asian-style water staircase, which hits the water at a time when the bowl is full of life-giving fluid.

Arbor - a classic version

Well, what kind of decoration of the courtyard of a private house can you talk about if there is no arbor in the garden - the main building, in which you can spend time with friends or relatives? Pergolas can be very diverse:

Beautiful gazebo in the garden.
  • attached to the house;
  • with open walls;
  • closed type, etc.

Also, many designers carry out such a construction in the form of a tent or tent to give their garden plot an unusual style. Of course, the most practical option will be the construction of polycarbonate, which is not afraid of either the sun or the city. Also, designers will appreciate the large color palette of building materials, which allows you to choose polycarbonate, which will perfectly match your garden site or home.

If you want to give your yard a special romance, you can install a tent in a wedding style and place under it a lot of beautiful upholstered furniture for the street. The improvement of such a tent will not only allow you to create a pleasant element on your site, but also bring you a sea of ​​positive emotions, especially if you connect your loved one or other family members to the workflow.

The classic version of the gazebo is a wooden building. If you have a pond or a fountain in the garden, then you should place it in close proximity to such an element of decor. During the construction, you can use various carved elements that will highlight your building among all the others. It is special if at the end you paint it in a suitable color and arrange it properly.

Tires for the garden

The most common use of car tires for decoration purposes is to use them as flower beds for garden plants. Before that, it is strongly recommended that they be painted well in bright colors so that they are striking to your guests. In such "pots" you can plant almost any culture that does not differ in the developed root system. Feel free to use two tires laid on top of each other at once. Thus, the plant will be at a high enough height for your guests to pay attention to.

Car tires for flower beds.

Car tires are also ideal for creating improvised upholstered furniture from them. It will be enough just to compact the hollow area with any available material, and then put some beautiful litter on the tire. Well, or you can make a table for the gazebo from them, placing them on a pre-fabricated metal frame. And on top of the composition, you can put round glass so that it is convenient to write or dine on the table.

Also, many owners of summer cottages make original swings for children from car tires. However, you will need to purchase high-quality cables with carabiners so that they can support the weight of not only a child, but also a heavy tire. You can also paint a similar element of the garden with colored paint. And it is not necessary to do this in one tone. You can add polka dots to the tire or decorate it with some other drawings, if you have talent for this. In general, show your imagination, and you will certainly succeed in creating something unusual and memorable from ordinary improvised material.

Decoration of the yard for the New Year

What kind of holiday can we talk about if it is not accompanied by decoration of the yard and the New Year tree? To do this, you can use your wildest ideas. Even if snow rarely falls in your climate zone, no one forbids giving a piece of the New Year mood to your friends and neighbors. To do this, you can decorate literally anything in a Christmas or New Year style - a palm tree, bushes, flowers, trees, a fence and so on. Just spread Christmas lights around your site or decorate the terrace with tinsel.

Christmas decoration of the yard and the house.

You can also make various New Year's sculptures with your own hands or purchase them in a store. For example, many owners of private houses install Christmas deer or real Santa Claus on their plots. However, find a suitable place for him so that passers-by can carefully consider the New Year’s composition that you put on. For example, you can place him in a dressing gazebo, from where he will invite guests and give out gifts.

Decorating the yard for the New Year with your own hands is a very important task, which should be given as much attention as possible. If you have a tiled path on the site, then be sure to put garlands on the border. Such a spectacle will look very bewitching on New Year's Eve, when you decide to leave home in order to watch New Year's fireworks. If you have the opportunity, then put in the yard a huge Christmas tree and dress it with everything you can. However, do not forget to hang up the main part - a five-pointed star.

Snow figures

For the New Year's decoration of the yard it is not at all necessary to use any objects. It will be enough to take as building material what is under your feet in the winter - snow. Perhaps the most commonplace idea that can be brought to life is a big snowman who will delight both adults and children with his funny appearance. However, when creating such an element of decor it is not at all necessary to be guided by standard principles. For example, you can insert a small pineapple instead of a carrot, and replace the old bucket on your head with a brand new top hat or hat from the 60s. In general, do not be afraid to realize your wildest ideas, since it is precisely such ideas that most often look the most original and beautiful.

Snow fortress.

If for a New Year's decoration of the courtyard an ordinary snowman seems to you a too simple idea, then you can build an entire snow fortress that every child will enjoy. Moreover, the larger your construction turns out, the more joy you will present to the future generation. During the design, you can focus on the appearance of real castles from the Middle Ages. That is, you can place small observation towers in the corners, and in the center make a small passage that will represent an open gate. Also, do not be afraid to add additional decorative elements to the defensive structure. For example, you can decorate it with New Year's tinsel or add wooden elements to make the snow fortress more like a medieval castle.

Well, if you are a true jack of all trades, then you can use this in order to decorate your yard with ice sculptures that will make your guests literally be speechless from amazement. As a building material, the most common solid running water is suitable. You can cut almost anything out of it! The variety of figures is limited only by the skill of the designer and his imagination. If you don’t know how to make ice figures, but you really want to get something like this, then you can invite a master of this business to your home, who will bring any of your vagaries to life for a fee and give some recommendations in order to preserve this beauty intact as long as possible.

Original ideas for decorating the yard

The photos from our article in the previous sections should help you choose an original idea for your site. However, in this section you will not find pictures, but here is a whole list of original ideas that will make a work of art from your garden plot.

  1. Crafts of varying degrees of difficulty. For those people who like to decorate a summer cottage site with their own hands, we recommend making several crafts from improvised materials. For example, you can use empty plastic bottles in order to make a flower garden out of them or to enclose a border with a container. Also, from large containers, you can make original pots in the form of animals. For example, a five-liter bottle is ideal for creating ruffles. It will only be necessary to paint it pink.
  2. Porcelain toys will look pretty nice on any garden plot, which can be purchased in almost any hardware store or supermarket with household goods. Dwarves, bunnies, ducks, bears - this is not a complete list of what may appear on your flower bed. Be sure such figures will give your flower garden a truly unique look.
  3. But what about building a real labyrinth of decorative bushes on your site? Of course, to implement such an idea, it will take a lot of free space and time to look after the cultures. However, if the financial side of the issue does not matter to you, then you can use this idea. In the center of the labyrinth you can place a beautiful fountain, and in its nooks - shops, so that lost guests have a place to rest.

And this is not all the ideas that the owner of a private house on his compound can realize. Focus on your capabilities and compare them with your desires, and then you will be able to create something truly memorable.

Video and conclusion

We hope our article helped you find the idea for your private courtyard. If the above information did not seem enough to you, we strongly recommend that you watch a short video in which you can also find 30 original ideas for decorating the yard for the New Year.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in decorating the courtyard. If you relate to this process with a creative approach, then you can easily translate the most daring ideas into real life. Feel free to use any of the above ideas in order to decorate your site. Or come up with something really new that you can't find anywhere else. Well, if you have your own ideas about the design of the garden plot, you can share them in the comments to help one of our readers.


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