Ten of Wands of Tarot: description, combination and meaning of the card. Ten Wands in the upright and inverted position

This Arcana depicts a man whose vision is closed by ten staves. On his way, he physically cannot see obstacles, and for this reason it is even more difficult for him to cope with the task before him. This is a gloomy map, which indicates too much hope for the future and the re-evaluation by those who ask of the opportunities that he has. This position leads to the fact that the querent faces many problems.

10 Wands in the Ryder Waite Tarot

Arcana Description, General

The Tarot card of the Ten of Wands depicts a character carrying heavy staves. It is clearly seen that his burden is quite large. We have to make a lot of effort only to at least tear it from the ground.

The description of the card of the Ten Wands may vary in different decks. In classic decks, a person with a heavy burden is usually portrayed. But, for example, in the Tarot of Thoth on the Arkan you can see only the Staves. On this map, eight staves are crushed by two more powerful wands. In this deck, the card indicates that the questioner is too depressing. He should learn to express his feelings.

10 Wands in the Tarot of Thoth

This card symbolizes the feeling that the questioner can do anything on his way. A person is disappointed, external events put pressure on him. All difficulties have to be overcome, demonstrating strength and endurance.

The questioner is not free to make decisions to a certain extent. In his future, he sees no prospects. What exactly this situation will end with, the neighboring Arcana will tell the questioner. By itself, the Ten Wands in the Tarot speaks only about the current situation, without revealing further possibilities for the development of events.

If this card appears in fortune-telling for the future, it is a warning: you should not even start a project, since it will be extremely difficult to implement it. At present, in the life of the questioner, there are no positive conditions for the realization of what was conceived.

In reverse

A dozen Wands in an inverted position indicate a relieved burden, the ability to get out of a difficult situation and transfer responsibility for circumstances to other people.

The questioner finally has the opportunity to experience relief. In his life, space is cleared for new beginnings. On the other hand, a person can deny the value of material wealth, labor. There are frequent attempts to get away from reality, to stop paying attention to problems. 10 Wands in the reverse position may indicate theft, fraud and deception. A person puts on a certain mask in order to achieve certain goals. If this Arcana occurs, you should find out if there is a lie or betrayal in the situation.

If this card denotes a person, then, as a rule, this is a contradictory and deceitful person. Or is it a person unworthy of trust. The questioner could trust someone and end up with nothing. With the card of the Two of Wands, the alignment made on the person indicates the futility of relations with him.

Also, the card may mean the inability to complete the matter. Querent makes an effort, but cannot complete the work.

In the layouts for work

A dozen Wands in the Tarot indicate that the questioner is engaged in hard work. In his work, there are no prospects for career or financial growth. Perhaps earlier in the life of the querent there were chances to find the desired position, but now the implementation of the plan is practically impossible. Success can only be achieved at an extremely high cost, and the effort invested will not match what you received.

The map indicates a clear overload in operation. The man was forced to take on too many obligations. Perhaps this was done because of excessive ambitions, or for the sake of resolving financial difficulties. But one way or another, there was a reassessment of their own capabilities. The burden of responsibility turned out to be overwhelming, and now the questioner is doing his best to control a situation beyond his control. With a card, the Two of Wands Arkan indicates that the querent has no prospects in this workplace.

10 Wands in the Magic Tarot

In some cases, the card shows that the querent does not have enough knowledge to perform work duties. This makes him work harder than his colleagues. To stay in the current position, you have to sweat pretty much. Sometimes 10 Wands speaks of the need to pay for previously acquired goods. For example, if a person took a loan for a new car, and now he has to not only make monthly payments, but also spend a lot of money on maintaining the car in proper form.

If the alignment was made on a business, the card indicates the involvement of the querent simultaneously in several projects. He has to be torn between several areas of activity, why the quality of work suffers, a large number of unfinished business accumulates.

In the layouts for work in the opposite position, it indicates unfulfilled expectations, as well as fears of new and complex tasks. If we are talking about the head of the enterprise, at the moment he cannot cope with the duties assigned to him, cannot organize the work of the team.

If an employee got a job not so long ago, the card promises difficulties associated with the development of new responsibilities. For effective activity, a person will not have enough knowledge and professionalism.

Love and relationships

In fortune-telling for love, the card speaks of a difficult atmosphere, a gloomy mood: both partners are weighed against each other. Relationships could start under the influence of certain circumstances. Now it is not possible to break them, and people are forced to live together, despite their heavy burden. This may be a marriage concluded due to the pregnancy of a woman, when a man marries due to pressure from society.

A dozen Wands in an upright position indicate one of the partners who is undergoing psychological pressure. A person is overloaded with household chores, and does not see opportunities to improve the situation. A dozen Wands symbolizes the "Cinderella" in the home environment, when all family care is entrusted only to her. Sometimes she may dream of a better life, but in reality it is impossible to free herself from a heavy burden.

Often such a person feels guilty if he refuses to do the work. However, in such situations, there is always one small β€œbut”: a person voluntarily took all these matters onto his shoulders. And he can easily abandon these heavy shackles. His burden is generated by nothing more than psychological complexes and fears. The questioner fears that loved ones will cease to love him, or will experience disappointment in him.

Having chosen this lifestyle for himself, a person continues to adhere to it for many years, absolutely not interested in whether this is really necessary for the spouse. It is easier for him to squeeze all his strength out of himself than to try to change the situation. On the other hand, the responsibility assumed often generates reciprocal demands, which leads to quarrels and conflicts. As a result, relations in a couple begin to suffer from mutual claims, lack of joy.

Ten Wands in Tarot: Combinations with the Major Arcana

In combination with cards of the Major Arcana category, this Arcana has the following meanings.

  • Jester - take work responsibilities lightly.
  • Mage - negligence, committing an unforgivable mistake.
  • High Priestess - the questioner despaired of understanding the meaning of what is happening.
  • The Empress is too much housework.
  • Emperor - serious workload.
  • Hierophant - attempts to maintain a family union.
  • Lovers - a relationship that does not bring joy.
  • Chariot - chaotic atmosphere.
  • Strength - keep yourself in control of the last forces.
  • Hermit - to be weary of loneliness.
  • Wheel of Fortune - the ill-fated rock.
  • Justice is a lawsuit.
  • The Hanged Man - to be punished; bad conscience.
  • Death is spiritual emptiness; old-fashioned worldviews.
  • Moderation is too much worries.
  • The devil is to be powerless against vice.
  • Tower - a heart attack due to congestion; everything is ruined.
  • Star - no hope for a brighter future.
  • The moon is a disease due to overvoltage.
  • The sun is a gloomy view of the world.
  • Court - refuse assistance; not see a way out of the situation; incorrect choice.
  • The world is a lack of progress.
10 Wands in combination with other cards

Significance of the card in combination with the Minor Arcana: suit of Wands

In combination with cards of this category, 10 Staffs means:

  • Ace - the questioner will soon feel relieved about the worrying problem.
  • Two - the lack of prospects for the future.
  • Three is a collaboration that brings only trouble.
  • Four - tangible property, burdening the questioner.
  • Five - to be in a state of stress.
  • Six is ​​the difficulty of managing people or processes.
  • Seven - to be in a depressed position.
  • Eight - wasting time and energy in vain.
  • Nine - self-doubt; wasted effort; too high requirements.
  • Page - loss of motivation to move on.
  • Knight - procrastinate with action.
  • Queen - lack of self-confidence; pursuit of selfish interests.
  • King - boilerplate solutions; loss of authority.

In particular, you should pay attention to the combination of the Dozens of Cups and Wands in Tarot. Often this combination speaks of disharmony in the family, which can lead to divorce or separation. The imbalance in family responsibilities must be compensated, and spouses also need to find a compromise. This is not an easy way, but only after passing through all the difficulties the steam can be saved. Re-alignment can be done in one lunar month. If 10 Staffs are not present in it, this means that the couple has done serious work. If negative cards are present - for example, the Hanged Man, Death, the Tower, or the combination of the Ten and the Two of Wands - this indicates a final break in relations.

Tarot Cups

With suit of cups

The suit of the Cups in the Tarot is responsible for the feelings, emotions and everything connected with them. With the suit of the Cups Arkan has the following interpretations:

  • Ace is unrequited love.
  • Two - non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
  • The three is to abuse power.
  • Four - pity yourself in vain.
  • Five is a pessimistic attitude.
  • Six - plunge into the past; oppression by memories.
  • Seven - drunkenness, alcohol addiction.
  • Eight - the questioner does not see a way out of the circumstances.
  • Nine - to be lazy, indulge your momentary desires.
  • Ten is too heavy a burden of family responsibilities; the characters of the spouses are incompatible.
  • Page - psychological problems.
  • Knight - lack of trust in a relationship.
  • Queen - the cup of experience is full.
  • The king is too much control.

If the cards of the suit of the Cups appear in the layout, you should pay attention to the combination of 10 Staves with the Four, Five or Six Wands. Such cards indicate unnecessary negative experiences that worsen circumstances. If, in addition to this, the Moon map appears in the layout, this indicates a serious influence of the emotions of the querent on the situation. In this case, the questioner needs additional help. He should take control of emotions, or consult a psychologist to adjust his mental state.

Combined with the suit of Swords

Swords are considered one of the heaviest suits in the deck. They symbolize obstacles, confrontation, conflicts, the desire for victory. With the suit of Swords 10 Staves has the following interpretations:

  • Ace - painful experiences.
  • Two - suppress feelings.
  • Three - barely contain the pain.
  • Four - to be in custody.
  • Five - constant attacks, nit-picking.
  • Six - go against the circumstances.
  • Seven - to be weighed down by guilt.
  • Eight is the highest degree of despair.
  • Nine - to regret the deed.
  • Ten - to fail.
  • Page is a causticity.
  • Knight - blackmail, threats.
  • Queen - to be weary of loneliness; mourning, loss.
  • King - work for a penny.

In the layout, the combination of the Six of Swords and the Arcana in question is of particular importance. This combination suggests that the path of the questioner is currently very difficult. To win, he needs to show all his perseverance and willpower. Otherwise, the querent awaits trouble and defeat.

suit of pentacles in tarot

In combination with the suit of Pentacles

Pentacles in the Tarot deck symbolize wealth, finance. In the jurisdiction of this suit - wealth and poverty, the desire for a better standard of living and attempts to get rid of debt. With a suit of Pentacles, 10 Staffs has the following meanings:

  • Ace - health difficulties; financial difficulties.
  • Two - try to do several things at once; excessive debts.
  • Three is too big a professional load.
  • Four is unnecessary stubbornness; knocking on closed doors.
  • Five are money problems.
  • Six - too high financial requirements.
  • Seven - tired of constant expectations.
  • Eight is slave labor.
  • Nine - difficulties with material property.
  • Ten - quarrels in the family; psychological pressure from relatives.
  • Page - too high training load; internal resources are exhausted.
  • Knight - business does not move off the ground.
  • Queen - old-fashioned outlook on life.
  • The king is excessive materialism.

The importance of the Dozens of Wands in the Tarot with respect to finance is particularly compounded by the Pentacle Eight card. Such a combination indicates that the querent should pay attention to other earning opportunities, since at the moment he is simply wasting his strength in vain. In which direction it is worth moving, other Arcana in the scenario will tell.

10 Wands and its interpretations


The value of the Dozens of Wands in the Tarot is rather negative, since this card promises serious trials. In order to pass through them successfully, a person must turn inward and see how many rich opportunities he has. If he succeeds in taking advantage of these chances, then it will soon be possible to dump a heavy burden.

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