Online store Big Geek: reviews and nuances of the purchase of goods

As soon as online stores appeared, the lives of many people became much better. The number of goods purchased over the Internet is increasing every day. Many people no longer see the point in endless shopping trips, and their shopping is limited to finding the necessary goods on the Internet. Nowadays, there are many different online stores. They can be specialized, that is, only sell equipment, cosmetics, clothes or sell everything together. In addition to the fact that online shopping is much more convenient, they can save a significant amount of money. One of these stores that sell gadgets over the Internet is the Big Geek store. Reviews about this store are mostly positive, and good feedback always attracts new customers.

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Some store info

Big Geek ("Big Geek") is a well-known online store that sells various gadgets and accessories for them. The store's assortment includes products from such popular brands as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony. Also on the site you can find products of manufacturers that are only gaining popularity, for example: Xiaomi, Meizu, ASUS, etc. In addition to smartphones, tablets and accessories, you can find gadgets:

  • for smart home;
  • for virtual reality;
  • game consoles, etc.

The site interface is very simple. Even the person who got to the site for the first time will be able to easily navigate. You cannot order goods without registration, so the buyer will definitely need to log in, but this is not a big problem. Making an order does not require much time, but here you need to be very careful to avoid misunderstandings.

Reviews about online store big geek

The store has a Trade-In system. It allows you to exchange your old gadget for a new one with a certain surcharge. This program is very relevant, because when you purchase a new gadget, many people get the opportunity to get rid of the old one.

Payment Options

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the store is the cost of the goods in it. The store also has many promotions that help to save money.

Big geek customer reviews

Goods are paid in Moscow or in the nearest Moscow region in cash upon receipt. To purchase goods in another region of Russia, you must fully pay for it, after which the goods will be delivered by courier services. Customer reviews of the Big Geek store suggest that such payment methods do not suit them very much, and it would be more correct to make cashless payments possible.

Delivery Methods

You can order goods in any city of the Russian Federation. Gadgets are delivered in two ways:

  1. Own courier service of the store, which quickly delivers goods in the capital and the nearest suburbs. The cost of delivery in Moscow depends on the time and its speed, as well as on the destination. The minimum shipping cost is 350 rubles. The exact price can be obtained from a store consultant.
  2. In other parts of the Russian Federation, goods are delivered by SPSR EXPRESS courier. These services deliver only prepaid. And its cost is calculated independently by the buyer.

Goods can be delivered either to your work or home address. You must also specify a landline phone number. As Big Geek reviews say, these delivery options are very convenient, but the minus is that you can’t order goods in public places, but only at home or at work.

There is also the possibility of shipment at own expense of the purchased product at the following address: Bagrationovskiy proezd, 7, Moscow, 2. When you pick it up, be sure to reserve the goods so that they will not be given to someone else.

Product Warranty

The Big Geek Store ensures that all products in the store are original. Any product from the assortment of this store is covered by a warranty. The warranty period is set by each manufacturer separately. Usually, a guarantee is given for equipment for 1 year, and for accessories - 14 days. First you need to study the warranty conditions contained in the instructions for the product, and then contact the service center. Warranty service is carried out strictly upon presentation of a warranty card.

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Product replacement option

If after acquiring the goods any defects of a factory nature were discovered in it, the buyer can exchange it. The exchange is carried out within one week after the buyer's request, however, if it becomes necessary to additionally check the quality of the goods, then its replacement may take up to three weeks. Replacement is possible only upon presentation of a cash receipt.

Big Geek Online Store Reviews

The quality of work is confirmed by all customer reviews about the Big Geek store. There are mostly positive reviews. Buyers are satisfied with almost everything: starting from the site’s interface, ending with a variety of discounts and promotions.

Big geek

In their reviews, buyers pay special attention to the literacy and courtesy of managers. They always serve customers very quickly and, if necessary, help determine their choice.

According to many buyers, the main advantage of the store is the cost of goods is slightly lower than in other stores. About Big Geek, reviews are mostly positive, but I would like to highlight moments that do not suit buyers. Perhaps the main drawback is that buyers often complain about the lack of goods. That is, when placing an order, the manager says that the goods are in stock, but when the buyer arrives to pick up the product, he is not in stock. Also, many are not satisfied with the lack of payment by card.


Buying gadgets is profitable at Big Geek. Reviews about him say that it is in this store that you can buy products not only of high quality, but also suitable at a cost. Another advantage of the store is that the resource is focused specifically on the client and does not try to deceive customers, but does everything to achieve their loyalty.


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