What kind of service is 004 and why is a portal on urban issues needed?

It is sad, but almost every day in the courtyard, on the way to work, to study or just strolling through the park, you can see small or serious disturbances in the improvement and urban environment that spoil the mood and worsen the standard of living. How can a city dweller or a city guest influence the structures responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, order and convenience of living in St. Petersburg?

What service is 004?

The great news is that such methods exist. Many Petersburgers no longer wonder what service 004 is and why it is needed. Using this telephone number, you can immediately, without wasting time and energy, report a problem in the field of housing and communal services found on the street or on the landing. Operators 004 will clarify the place of the problem, ask the necessary questions, register the application and send it to the contractor for practice. It is important to understand that the 004 service does not repair entrances and roads on its own. The task of the operators is to correctly and quickly send information about the violation of improvement to that authority or its subordinate institution, which should eliminate this violation.

In addition, the range of questions that 004 specialists provide answers to in a reference order is quite wide. You can find out by calling 004 service and how long the hot water shutdown will be, and where you can find the evacuated car.

Trash on the street

How long has the 004 service been in existence?

Service 004 in St. Petersburg was established in 2005. Operators 004 work in St. Petersburg State Public Institution “City Monitoring Center”, and the Committee on Informatization and Communications controls the functioning of the service and its development. After the establishment, extensive public awareness was held in order to tell what kind of service 004 appeared in the city. In June 2018, the service celebrated a kind of anniversary - a 10 millionth call was received. A resident of St. Petersburg complained of damage to the pipe at his entrance. Such emergency calls are far from uncommon, and in connection with the aging of utilities in the houses of St. Petersburg there are only more of them every year. In general, during the work of the 004 service, the townspeople most often turned to the problems of lack of central heating and hot water, power outages. For those citizens who regularly use the services of operators 004, the question of what kind of service is 004 has long been irrelevant. With the help of this service, some Petersburgers improved their yards, achieved repairs at the entrance and continue to actively participate in improving the quality of life in their area and throughout the city .

Damaged lawn guard

Where else can I go with the problem?

For those who do not like direct communication by phone, there is an alternative way to report a violation of beautification. For several years, Our St. Petersburg portal has been working closely with the 004 service. The portal was developed by decision of the governor of St. Petersburg and operates under the control of the Committee on Informatization and Communications, as well as the 004 service.

Cleaning done, garbage collected

How does the portal work?

The principle of operation of the portal as a whole is quite simple: there is a problem that needs to be addressed - the work is completed, the issue is resolved. However, taking into account the existing system of executive bodies of state power in St. Petersburg, the area of ​​responsibility and allocated budgets of each body, their subordinate institutions, the work of the portal becomes more complicated and requires coordinated actions from all participants. A specially designed message classifier is presented on the portal in the form of a choice of an object (house, courtyard, street, bridge, budget institution and others) and the causes of the problem. For each classifier category, when registering a message on the portal according to the competencies, a coordinator and a controller are automatically assigned to solve the problem, which determine a specific performer. The controllers are the administrations of the districts of St. Petersburg and relevant committees, which every month report to the governor of St. Petersburg for the quality and timeliness of processing messages on the portal.

call to service 004

What can I complain about?

The portal offers a wide selection of topics for posting. The categories on improvement and housing and communal services are mainly represented, there are also sections for questions on violation of land and migration laws, reports on unauthorized trade and illegal commercial construction. The most popular topics are non-observance of the cleaning schedule of the entrance, illegal placement of advertising structures, rubbish on the street and in the yard, damage to the asphalt surface and poor condition of the painting of the facades and walls inside the houses.

Repaired asphalt

What needs to be done for the message to be accepted on the portal?

All messages arriving at the Our St. Petersburg portal are moderated, as well as incoming responses from the performers. In order to avoid difficulties when trying to use the services of the portal, it is enough to comply with the rules set out in the message handling procedure published on the portal. The basic requirements for the messages are quite obvious: you need to specifically state the essence of one problem, select the appropriate classifier category (and in some cases, moderators have the opportunity to correct the wrong section), attach a supporting photo or document, accurately indicate the location of the problem. If the moderator rejects the message, then he must indicate the reason for the return, and after the correction, you can always send your request to the portal again.

Portal users are the same important participants of the work as performers or controllers, therefore only coordinated and regulated interaction, the implementation of all established rules allow to realize the goal of the portal - to make life in the city more comfortable and safer.

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