How to level the land? Will have to try!

The joy of buying a land plot can ruin its unevenness when most of the privately owned territory cannot be used as a vegetable garden. This is a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, the question of how to level the land arises from a sufficiently large percentage of land owners.

how to level the land

Do I need a bulldozer?

A bulldozer is often used to level the area, but its help is usually expensive. A bulldozer destroys the fertile layer of the earth, which will still have to be restored. Although if there are a lot of dried trees and stumps on the site, you can not do without technology. And yet, when considering how to level the land, you should know that it is better not to resort to using a bulldozer.

How to align a site correctly

For manual alignment of the irregularities of the site you will need a level, spirit level and pegs. Before work, you should get rid of the top layer of land from the areas that you will be leveling, and set it aside. Then you need to mark the territory into squares of 2 meters and drive pegs into each corner. In order to solve the question of how to level the land, it is necessary first of all to determine the average level of height. The peg located at the midpoint will be the guide. On it, using the level and spirit level, height marks are set on the remaining pegs. For greater convenience, you can use the rope - pull it between the pegs, securing it to the level mark, and add or remove the earth to the desired level. If the land for construction is quite large in area, and the bumps on it are terrifying, then there is no way to cope without a bulldozer. But one way or another, care must be taken to preserve the fertile layer of the earth and remove it in advance.

building land

Land leveling with terraces

How to level the land, if it is on a steep slope? In such a situation, special constructions of terraces will be able to save the situation. This will require the same pegs, level and spirit level. It is necessary to mark the horizontal lines of the slope, alternately driving in pegs. The distance between them should be 1-2 meters. Vertical lines will be determined depending on the shape and steepness of the slope. Then you should determine the level horizon of the step and its bevel. Form should be starting from the bottom. If the steps are too high, then retaining walls will need to be installed . This is necessary because the soil, especially in autumn during the rainy season, does not withstand the pressure of its own weight and slides down. If beds are supposed on the steps, then before they form, fertile soil should be removed and laid back only after the steps are ready. Moreover, the places intended for beds need to be strengthened with retaining walls. The need for this arises so that they do not collapse under their own weight.

buy a plot of land for summer cottage


If you decide to buy a land plot for a summer residence, you need to immediately decide whether it is worth leveling it out or not. And if you need to do this, it remains only to wish you good luck in this difficult process.


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