How to make a hookah with your own hands?

Smoking is, of course, harmful. But the aromatic smoke of a hookah is something completely different. Sometimes even the most strict fighters with bad habits do not want to deny themselves such pleasure. You can smoke in the campaign, or you can do it alone, just go to hookah sometimes too lazy or far, but there is no hookah at home.

Well, it remains to make it with your own hands. And now we will look at how this is done. To make a hookah with your own hands, drawings are not particularly required - from the description everything is clear on an intuitive level.

do-it-yourself shisha

What is a hookah

Its main detail is the flask. In a home-made device, it will serve as an old, out-of-circulation teapot (preferably metal). Another important element is the hose. Well, if you did not have time to part with the old hose from the shower. If you have time - you have to buy the cheapest option in the plumbing store.

As other spare parts, we take a steel flap for the sink, an unnecessary burner from a gas stove and a small iron pipe with a diameter of about 3 cm. Of the tools, you only need to take care of the soldering rod.

We make a hookah with our own hands - the main stages

At first, the most difficult thing is to make a hookah mine. We connect the steel tube and the tile burner as follows: we turn one end of the pipe into a cone, then we simply hammer the pipe into the burner with a hammer. If everything is done correctly, the design will come out airtight and durable.

do-it-yourself shisha from a bottle

Then in the kettle you need to drill a hole under the pipe. It is done in the lid and should fit the tube in size. For maximum fixation, fit the pipe with small grooves. Then we lower it into the kettle approximately to the level of the base of its spout, we solder the upper connection. We remove the cover and after that the design is sealed from below. Spike areas are cleaned. That’s mine for the hookah!

What's next?

The next step is to connect the hose. Saw off a piece from the tip of our teapot at such a distance that the hole of the remaining part corresponds exactly to the diameter of the hose - for a tight connection. We push the rubber part of the hose into the nozzle and fix it with electrical tape.

The braid from the hose with the nut is put on the spout of the kettle. Then the lid and the entire kettle are sealed with foil, a funnel is twisted from it, which is placed in the burner. A grid for the washbasin is placed on the burner, and the hookah is ready with your own hands - you can try it.

Of course, the manufacture of this device will require some effort, but as a result, you get a solid device for reusable use. If you have the desire and creative abilities, you can get a stylish and original hookah with your own hands - the photos shown here demonstrate the authors' imagination.

DIY hookah drawings

DIY hookah from a bottle - fast and cheap

But what to do when there is absolutely no desire to tinker with soldering and other things, and the idea of ​​a home hookah does not get out of your head?

From a plastic bottle with a volume of 2 liters, you can make an excellent hookah with your own hands at no extra cost. In addition to the bottle, a can, a tube for a dropper system, a rubber stopper, a piece of tube, foil and a knife are taken.

This version of the hookah is simple and economical. Three holes are made in a plastic bottle, a pair is next to each other, and a third is opposite them. Then, with a knife, holes are cut out in the can bottom, and a wide hole is made on the other side of the can.

The rubber plug that serves as a seal is also provided with an opening. Then the metal-plastic tube is placed inside the bottle, water is poured, everything is closed with a cork. Tubes are inserted into a pair of bottle openings, a can is fixed. The third of the holes must also be closed (for example, with a ballpoint pen housing). Tobacco is poured into the jar, on top we cover everything with foil with punctured holes.

DIY hookah photo

Fruit hookah

Want to enjoy fragrant smoke with minimal effort? Try to make a hookah with your own hands (the simplest design) from an empty plastic bottle (or ordinary glass) with any fresh fruit - say, an apple. Each of the fruits will add its own characteristic aroma to the hookah smoke, as a result we have a richer flavor, and tobacco with fruit juice does not dry out as quickly.

Before work, stock up on the fruit itself, a toothpick, foil, knife, charcoal and tobacco. Take dense fruits - so that they can withstand high temperatures longer. It is desirable that seeds can be removed from them while maintaining the original shape of our fetus.

In addition to apples (best of all - green), it is worth paying attention to pears, melons, grapefruits, pomegranates. Refrain from oranges, bananas, tangerines and red apples - their resistance to heat is much lower.

The selected fruit will serve as a bowl. First, pour cold water into the flask of the disassembled hookah to a level three centimeters above its pipe. Cut off the top from our fruit "bowl" with a knife, take out the flesh so that you can pour tobacco inside. And before that, we cover the bottom of the fruit with foil with small holes made by a toothpick. After falling asleep tobacco the same foil closes the top.

do-it-yourself electronic hookah

Electronic hookah

In large cities, the idea of ​​an electronic hookah was embodied similarly to the situation with electronic cigarettes. Smokers of such hookahs subsequently abandoned traditional cigarettes and switched to electronic. What is the difference between them, can these funds mutually replace each other, and is electronic hookah equivalent to traditional?

For those who want to enjoy electronic hookah, there is no need to fill the bowl or light the coals. He is preparing in a few minutes. Versions of it exist both with and without nicotine. In the West, it is customary to produce such hookahs in the form of electronic cigars or hookah sticks. In our country, the more traditional variant resembles the usual one.

In fact, this is the same electronic cigarette connected to a hookah form. You can make an electronic hookah with your own hands by converting the classic hookah case for high power and an air intake system that allows you to achieve the same effect as with traditional smoking.

The device placed inside is quite simple and is a steam generator in the form of a nichrome tape. Having reached the desired temperature, the aromatic water is converted into steam. The process is designed for about 40 minutes, but a hookah assembled with one's own hand may slightly bitter.


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