Dystrophy of the nail plate: causes, types, treatment

Unfortunately, some of us had to deal with a problem such as dystrophy of the nail plate. The essence of this disease lies in the violation of the cellular nutrition of tissues. After reading the article, you will receive basic information about the causes and methods of treatment for this pathology.

The main causes of the development of the disease

Just note that this problem can affect any person. However, most often it manifests itself among residents of megacities. Moreover, it can occur not only in adults, but also in children. The most common reasons for the development of nail plate dystrophy include an unfavorable environmental background, which is expressed in the poor quality of drinking water and excessive air pollution. It can also appear due to vitamin deficiency caused by malnutrition.

dystrophy of the nail plate

In addition, psoriasis, eczema, fungal diseases, malfunctions of the endocrine system, circulatory disorders, weakened immunity, injuries on the fingers of the lower and upper limbs can be classified as factors provoking the occurrence of this pathology.

Types of disease

The disease can manifest itself in various forms, each of which has its own characteristic symptoms and methods of elimination. Only a qualified specialist can determine which type a particular case belongs to. Therefore, having suspected this pathology in yourself or your relatives, you need to make an appointment with the doctor.

nail removal

The most common diseases of the nail plate include onychorexis. Treatment of this pathological process will take some time. This shape can be recognized by the appearance of a longitudinal crack. The nail affected by this ailment becomes brittle and begins to exfoliate. The main reasons for the development of onychorexis are vitamin deficiency, varicose veins, lichen, eczema, fungus and gallstone disease.

The so-called wavy nails become a real problem for people of different ages. This problem often occurs due to nail damage by fungal infections. Sources of infection are often public places and beauty salons. In this case, the disease is accompanied by yellowing and stratification of the plate, as well as inflammation or peeling of the cuticle around it. In addition, wavy nails may be the result of a lack of vitamins.

wavy nails

No less often onycholysis occurs. For this form of dystrophy , a violation of the interaction between the tissues of the nail and finger is characteristic. As a result, the plate acquires a brown, yellow or blue hue and begins to be rejected.

Main symptoms

Despite the fact that each form manifests itself in different ways, there are still several common signs characteristic of this disease. Externally, dystrophy of the nail plate is recognized by a number of specific symptoms. First of all, growth retardation, curvature, brittleness and softening are observed. In addition, the pathology manifests itself in the form of deep grooves that appeared on the surface of a previously healthy plate, and its detachment from the substrate.

Nail dystrophy: treatment

To date, there is no universal therapy to eradicate this problem. Treatment comes down to identifying and eliminating the causes that provoked its occurrence. Your doctor may recommend various vitamins, creams, or ointments.

nail dystrophy treatment

In addition, the patient is additionally prescribed herbal baths for arms and legs, which help strengthen nails. In other words, the patient is prescribed complex therapy, including treatment of the underlying cause, and local measures aimed at restoring the plate.

What does traditional medicine recommend?

You already realized that surgical removal of the nail is not the only possible way to eliminate this pathology. In some cases, recipes for alternative medicine are very effective. But before using them, you need to consult a specialist.

A good way to quickly eliminate the symptoms is regular iodine. Its five percent solution should be used for daily treatment of affected nails. A similar procedure is preferably carried out in the morning and evening for two weeks.

Also, dystrophy of the nail plate lends itself well to treatment with propolis. Compresses with its twenty percent tincture are applied to the affected areas and left overnight. It is important that the solution does not get on the skin. Otherwise, it may result in burns. Propolis compress can be applied no more than three times.

toenail degeneration

Nail trays give a positive result. They can be prepared on the basis of sea salt. To do this, one tablespoon of the substance is mixed with a glass of warm water. After the salt crystals have completely dissolved, the resulting product is poured into a convenient container and hands or feet are lowered into it. The duration of the procedure should not exceed a quarter of an hour. Fifteen minutes later, you need to dry yourself with a towel and rub in the skin with natural wax.

All of the above funds can be used for those who have dystrophy of the nails on their legs or arms. For a speedy recovery, homeopathic medicines such as motherwort or valerian are often recommended. Properly selected complex therapy helps restore tissue nutrition.

Preventative measures

It is no secret to anyone that it is much easier to prevent the occurrence of the disease than to deal with its treatment later. To avoid the appearance of dystrophy, you need to regularly monitor the condition of the nails and pay due attention to the care of your hands and feet. If the first symptoms of pathology are detected, you must immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist.

onychorexis treatment

So that later you do not have to carry out nail removal or undergo a long course of treatment, you must carefully choose a beauty salon. See that your beautician has a medical background. And be sure to pay attention to how a manicurist monitors the cleanliness of his workplace.

Special care requires nails in the winter. At this time, it is advisable to take vitamin-mineral complexes. If possible, you should protect your hands from injuries, and all homework should be done with special gloves.

What can self-medication lead to?

The key to successful treatment of nail dystrophy is the timely appeal for help to specialists. This is because this pathology is easier to eliminate at the initial stage of development. Self-medication can greatly aggravate an already difficult situation.

Most often, people who notice the first signs of the disease do not rush to see a doctor, but try to mask an unaesthetic plate with varnish. As a result, the nail stops breathing, and this leads to malnutrition. The second common mistake most patients make is the uncontrolled use of antifungal drugs. Such remedies are effective only in the presence of mycosis.


If, despite all the preventive measures taken, you notice symptoms of nail dystrophy, you need to start treating it as soon as possible. The therapeutic complex is prescribed taking into account the degree of development of pathology. Only acquired forms of the disease are subject to treatment. In this case, it is important to determine exactly what became the root cause of onychodystrophy.

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