How to make a do-it-yourself lawn mower?

At the moment, the range of choices for electric and gas mowers is simply amazing. And despite their affordability, this does not exclude the possibility of creating them with your own hands. In Russia, there are also craftsmen who at home can make a truly functional device. Want to learn this and learn how to make a lawn mower with your own hands? Then read our article today.

do-it-yourself lawn mower

We plan the design - chassis and construction

As a basis, that is, the chassis, you can use almost any moving mechanism - a stroller, wheels from a wheelbarrow, or if it is a trimmer, then a rod from a metal water pipe. It is also worth noting that the lawn mower (including mechanical) should have a fairly wide grip level. As a rule, a width of 50 centimeters is sufficient to handle a private lawn. For greater efficiency, also install a gasoline engine with a capacity of approximately 3 horsepower. If this is a professional lawnmower, mount a more powerful powertrain. However, in no case do not use anchor engines (for example, from an old vacuum cleaner), since such mechanisms with prolonged load simply overheat and fail (we already described a similar case in the article about vibrating tables for paving slabs).

mechanical lawn mower

Getting to work

Now you need to translate the whole idea into reality. At the first stage, take a stroller or a wheelbarrow and cut off the excess elements with a grinder so that in the end we get a clean chassis. After that, we take a welding machine and weld two metal pipes to the transverse rods. At the same time, their placement should coincide with the fastening of the future electric motor. We attach 2 corners to the steel profile and proceed to the installation of the engine. It must be remembered that the motor shaft should be located exclusively in the center of the chassis, and its ends should be at a distance of at least 5-6 centimeters from the ground. By placing the engine at one or another level, at the same time you determine the level of grass mowing. And since the made lawn mower does not have the ability to adjust the height of the position of the cutting knives (however, it is possible to do this, but it will take you a lot of time), the distance you choose will be unchanged throughout the life of this tool.

professional lawn mowers

How to make a do-it-yourself lawn mower? Knives

We should also talk about cutting elements, since the quality and speed of the bevel will depend on their placement. The thickness of these elements should be approximately 3 millimeters, while in the center of the device there should be a small hole with a diameter equal to the value of the motor shaft. The sheet itself, from which you will cut the knives, must be made of strong alloy steel, while they are attached to the disk with bolts using a lock nut.

Finally, we note that after installing the knives, they must be balanced so that the quality and speed of the work performed will meet their expectations. At this stage, the question "how to make a lawn mower with your own hands" can be considered closed.


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