Why are the nails on the hands folded: causes and treatment

Probably, many asked themselves the question of why the nails on the hands exfoliate . Indeed, if you do not cover them with a decorative coating (varnish or gel polish), the nails deteriorate. It turns out that you need to wear varnish all the time? Not really. You need to protect your nails all the time. Among the methods that work successfully, there are natural options. The nails will be like new, and for this it is not necessary to paint them.

Older people who have never done manicure sometimes exhibit surprisingly strong nails. What happened to the whole generation? Why did my nails deteriorate? There are several reasons for this.

Reasons Nails Weaken

To understand the reasons why the nails on the hands exfoliate, you need to understand their structure. If you look through a microscope, you can see strange scales, similar to fish skin, only dried. It looks like a nail under 400x magnification. According to scientists, nails protect nerve endings. People with sensitive nails agree with this, since nails do not need sensitivity at all. What good is the pain of typing on a computer, the cold of walking without gloves or the touch of clothes! This, of course, is an extreme case. To prevent this from happening, you can prophylactically strengthen your nails.

Nails under the microscope

A healthy nail plate consists of 50 layers of dead keratin cells, onychoblasts, tightly interconnected. The presence of cysteine ​​(an amino acid containing a sulfur atom) is responsible for the density of these cells. A certain concentration of cysteine ​​in the nails is inherited, so it is difficult to affect the strength of the cells.

All layers of onychoblasts are recessed in a gel consisting of cholesterol and water. It is he who gives the nails a natural shine. It is also called "nail effusion." Its quantity is responsible for flexibility. Unfortunately, soap, laundry detergents and other solvents wash away the natural gel and the nails become brittle. That is why the nails on the hands are folded. With a lack of other elements, this leads to general diseases that affect the condition of the nails.

External causes of impaired nail health

Nail effusion is designed to protect against solvents. The sebaceous glands carry the same function, protecting the skin. For centuries they have been doing their job, but the era of household chemicals has come, and they have failed. Even ordinary soap does a good job of removing oily deposits, not to mention products such as abrasive cleaning powders, disinfectants and detergents. These are the main reasons why the nails on the hands exfoliate. There are others: the interaction of hands with the ground in a summer cottage, construction and repair (especially cleaning after it), poor-quality cosmetics for nails, improper removal of artificial coating and injury to the nail plate.

Gloveless hands suffer

All these conditions are effectively treated, and in three to four months the nails will be as they should be by nature. That is, if in youth they were strong and healthy, then again they will delight their mistress. But if they were thin before, there will be no cardinal change. This is not a reason to be upset, because now you can strengthen your nails artificially. The main thing is to do it right, preserving their health. A simple use of gloves will save them from aggressive effects.

Internal causes of nail health problems

Skin, hair and nails are indicators of health. If something is wrong, then in this case, the doctor can give an answer to the question of why the fingernails are folded and broken :

  • In case of serious kidney disease, the nail plateau is divided into two halves, while the upper one is normal, and the lower one is milky.
  • Crumpled areas of the nail may indicate a fungal disease.
  • With diseases of the thyroid gland, fragility appears.
  • If the hormonal background is disturbed, the condition of the nails may worsen.
  • If there are tears, you should check whether there is dysbiosis or ulcers, why the fingernails began to exfoliate.

Vitamin deficiency or microelementosis

The whole metabolism is carried out using vitamin C, some enzymes and calcium, therefore, first of all, the intake of these elements should be balanced. B vitamins are also necessary, which are present in the complex in natural products. Elements such as sulfur, silicon, zinc and iron are another group of important components for the formation of healthy nails. During pregnancy and feeding, a lot of substances are wasted, hormonal levels change. This is the reason why the fingernails began to exfoliate.

Taking pharmacy drugs does not always help, since they mainly contain synthetic vitamins and non-digestible trace elements. Their excess leads to a state of microelementosis, which has the same manifestations as vitamin deficiency.

A person does not control many nutritional supplements; they are simply present in products - milk, juice, even chewing gum. Therefore, it is better to correctly choose dietary supplements in order to adjust nutrition and refuse junk food.

Cheap cosmetics

Poor-quality coatings and washing them off with technical acetone lead to the drying of the nail plate. At first glance, this is not visible. But if you remember that the nail is not monolithic, but consists of several layers of keratin cells, it becomes clear why the fingernails are folded. The causes and treatment in this case are related: the cessation of the use of aggressive agents entails the cure of nails and vice versa.

In order not to fall into the trap of advertising, you should pay attention to the composition of the cosmetic product. It should not contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene (toluene). These are powerful carcinogens that are prohibited in the manufacture of cosmetics. If the manufacturer is not afraid to declare them, varnishes of this kind may contain other harmful impurities - prohibited dyes or solvents, for example.

Harm from uncertified products

Even if the cosmetic product does not contain harmful components, it can be allergenic. At the beginning of the appearance of gel and acrylic for nail extensions, these products were manufactured in the dental industry. But the boom of long nails quickly swept the whole world, and the materials began to fake.

One acrylic is used for the production of fillings; another is used for the casting of technical buckets. The craftsmen bought up cheap acrylates, and then they were surprised: "Why do my fingernails flake?" Treatment with traditional methods did not help. Chemical burns were found in clients, masters became allergic.

Harm from cheap varnishes

In order not to fall into this situation, you should buy products in specialized stores. Sellers will gladly not only show certificates, but also print them.

Damage from improper removal of the decorative coating

Some girls, in order to save money, remove gel polish or extended nails themselves. Even if you use the right tool, it is not always possible to do it quickly. And if a friend builds her nails, checking the video on the Internet, the problem can be serious. After forcibly tearing off the coating, which turns out to be insoluble, the fingernails exfoliate strongly. Why, interesting?

Because a gel of one brand was purchased, the base of another, top third, a primer instead of an acid-free one, the seller advised the acid: it holds better. The coating was applied in half an hour, it was worn for a month, but could not be removed: all materials turned out to be insoluble. The next time, taught by bitter experience, they immediately began to file nails with a nail file and cut half of the nail plate. The nails became thin and soft.

Home Nail Treatment

Among the simple and inexpensive methods of treating nails are masks, baths and wax.

  • Mask for nails: pour olive oil into a small bowl and put in a water bath to warm to a pleasant temperature. Meanwhile, juice is squeezed from half a lemon and added to the oil. There is time to prepare fabric gloves. When the oil warms up, rub it into the cuticle, put on gloves and do not remove the hour. After washing hands with soap and applying lotion and cuticle oil. This procedure will help stick together the exfoliated flakes.
  • Bath: pour some water into a bowl and add sea salt. The solution should not be salty, the reference is water in the sea. Submerging the nails in a bowl, you should hold them for about ten minutes. Until the water cools down. After, without washing off the salt, apply hand cream and natural cuticle oil. It’s good to do this at night in front of the TV, so as not to rush. The cream should not contain petroleum jelly, silicone, glycerin. These components dry the skin. The bath normalizes the metabolism in the tissues and enhances their nutrition.
  • Wax massage: Nail wax is sold at the pharmacy. It is rubbed into the cuticle, after removing the varnish. The wax is well absorbed by the nail, seals the stratified areas, the nails shine after the procedure. You can polish your nails, but not more than twice a month. This procedure is done after removing the artificial material when detachments are detected.
Mask with olive oil and lemon

Nail treatment with varnish-based formulations

Special varnishes are often used when the nails on the hands are very flaky. Why is this justified? Modern women do not have so much time to systematically do baths, sleep in gloves and do massage with slept coffee. Therefore, all well-known brands of the nail industry have a line of care products.

In the treatment of nails, their ability to absorb fats and water is used. Usually such a tool when applied to the nail makes it matte, smoothes out all the bumps, glues exfoliated areas. It should be applied twice, then the effect will intensify. Such a β€œvarnish” dries quickly, adheres well to nails and gives them some thickness.

Nail Strengthener

What is most valuable in such products is that they act as a base. Therefore, nails can be varnished. After three to four days, it is removed and the strengthening procedure is repeated. Nails look good and get treatment. Gradually, the nail grows together and no longer has exfoliation. This method is not suitable for those who grow length. Weak nails will tear and break in the stress zone on the sides.

Sealing and its types

In urgent cases, when there is no time to engage in treatment or wait for its results, resort to the procedure of sealing with biogel. Such a coating is applied in the same way as gel polish. At the end of it - beautiful nails for two weeks. You can even increase the length by one millimeter with a fireclass - this is used when all nails of different lengths are badly damaged.

Biogel Sealing


  1. Thoroughly clean nails from pterygium.
  2. Cut the cuticle.
  3. Remove the length of the nails.
  4. Brush off sawdust.
  5. Biobase is applied, polymerized.
  6. Biogel is applied, polymerized.

After two weeks, the procedure is repeated. The grown length is removed, but the base layer of the biogel is not dissolved, it glues the detachments and grows together with the nail. After several sessions, the weak part of the nail completely disappears, and the new one grows healthy.

Rules for wearing artificial turf and long nails

If it is incorrect to apply varnish or gel polish - leave the end unsealed, it is not surprising that the nails will absorb all aggressive substances. This is another reason why the nails on the hands are very flaky. The treatment is simple: following certain rules.

  1. Do not use nails to open covers, plugs, or pressing buttons. The elevator is called the joint of a bent index finger.
  2. Fill the bed and open the door carefully. With a sharp forward movement, you can break the middle nail.
  3. Do not squeeze laundry by hand - all nails break, except for large ones.
  4. Putting on clothes and shoes should be performed with the thumb and forefinger, holding objects with a pinch.


Proper nutrition very quickly affects the condition of the skin and nails. Beauty Salad - oatmeal with honey and fruits - a great start to the day. Water in between meals will help metabolic processes. Sauerkraut is an excellent source of vitamin C. During stress, it is this vitamin that is primarily consumed.

Healthy Nutrition Is Important For Nails

Gloved housework should be a habit. You can purchase several different gloves and put them in the cleaning places, in the kitchen and in the garden.

To keep your hands dry in winter, wear beautiful gloves. Use hand lotion - it is not greasy, it is instantly absorbed and does not stain paper documents.

Seal the end of the nail. You can use colorless varnish.

Here, perhaps, are all the reasons why the fingernails are folded. It is possible to deal with this problem. Start and you will succeed.

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