A simple, unskilled and qualified electronic signature. Definition and difference

It cannot be said that the electronic signature has become some kind of mass phenomenon. But recently, its convenience and significant time savings have attracted the attention of many Russians. In addition, the new law has significantly expanded the use of electronic signatures.


An electronic signature is a set of characters attached to a document to identify the sender. The Law on Electronic Signatures, which has been in force since the beginning of 2011, allows you to use it to sign contracts, tax reports, tax returns, etc. There is no need to queue up for tax. You just need your qualified electronic signature, which is now equated with your own on a legislative basis. And now, company executives, officials and ordinary citizens can send documents by e-mail. We will talk about how to get a qualified electronic signature a little later. In the meantime, we will analyze its types.

qualified electronic signature
Simple signature

These are verification codes, passwords, logins and other means of identification. Let’s take a look at the example of an electronic wallet. To use it, you must have a username and password. To make money transfers, as a rule, you need to enter another password. That is, you identify yourself twice: when you enter the wallet and when you make a transfer of funds. Of course, this is not the same as a qualified electronic signature, but the dominant number of Internet users use it. Move on.

how to get a qualified electronic signature

Unskilled electronic signature

It is practiced in cases when you do not need a special paperwork (for example, when a seal is not required on the lease agreement). Most importantly, there should be the ability to verify the authenticity of this document. If it had a qualified electronic signature, then such a problem would not have arisen. And so you need to pay close attention to this. A similar type of signature is obtained by converting information using cryptography (hashing) and allows you to identify the person to whom it belongs. Also, this type of signature using a cryptographic key should enable verification of changes to an already signed document. If, of course, they were.

enhanced qualified electronic signature

Enhanced Qualified Electronic Signature

To receive it, you will need to go to a certification center accredited by the state. Only state certification grants signatures a qualified status. This signature must meet the criteria for unqualified. In addition, a qualified certificate is required in which the verification key will be indicated. This allows you to equate this type of signature with your own. The procedure for losing a signature is the same as for losing a bank card. You need to call the certification center, where it was issued, and ask for a lock. A qualified electronic signature is valid until the court has decided otherwise.

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