How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow: order, documents, minimum size

Moscow is not just the main city of the Russian Federation. This is a megalopolis with its own rules, rules and principles. The capital is increasingly called the state in the state. And not without reason.

At a certain age, men and women begin to think about how to apply for an old-age pension. In Moscow, this process has some features. Let's find out what additional benefits and allowances residents of the capital can expect.

Pension term

Before applying for an old-age pension in Moscow, it is advisable to get advice from the Pension Fund. Addresses and telephones of the nearest regional PF branches can be found at the regional Office for Social Protection of Population (USZN) or from a friend who is a senior citizen.

Based on the primary documents, experts will explain, tell you which papers are missing, and make sure that existing ones are filled out correctly.

For residents of the capital, the retirement age for old age occurs at the same time as for the rest of the country's citizens. It is strongly recommended that women make the first trip to the PF 3-4 months before the 55th anniversary for men and up to the 60th anniversary of men to receive advice. This time is enough to collect and execute all the necessary documents accordingly.

Important! During the consultation it is necessary to listen, but it is better to record everything that the inspector says. It depends on how quickly the pension case will be completed.

Documents for applying for a pension

The main documents are passport and work book. In some cases, they are replaced by other documents provided by the employer.

How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow

In addition, you must have:

  1. Relevant document for those liable for military service.
  2. Pension insurance card.
  3. Certificate for 60 consecutive months of salary until 2002.
  4. Birth certificates and pension insurance cards of all available dependents.
  5. Books and certificates of titles and awards.
  6. An agreement with any branch of Sberbank with details on the "Maestro Social" card.

Order of registration

How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow as soon as possible? Compliance with simple rules will help speed up the process.

A month before the retirement age, you need to provide the inspector for PF affairs with the full package of documents agreed upon during the first consultation.

How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow ahead of schedule

After that, the application and additional papers, separately provided for in each particular case, are filled and signed. From this moment on, the pension case has been formed and is ready for consideration.

Helpful information! In the usual manner, 30 calendar days from the date of filing the application and documents are allocated for the resolution of such cases. If in the process of work the inspector does not have questions about the correctness and reliability of the information, then by the day of his birth the future pensioner will get his own hands.

Important! Be sure to write down the phone number and name of the attached inspector. It is advisable to remind yourself of calls at least once a week. This will not accelerate, but will not delay the consideration of your case.

Having received confirmation from the Pension Fund about the readiness of documents, you need to pick up your pension certificate as soon as possible, it depends on when you receive your first pension. A small nice bonus for a long wait - no need to stand in lines. The certificate shall indicate the amount of the pension in national currency.

You received the first part of the answer to the question of how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow. The second is as follows. Having attached a pension certificate to all the initial documents, it is necessary to contact the one-window service in the district office of the Department of Social Welfare (USZN). Here they get a Muscovite social card. It takes 30 days to make.

The last step is to contact the social allowance department. Here, if necessary, supplements are drawn up to the appropriate pension level for citizens of the capital of the Russian Federation.

The minimum pension in Moscow

Since 2015, everything related to pension provision is regulated by the new law. The calculation consists of two parts - the base amount and additional accruals according to the level of wages and the number of seniority.

According to the PF, the average pension is:

  • Labor - over 12 thousand rubles.
  • Social - about 8 thousand rubles.

how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow without a work book

Helpful information! An old-age social pension (allowance) is accrued to persons who do not have a seniority or an insufficient period. Payments are made: to women upon reaching 60, and to men - 65 years.

The size of the minimum pension corresponds to the cost of living. In case of accrual of a smaller amount, a social supplement is provided up to the required amount.

From February 2015, labor and social pensions will rise due to indexation to inflation.

Providing capital retirees has a number of differences. Citizens of retirement age who have a permanent residence permit in Moscow for more than 10 years are entitled to receive a municipal allowance if their pension is less than 12 thousand rubles.

The following bonuses, benefits and discounts are also available:

  1. Reduced utility bills.
  2. Free use of public transport.
  3. Sanatorium treatment without payment with refund of the fare.
  4. Making dentures through social services.

The amount and number of benefits and allowances depends on the pension category.

Preparing a pension ahead of schedule

How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow by temporary registration

There are situations when it is necessary to learn how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow ahead of schedule.

This right is granted to citizens who have been reduced by staffing when less than 2 years are left before retirement . This right has a number of restrictions and is regulated by the Federal Law "On Employment in the Russian Federation".

Representatives of certain professions may exercise the right to receive an early pension. Their list is available in the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 258 dated 03/31/2011.

Workbook and pension

These two concepts are interconnected. How to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow without a work book, a lawyer or consultant at the Pension Fund will tell you. Specialists will help to recreate the chronology of seniority and verify the correctness of writing requests for enterprises and archives.

No advice on how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow, if there is no work book or it is impossible to confirm the length of service, will help. In this case, you can only rely on a social pension with the allowances and benefits that are applicable to residents of Moscow.

How does a pension depend on registration?

It happens that people of retirement age choose the capital as their place of residence. In this regard, the question arises of how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow by temporary registration to receive allowances and benefits.

The first step is to write an application to the Pension Fund, provide a passport and personal account number (SNILS). Then it is advisable to apply for a permanent residence permit in Moscow as soon as possible, only after that the pension will be recalculated.

Otherwise, the amount of payments will remain the same, according to the previous place of residence. There is a rule, following which, the size of pension payments depends on the region in which the pension business is located.

how to apply for an old-age pension in Moscow if there is no work book

Citizens of pre-retirement age with temporary registration should remember that under the law they have the right to receive a pension at the place of actual residence if they are citizens of the Russian Federation. In this regard, you can apply for an old-age pension in Moscow, having a temporary registration.

Thus, we considered a very important issue. Following certain simple rules, you can apply for an old-age pension in Moscow without extra time and effort.


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