Green-brown eyes: characteristic

Green-brown eyes have a changeable mood. Such people sometimes want to seem completely defenseless, but in a minute morale can manifest itself. They are characterized by courage and determination. They fall in love easily, so they always have a lot of hobbies. However, individuals with this eye color are wise and calm. In the first place for them is peace of mind, comfort. They have a lot of friends who often turn to them for help and support.

Green brown eyes

When meeting people, it seems that vulnerability, shyness are the main features of a person who has green-brown eyes. The character testifies that this impression is erroneous: the owner of this color never deviates from his own principles and tries to observe the rules of decency.

They try to take everything to the maximum from others, and they can show ruthlessness and vengeance to their enemies. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully before declaring war on them. According to astrologers, the energy of Mars, Saturn and Venus is mixed here. She gives those who have green-brown eyes, stiffness, obstinacy and strong will.


Such people love and cherish their second half, especially if they feel reciprocity. You do not need to be sophisticated when charming a person who has green-brown eyes. One just needs to be patient and wait a while, after which you can safely declare surrender. However, it must be remembered that such people are practically incompatible with owners of brown eyes and very rarely such a union ends in marriage.

Makeup for green brown eyes
In further family life, you should not be afraid to show confidence, this will help save the marriage for many years. If you have green-brown eyes, like your partner’s, then in the future everything will be stable and stable in the family.


Such people are suitable for most of the colors of shadows. In the event that there is a desire to strengthen the greens, then it is worth using pink shadows. It is necessary to take into account the time of day when applying makeup. For the day, muted tones are suitable: brown, gray-pink. In the evening, a more saturated image with the use of green, dark blue or purple shades will be appropriate.

Hazel eyes
Making makeup for green-brown eyes, you can combine different shades. For example, apply purple shadows to the moving eyelid , and draw the entire outline with a dark green pencil. In the event that there is a need to add radiance to the look, it is worthwhile to apply a golden hue to the entire eyelid to the eyebrow, and paint the moving part in green or blue tones.


With the help of wardrobe elements, you can make green-brown eyes brighter. In some cases, this effect can be achieved by using colors lying on the opposite side of the color wheel. Amplifiers should be used in accessories that are close to the face or in makeup. Those shades that stand next to your eye color in this circle also emphasize naturalness. For example, olive, mustard and bronze can emphasize your beauty and help you look stunning.


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