Temperature in Vietnam: water and air temperature

For some reason, people think that in Vietnam the temperature is suitable for relaxation all year round, but this is not so. In the northern part of the country, it is not hot at all in winter, but rather cold. This is due to the features of the terrain: mountains are located from north to south, passing cold air from Eurasia. Due to this feature, in winter the temperature drops to -10 degrees.

Vietnam air temperature


The farther south, the warmer. In the summer in Vietnam, the air temperature is smoothed, but in the winter - it varies by 5-8 degrees. In January, the northern part of the country has dry, cool weather, and the south is warm. The center of Vietnam is rainy, cool.


The temperature in Vietnam in February is dry and without rain. In the north, cloudy, cool. On the beaches of Nha Trang, Fukuoka, Phan Thiet quite comfortable. This month is one of the best to visit these places. However, there may be strong waves at the Fantete.


In the northern regions of Vietnam, the weather is warmer, but not suitable for a beach holiday. In the central and southern parts, the air is warm. In the central part there may be intermittent rains.


The temperature in Vietnam at all resorts this month is warm, although it may be cool in some areas. In April, there is practically no rain, only in Fukuoka this month is considered transitional to the rainy season. In April, the holiday season ends in the area. In general, it is hot and dry during this period.

Vietnam air and water temperature


In May, the rainy season begins almost throughout the country. But this month they are not protracted. It is noteworthy that it was at this time that hotel prices were reduced to a maximum.

It is least rainy in Da Nang, and in the north, although it begins to rain, beach vacations are still relevant. In Fukoka, May is considered the hottest.


The temperature in Vietnam is high - it is hot, humid. In the south there are few sunny days, more cloudy, with prolonged rains. But in the resorts of Danang, June is a dry month.


July is considered the rainy month in Vietnam. The temperature of air and water is quite comfortable for relaxing in the resorts of Da Nang and Nha Trang. The rest are not only hot, but also humid, rainy. Precipitation can go for days, there are torrential downpours.

The temperature in Vietnam is now


In Vietnam, the air temperature at this time is hot. There is little rain, but you can not rest everywhere. For example, on the coasts of Fantiete in August, strong waves. It rains in the central part. As tourists say, August is not the best time to visit the country.


This is the rainiest month. Due to bad weather, traveling to the country is not recommended. In the central part there are strong waves, storms, typhoons. It is acceptable to visit Halong Bay, where during this period the rainy season begins to end - here you are lucky.


In October, the rainy season continues over the entire territory of the country, although there are fewer than in September. But even this month there can be typhoons, a storm, heavy rains that flood settlements. In October, the water in the sea is cloudy.


The rainy season is coming to an end. There are fewer cloudy days; the number of sunny days is sharply increasing. Typhoons and storms are ending. In some areas it is still rainy, but some beaches are already opening.

In November, typhoons still come to some resorts, and the water in the sea is dirty and muddy. In the north of Vietnam, you won’t be able to swim, as it becomes cool.

Vietnam monthly water temperature


In the north of the country it is cool, cloudy, winter is already felt. And in the south at this time it is warm and sunny, there is almost no rain. In some resorts, the weather is beautiful.

In Da Nang, the rainy season continues, storms are observed, it is not worth swimming at this time. In Nha Trang in the first half of December it rains, overcast. Then the air temperature drops, the rains end, the days become sunny, bright.

How is the water warmed up?

A unique, warm country is Vietnam. A monthly water temperature helps determine when it is best to go on vacation. So, in December, in one of the coolest months, it is on average +20 degrees. At this time, beach vacations are closed, but there are many hiking trips and excursions.

In January, the air temperature is about +15 degrees and about the same degree of water in the sea. Since February, the average temperature is 23 degrees. This month, tourists begin to come to sunbathe, bask in the sun. Mostly they visit young areas where the air temperature reaches 28 degrees.

Since March, the water begins to warm up - rises above +20 degrees. In the middle part the sea warms up to +24 ° , and in the north the water is cooler, about +20 ° .

In April it is hot, the air warms up to 28 and higher, there is little rain. Water in the sea is warmed up to 24 ° . April is considered the beginning of the swimming season. In the southern part of the country, sea water warms up to 25 and above.

May is the beginning of the wet season, but overall is still dry. The sea warms up to 27 ° C. The only drawback of Maya is that it rains half a month.

In the summer, the sea warms up to 30 degrees. This is a hot period, but also rainy. Due to the high humidity, heat is not felt. In July, the water warmed up in the north to 27 degrees, and in the south to 30 ° C.

In September, the sea begins to cool. This month, the water temperature drops by 4 degrees, compared with July - reaches 26 degrees.

In October and November, the water is even cooler, but you can swim - +26 ... +23 ° C.

Vietnam monthly water temperature

Now in Vietnam, the temperature allows you to warm up, take a break from the cold winter. In the winter season, in the country during the day about 23 degrees, and at night - about 15. The location of resorts in a particular climate zone, affect the suitability of water for swimming. Calmness to see in Vietnam is a rarity. They are extremely rare even in dry weather, but breezes are frequent here. They cause small waves off the coast. In some areas, there is a season of coastal currents when water from the depths of the sea rises to the surface.

Vietnam is a country where you can swim in the sea throughout the year.

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