What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” (“Russian Post”) mean? What kind of operation is this? Statuses of FSUE Russian Post

Today, anyone can track their mail, sent by Russian Post. For this, there are special services that are able to unambiguously indicate where the package is now and what is happening to it. But if most of the statuses are more or less clear to the respondent, then one raises constant questions. What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean? "Russian Post" tried to hand it, but failed? What is the reason that the shipment was not transferred to the recipient? Who is to blame and how to solve the problem?

Unsuccessful attempt

Of course, it’s a shame when the long-awaited package, the movement of which you zealously followed throughout the journey, does not immediately fall into the hands, but this stage passes. To begin with, it’s worth figuring out what “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” means. The Russian Post marks with such status those items that, logically, should have been delivered to the addressee, but for some reason this did not happen. Some people who expect an important package start to panic when they see these words. However, there is no particular reason for excitement. This is really just an unsuccessful attempt at delivery, which means: "Russian Post" delivered the package intact, it remains only to confirm your right to pick it up.

What does an unsuccessful delivery attempt mean?

Reasons for failure

To clarify why your purchase from the store or gifts from relatives is still not at your place, the explanations to the status “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” will help. What does “opt-out” mean? And "Incomplete address"? Let's get it right.

Explanations to the status “Unsuccessful delivery attempt”

An explanation of the status is indicated next to it if you are tracking a shipment on the Russian Post website. In mobile applications, you can also see the refinement of information. True, they are not always true, but here the human factor is to blame, rather than the system itself.

"Temporary absence of the recepient"

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean (Russian Post clarifies: “Temporary absence of the addressee”)? What is the reason for the appearance of such an inscription? The parcel was brought to your home, but you were not there. A common situation for those who work daily at the same time as the postman. The explanation in this case may also look like: “There is no addressee”. Your departure was returned back to the department, where you can get it even without notice. Just tell the tracking number to the operator, the parcel will be found and given to you.

"Unsuccessful delivery attempt" - what does it mean? ("Post of Russia")
Some recipients complain that they haven’t left home specially during the day so as not to miss a postman’s visit, and still see such an inscription in front of their track code. Most likely, no one brought the parcel in this case. Call your post office, explain the situation and arrange a delivery for a specific time. So you will have a better chance that the postal worker will not neglect his direct duties, and the parcel will finally reach the address.

“The recipient will pick up the shipment himself”

Most often, this means that representatives of the post office agreed with you on the phone that you would come for a parcel to the department. If no one has contacted you about this, and this status is worth it, call the operator and clarify the situation.

In some branches, this status is assigned to all packages by default. Especially if postmen practice paid delivery to the door, but you did not order such a service.

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt by mail for technical reasons” mean?

If at that moment when you came for your parcel, the light in the mail building was turned off, or the computer was frozen at the operator and you weren’t given it, then the text “For technical reasons” will appear opposite the status. What does it mean - an unsuccessful attempt at delivery in the mail. Further, it all depends on what you will come to in dialogue with the representative of the department. Either they will bring you a departure to your home, or it will be necessary to choose the time for the visit again.

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean? (Russian Post)

“Refusal to receive”

Change your mind about receiving a package? If you do not claim it for a certain time, it will go back to the sender. In this case, he will have to pay for the departure route in both directions.

This is justified in the case of online stores with obsessive marketing: they send you goods on a quarterly basis (sometimes even of their own choice), and you simply redeem them. Several packages sent back may prompt the project management to delete your address from its database.

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean in the mail?

As for honest cash on delivery companies, if a buyer refuses to pay and receive goods, they can add you to the “black list of dishonest customers”, which is common for most stores in the country. And subsequently, when placing a new order in any of them, you may be required to prepay or refuse to service at all.

“Delivery delayed at the request of the addressee”

You told the postman that the parcel will arrive at your address, but will you be away at this time? Or maybe they called from the department about the departure, and you asked the workers to wait until you can come? Situations are different: a business trip, vacation or illness can prevent the addressee from receiving his parcel. In this case, mail workers can hold it until your visit without sending it back as unclaimed.

Is there any need to prove in some way that the reason for your absence is valid? In the vast majority of cases this is not required. It is enough to describe the situation in words to an employee of the post office. Usually, the operators go in such situations towards the client, specifying the dates on which he will be able to pick up the parcel.

Incomplete / Inaccurate Address

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean (Russian Post clarifies: “Incomplete address”)? What does this status mean? If the address is indicated on the parcel incorrectly or does not contain all the necessary information, then it may be delayed in the department. Perhaps the inscription with your data is damaged during transportation or is illegible. A call or a visit to the department should solve this problem: explain that the package with the track number is yours, it comes from there, and you really look forward to it.

In addition to the indicated reasons for failure at delivery, Russian Post uses as an explanation such:

  • force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, force majeure);
  • the addressee has left (there is no person with such data in the house or apartment);
  • different.

"Unsuccessful delivery attempt" - what does it mean?

And then what?

And for the addressee, what does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean? Does Russian Post predict any definite development of further events? What will follow when an unsent item leaves the department? Different options are possible. Either it will wait for you and be handed over, or will go back.

Often after such a “failure”, the package is sent for sorting. This should not scare you: when you come back together with a bunch of others, your box again needs to be sent to the right compartment, a certain postman. In addition, sorting is not necessarily carried out in a huge hangar, to the brim full of packages. In this case, most likely, it’s just a couple of bags that will be disassembled right in your department.

What does “Unsuccessful delivery attempt” mean? ("Post of Russia")

Tracking by track code is a very convenient feature for those who send or receive packages. At any point in time, you can check at what stage the delivery, whether everything is in order with the weight (has it not changed). Having an idea of ​​what the “Unsuccessful attempt to deliver” parcel means, you can solve the problem without any nerves. In most cases, a telephone call to the operator is enough to change the status of your shipment to “Awaiting delivery”.

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