How not to get tired: checking the general condition of the body, conducting diagnostics and analyzes, treatment if necessary, a complex of vitamins and minerals, strict adherence to the regime of work and rest

I would not want to exaggerate, but chronic fatigue is perhaps one of the most common problems of mankind. Even teenagers experience drowsiness and lethargy, what to speak of adults who have a heavy burden of obligation and responsibility. If a person quickly gets tired he may have several reasons: from normal weather dependence to a chronic disease.

Latent threats

Diseases are not always manifested by active and overt symptoms. Sometimes people just get very tired, and decide that they lack regular sleep. Although in fact this can manifest a serious illness. If a person in the morning, after a full sleep, feels tired and overwhelmed, but the most important thing is that it repeats itself constantly, then something is wrong with the body.

One of the causes of fatigue is the lack of serotonin. Very often, active, successful, responsible and business people neglect the rest and pay little attention to their well-being. Because of this, less hormones of joy are produced in the body, and resistance to stress and infections decreases.

tired person

Serotonin is not just a hormone of joy, it is responsible for the work of many processes of human life. Therefore, a decrease in its production leads to constant drowsiness, weakness, and fatigue. It also causes the appearance of excess weight, makes hair brittle and weak, and gives the skin a “beautiful” pale gray tint.

A few more reasons

So how not to get tired? Firstly, you need to correctly diagnose the causes of constant weakness, and secondly, stop playing the draft horse: from time to time it is worth giving up on everything and having a good rest. Here is what fatigue comes from:

  1. The negative impact of the environmental situation.
  2. Constant stress.
  3. Lack of vitamins.
  4. Chronic lack of sleep.

In such cases, therapy is necessary, because serious health problems can begin. It is also worth noting that constant fatigue and weakness can occur due to the fact that the body does not experience regular physical exertion. Another reason is lack of oxygen. A modern person spends most of his life indoors or in transport, about the fact that the air in megacities is filled with freshly squeezed exhaust gases, and there is nothing to say. In order not to get tired, as often as possible you need to walk and walk in nature.

I get very tired

Improper nutrition, lack of vitamins (especially in the spring-winter period), constant emotional stress - this also provokes a feeling of chronic fatigue.


In addition to these reasons, fatigue may occur due to improper functioning of the thyroid gland. Also affects the condition of the body, heart, kidney and liver failure. Usually they occur in infectious diseases or cancer, tumor diseases. Therefore, if the general malaise lasts more than two weeks, you should immediately contact the hospital and undergo an examination. It is highly likely that the body was struck precisely by the disease, and not by secondary causes provoking fatigue.

Other factors

There are many causes of chronic fatigue. Listing them all is almost impossible. Sometimes even a small emotional shock can cause drowsiness. Most often, such factors provoke fatigue:

  • Season and weather. In winter, drowsiness and weakness occur due to a lack of oxygen. In autumn, adverse weather conditions affect well-being.
  • Anemia.
  • Lack of sleep.
how to stop getting tired
  • Depression. Very often, a breakdown provokes a depressive state. And this is the most harmless thing that depression leads to.
  • Hypothyroidism When the thyroid gland is not active enough.
  • Magnetic storms. Increased solar activity inhibits the body. True, this applies only to weather dependent people.
  • Diabetes. Fatigue is the norm for diabetics.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • ARI.


It is better to determine the causes of chronic fatigue with a doctor. First you need to visit a therapist. Based on objective signs and related complaints, he will be able to suggest what exactly his patient suffers from. Of course, you will have to take a few more tests to confirm the history.

If the doctor cannot make specific assumptions, then the patient is recommended to undergo a general clinical trial. According to the results, the patient will be prescribed appropriate treatment, prescribe vitamins or give recommendations on how not to get tired, what to do.

Can not be ignored

If you do not pay attention to the constant cries for help from your body, then you can become seriously ill. Ignoring chronic fatigue, a person writes a certificate for a heart attack or stroke with his own hand. Therefore, if you feel tired, you urgently need to "recharge."

how to stop getting tired at work

So how not to get tired? Tip one: learn to relax. In the modern world, it is difficult to be a responsible adult: you have to constantly solve many domestic and work problems. They are not so complex as boring and the body perceives this boredom for fatigue. Often the desire to be constantly active and productive leads to emotional and physical burnout. Therefore, you need to specially allocate time for rest. If it’s difficult to lie down and do nothing after constant activity, then you can make a list of fun, little things. For example, play Twister with children, call an old friend, write a humorous letter, etc.

Sun, breathing, mobility

To stop getting tired at work (as mentioned above), you need to give your body enough oxygen. Walk more in nature, change public transport to a bicycle or go to work on foot, open windows in the office.

Also, sunlight is vital for man. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts have found that depression and feelings of loneliness come from inadequate natural light. In addition, in this case, the body tries to switch to sleep mode. You need at least 10 minutes to spend on the street to drive away sleep and perk up.

get tired quickly

I would like to note that if a person sits in the same position for several hours, then the body spends a lot more energy on this than when doing it in the gym. And all because the brain perceives such immobility as a signal that it will soon be possible to go to bed. Therefore, if the work is sedentary, you need to take breaks from time to time: to stretch, walk, take a shower or wash your hands, etc.

Sleep, food, water

To stop getting tired (as practice has shown), you need to establish a sleep mode. Most people get to work early, but on weekends they can sleep until noon. For the body, such leaps in laziness and activity are real stress. You need to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

how not to get tired

Another feeling of fatigue can create thirst. Even a slight loss of fluid can cause feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, it is worth keeping a bottle of water nearby.

And last but not least, you need to monitor nutrition. Never give up breakfast, as this is the most important meal of the day. Plus - do not forget about the complex of vitamins and minerals. First, you need to pay attention to the vitamins of groups B, C and D. Their deficiency causes fatigue and apathy. Secondly, for a good mood and activity, the body needs minerals: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Vitamin Complexes

Experts recommend taking multivitamin complexes, which are based on natural ingredients. Before you go to the pharmacy for "pills of vigor", you should consult with your doctor and pass the appropriate tests. Take breaks between receptions. The most popular remedies usually include:

  • "Alphabet Energy". Recommended for people who are experiencing heavy physical exertion. The drug can not be taken with insomnia, pregnancy, nervous irritability and hypertension.
  • "Duovit." The preparation contains all the necessary vitamins of groups B and D, as well as eight essential minerals. It can be taken during pregnancy and during feeding.
  • "Selmevit." The composition includes 11 vitamins and 9 minerals. Experts recommend it to maintain efficiency, increase activity and strengthen immunity.
  • Enerion. Effectively with vitamin deficiency, asthenic state, physical and mental fatigue. Its effect is almost instantaneous - after a week of administration, a noticeable effect is observed. The drug also helps to recover from serious diseases caused by viruses and infections.

Typically, these drugs take 1-2 weeks and take a break for several months. With the constant intake of multivitamin complexes, the patient can earn hypervitaminosis - an acute disorder due to an excess of one or more vitamins.

How to stop getting tired of the heat?

Fatigue can be triggered by heat. To feel cheerful even in the summer, you must follow some rules:

  1. Refuse sweets and spicy spices.
  2. Refuse saltless diets.
  3. There are products with a mild astringent taste. For example, spinach, mint, bananas, fruit drinks from mountain ash or black currant.
  4. Give preference to foods that are rich in “light” proteins and fiber.
  5. Get enough sleep.

As a result, I want to note that before fighting fatigue, it is necessary to precisely determine its causes. And if it is reasonable to approach the alternation of work processes with rest, then no tricks to increase vigor are needed.


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