Wheel of Fortune map: meaning. Wheel of Fortune (Tarot): alignment of love, career and health

The Wheel of Fortune card represents the eternal whirlpool of life events. And hints at a kaleidoscope of cases and chances, the fresh breath of which you will feel on yourself in the near future. The map is very contradictory, therefore, it can mean both positive transformations of fate and tragedies that await a person around the first turn.

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The Tarot Wheel of Fortune card looks almost the same in different variations of the deck. Usually it depicts a rotating mechanism and several figures: people or animals. Despite the similarity and actual identity, some details of the drawing may vary greatly. For example, often the wheel is painted on props - two pillars. Sometimes it is located on top of a majestic rock or drawn in limbo - in infinite space.

Interestingly, the figures are also not always similar. More often these are three people. One symbolizes the winner: he is on top of the wheel, exults in triumph and basks in the rays of glory. The other rises on the upward side: he is only on the way to his happiness. The third flies upside down: he could not stand the test and fell to the bottom of life. Sometimes a blind woman rotates a wheel - this is fate itself, which treats all of its wards in exactly the same way. Sometimes it gives them the opportunity to fly up to heaven or pushes into the abyss of defeat and despair.

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Interpreting a card in a direct position

What is the main meaning of the Wheel of Fortune? The tarot interprets the card, which fell in a straight line, as luck, which should be grabbed by the tail and held to the last effort, so it gives incredible opportunities. The map means the completion of the black bar: now all beginnings and current affairs will go smoothly and successfully. In order to determine the life sphere where the greatest happiness awaits a person, one should carefully study the neighboring cards and the place of the “Wheel of Fate” in the general layout.

The interpretation of the Tarot is made using a special book, which describes in detail all kinds of positions and combinations. As for the "Wheel", then if it falls in the position of the past, wait for the patronage of fortune. Soon a series of accidents is coming that will lead to complete happiness. When a king, knight or queen is next to the card, luck is associated with specific people. The map in the last place indicates that well-being does not depend on your actions. Whatever you do, it will soon cross the threshold of your home.

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Inverted position

Such a card carries a different semantic load. Meaning: The Wheel of Fortune (Tarot) in an upturned position portends unexpected changes, and usually they are negative. Events are irreversible, but sooner or later they will end. Until a happy time has come, think over a plan of concrete actions aimed at a quick and competent solution to difficult life situations. Inverted card - a signal of minor troubles and risky events. Show endurance and firmness to calmly wait for good times.

The direction of movement that you now choose will lead to the desired goal. The main thing is to be patient and tirelessly keep striding towards your dream. The "Wheel of Fate" upside down warns: even if you decide to actively resist the negative, you will not succeed, and all efforts will be in vain. Stopping the black bar at the current stage of life is as unrealistic as a natural disaster - a flood or an earthquake. Expect - and you will be awarded in full.


In terms of personal relationships, the value of the card depends on the position of the card. The "Wheel of Fortune" Tarot identifies with a favorable sign if it is in a straight position. This suggests that soon on the path of life you will meet the ideal partner. Take the bull by the horns: such a chance does not fall twice, and promising friends promising an early marriage do not happen often. The second half will become a real support and support in life. In the upright position, the card is a symbol of a sudden meeting, happy love, strong affection and passionate passion in an existing alliance.

An upside-down card does not bode well if you make a love arrangement of the Tarot. “Wheel of Fortune” in this case is a messenger of deep disappointment in a partner, painful experiences and even a breakdown. But do not give up: life is cyclical, so at first glance the tragic separation is the beginning of a new period. And even if now it seems that he does not promise anything good, soon you will see: what happened is for the better.

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The interpretation of the tarot is directly proportional to the position of the card. If she is lying straight, expect a promotion, a sharp jump on the steps of the career ladder. Things will go uphill: you may be able to conclude a profitable contract or become a contender for a solid premium. There is a chance to win the lottery, become the heir to a wealthy fortune, or even find a treasure. In any case, material benefits are provided in the near future.

The inverted Wheel of Fortune is negatively interpreted. The combination of the Tarot in the scenario does not matter: in any case, you should expect an obstacle to business development on your way, stagnation in business and even loss of money. You can even get burned out at the enterprise in which you were one hundred percent sure. Therefore, the inverted “Wheel” is an alarming bell signaling that you need to take a vacation and temporarily retire. Protect property and bank investments - now it is very easy to lose them, left empty-handed, without a livelihood.

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Guessing, as usual, we pay attention to the drawn card. The favorable value is the “Wheel of Fortune” (Tarot) in a direct position. In this case, it promises good health and strong immunity. If you are sick, then soon you will be able to recover from a bothersome illness and regain joy in life. It is also a signal to begin to lead a healthy lifestyle right now: give up bad habits, sign up for a gym, go on a diet, walk a lot and get enough sleep. Any undertakings related to improving well-being and appearance will bring stunning results.

As for the inverted card, it warns of poor health, physical injuries and illnesses. Patients with chronic ailments should take care of themselves: the card symbolizes severe complications and unforeseen expenses for expensive treatment. Those who are healthy should be careful about their health: any, even the slightest deterioration should be the reason for seeking medical help.

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