"Lenpechat": high standards in the manufacture of facsimiles and bookplates

To accelerate transactions, business owners are ready to do a lot. Facsimile is one of the best ways with which you can quickly and easily draw up business transactions. Using a facsimile signature allows you to make business transactions as quickly as possible, which means that business efficiency will be improved.

What is facsimile?

At its core, it is a seal, the imprint of which fully demonstrates the signature of the head. It can be used by another person who was entrusted with making transactions and putting an imprint of the signature on the documents during the absence of the leader. It is worth noting that most often such a facsimile signature is put in the paperwork, when in any case no tangible consequences are expected, and the head should only familiarize himself with the documents without making any important decisions.


Civil issues and recommendations

  1. Facsimile can be used only if another counterparty agrees to accept this type of document confirmation.
  2. In order for the use of facsimile to be legal, it is necessary to issue a decree on its manufacture, which will also indicate those persons whom the manager entrusts with the use of the future facsimile stamp.
  3. All contracts with new partners should be concluded only using the present signature of the head.
  4. The facsimile signature cannot be used on letters of attorney.

Reliable cooperation

Facsimile manufacturing at Lenpechat involves the use of high-quality materials from world-famous brands. High-tech equipment allows producing facsimile stamps of any complexity. Specialists recommend that facsimile cliches be made only on automatic equipment. This not only gives the print an authentic look, but also significantly increases the service life of such stamp products.

Facsimile production on www.lenpechati.ru/faksimile-exlibris-zakazat-izgotovlenie It is carried out in accordance with all standards, and therefore the products serve customers for ten years of daily intensive use.


Bookplate is a seal that reflects the ownership of books or publications to a specific owner. Usually library books are labeled this way, but often collections that reflect the interests of the owner are often labeled in this way. The bookplate should be concise enough, but the print should inspire respect, as if the status of the owner is manifested in it. Most often, ex-libris is made using flash technology, which allows multiple colors to be used in the print at a time. The graphic image should be verified, not too clumsy, without unnecessary details.

In the company "Lenpechat" you can order bookplate by phone, through the form on the website or in person, having arrived at one of the offices. Designers will create an excellent bookplate, which will be a worthy marker of the collection. Flexible pricing is an additional opportunity for each client to optimally use their budget.

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