How to make an arrow for a bow yourself?

Archery has been common everywhere since time immemorial, this weapon was used during hunting for animals and as a self-defense or for attack. With its help, for many centuries people could get food, since this method of hitting a target from a long distance was the most effective. Now sporting interest is shown in archery - this lesson allows you to hone visual concentration, develop memory and creative data. Accessories for this can be bought at sporting goods stores, but you can also make them yourself, having some skills in carpentry. For example, knowing how to make an arrow for a bow, you can prepare devices for hitting a target in large numbers.

A bit of history

It is believed that the bow and arrows appeared before our era - these devices are often found during various archaeological excavations.

how to make an arrow for a bow
Moreover, their use was widespread. Eastern craftsmen, Europeans and Slavs knew how to make an arrow for a bow and the device itself. Moreover, at different times different materials and processing methods were used.

In Egypt, from the 10th to the 13th centuries, great successes were achieved in the manufacture of this type of weapon - they made such strong and thin arrows that they could pierce chain mail. The shape of the tips was diverse - pointed, spherical, blunt and others. The Egyptians also knew how to make an arrow for a bow, which can be used as a psychological attack: such a device had a whistle device, it deafened and scared away enemies.

Arrangement and types of arrows

The shape of the device has changed little over time. You can highlight the conditional elements that make up the arrow.

homemade bow arrows
This shaft (central part), plumage, tail part and tip. Depending on what materials the main element is made of, the following types of arrows are distinguished:

  • Wooden and plastic. They are used mainly for entertainment, as a hobby.
  • Aluminum arrows. This type is intended for professional shooting at close distances.
  • Carbon arrows for the bow. They are also used in professional sports when hitting a target over long distances.

Arrow making

You can perform this element on your own from wood (birch, beech, oak, pine and others). Before you make an arrow for a bow, it’s nice to stock up with the following tools:

  • saw and planer;
  • rasp and file;
  • sandpaper (grit 60–80).

bow arrows
The length of the arrow is selected for each person individually, it is determined by putting your hands in a position similar to pulling a bow string. In this case, one arm should be bent at the elbow at a right angle, and the other should be extended. Fingers should simulate the actual position when shooting. To determine the size of the arrow, you need to measure the distance between the right and left palms and add 1 cm.

In order to make homemade arrows for a bow, it is recommended to use a glazing bead. The manufacturing process is described in the following paragraphs:

  1. Round off the glazing bead parts with a planer of the above tools. Elements from one end must be processed in such a way as to obtain connectors for a bowstring.
  2. You can make a tip from a nail by removing the hat from it and nailing it to one end of the part. You can also cut it out of steel using a metal cutting tool. The tip should be installed on the stele with glue.
  3. Plumage can be made of paper and two types of adhesive tape (regular and aluminum). To do this, you need to make blanks of these three materials (15 cm × 2 cm) and glue them in layers. From the prepared raw materials, cut plumage (10 × 2) and fix on the arrows, not reaching the edge of 3 cm.


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