Effective cash management of the enterprise.

It will be about such an important thing as the effective management of the company's funds. If you periodically do not have enough money, then do not rush to cut costs. This situation can be overcome by managing and controlling finances, so that there is enough money for all the needs of the enterprise.

In times of crisis, many company directors in financial management reduce costs, lay off staff and hide. The task of any enterprise is not only to keep it afloat, but also to firmly consolidate its financial position. The head of the company must clearly create his own effective business. Proper enterprise capital management allows you to quickly make management decisions, which is a priority in a difficult economic situation. Only the smarter and more powerful can survive in times of crisis, which, without any problems, will fit in with economic changes.

One of the solutions in difficult situations is the creation of a single treasury. When creating the Treasury, the company's cash management allows you to organize the sensible work of the system of control of payments and receipts.

First, the creation of a single classifier of payment and receipt items, as well as a complete business process, through which they are planned, is required.

Secondly, it is advisable to organize preparations for the creation of the Treasury. This requires the creation of a service that will monitor the movement of funds in all law firms and banks using an electronic program.

Thirdly, a schedule is required: when and by whom will data be entered for various items of payments and receipts into the system, especially in the absence of a client-bank system in a company that allows you to track cash flow.

Fourth, cash management of an enterprise requires clarification of the technical aspect, in which transfer cards are created to enter the necessary data into the information system. A system of applications for payment of money is being created. Be sure to know what the money is spent on. To do this, it is worth organizing a process with the collection of applications and verification by technical analysts.

And fifthly, it is necessary to establish an electronic system with the banks with which they have concluded agreements, and determine who will have the right to sign accounts.

Performing all these points, the correct circulation of documents will ensure you order in your finances. Money management of the enterprise is carried out in the system and staff training can reach six months.

Now we can talk about such an important process as managing the cash flows of an enterprise.

Cash flow management is one of the elements of enterprise management. Cash flow is divided into three types: operational, financial and investment.

The operating flow represents payments and receipts that are performed during the daily financial operations of the company.

By investment flow is meant an outflow of funds that is directed to investments. Investments are long-term acquired assets.

Financial operations in obtaining, repaying loans and credits, paying interest and dividends, contributions to the authorized capital represent a financial stream.

Cash flow management is divided into operational and strategic management. There are several stages in the management of funds.
a) Planning the company for 4-5 years. For this, a business plan is compiled based on the long-term goals of the company.
b) Breakdown of the annual budget by months. The budget is built taking into account the current economic situation and the capabilities of the company.
c) Building a cash plan for the month. This happens on the basis of the annual budget, taking into account the financial situation of the enterprise.
d) Breakdown of the payment calendar by day for month. The construction takes place on the basis of the cash plan.

The purpose of these documents is to model cash balances by the end of the period and evaluate them, as well as a clear understanding of whether these funds are enough to implement the plans of the enterprise.

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