Low-calorie breakfast: a recognized need

Often, some people who monitor their weight tend to completely refuse the first meal, citing the fact that, they say, in the morning and so the body is rested and awake after sleep. And completely in vain. According to many nutritionists, breakfast, low-calorie and small volumes, a person needs almost always (well, if not in the case of fasting for any purpose - medical or weight loss). Why this happens, let's try to understand this article.

low calorie breakfast


Let us turn to the theory of the question. Even low-calorie breakfast is urgently needed for several reasons. Firstly, the food you ate in the morning has almost no effect on the figure (it has been tested in practice by many). But at the same time, using it, you get a powerful energy charge for the whole day. Secondly, a low-calorie breakfast helps to start digestion, the proper functioning of the pancreas and ensures high-quality digestion of food. After all, what happens: if you do not eat in the morning, then in the afternoon or worse - in the evening you will eat up from the heart. Your gastrointestinal tract seems to sleep throughout almost the whole day, and then there is a powerful discharge of bile and pancreatic juice during a large-scale evening meal. Your stomach does not have time to digest, food stays in the intestines for a long time, forming toxins and provoking all kinds of disorders and dysbiosis. A few years of such malnutrition - and the body will certainly tell you its “phi” (most likely, this will happen sooner). And breakfast, low-calorie and small in volume (and therefore not able to lead to the formation of excess fat cells, so disturbing those who follow all kinds of diets), removes all these unhealthy factors. And your stomach, and other organs, will not be overstressed by uneven consumption of food.

low calorie breakfast

What should a low-calorie breakfast look like?

Firstly, it is worth mentioning right away that it should not be composed of sandwiches with cheese, for example, and smoked sausage, which many people love so much. Breakfast should be full, and not like a snack. It should also be excluded fast food and all kinds of convenience foods as food that does not deserve our attention in any way. Worth a try: a low-calorie breakfast can be not only healthy, but also delicious. And if you are so afraid of getting better, then it is best to abandon the late lunches turning into dinners, and instead drink a glass of kefir or fermented baked milk. But breakfast is a must!


Well, now let's try to cook with you a low-calorie breakfast. Recipes can be very diverse. There are many decent dishes for your first breakfast, having almost zero calories, which certainly will not affect your figures in any way. They can consist of yogurts, sour-milk non-fat products, sea fish, berries, fruits, vegetables of all stripes, pumpkins, mushrooms. All this food is quickly absorbed, but, on the other hand, you will not feel hungry for a long time.

low calorie breakfast recipes

Salads and smoothies

All kinds of salads and smoothies, both from fruits and vegetables, are very suitable for such breakfasts. Usually they are seasoned with either vegetable oil, or kefir, or low-fat yogurt. You can add a couple of drops of lemon juice to get a sour taste (it is important not to overdo it and really add a couple of drops). Here are a few principles for preparing such simple and very low-calorie dishes :

  1. All ingredients are best taken seasonally. The past crop loses vitamins and can be covered with various means that increase shelf life. The seasonal approach to the construction of tasty and healthy salads is especially true for berries.
  2. Hard vegetables are best grated, so they will be better absorbed. Vegetable salads are more useful to season with olive oil, adding a drop of lemon juice and slightly salting.
  3. For lovers of liquid dishes - smoothies: a blender is our everything! In it you can chop almost any mass of vegetables or fruits, season with herbs and drink this yummy as breakfast. In such a dish, there will certainly be a minimum content of fats and calories.
    low calorie breakfast

Low Calorie Breakfasts

As an example, we give several such options. But you can show your imagination with might and main and try something new every time:

  1. Fruit salad with yogurt. Its calorie content per 100 grams is only 65 kcal. Protein content - 4 grams, fat - less than a gram, carbohydrates - about 10 grams. To prepare a salad for several people, you need to take a couple of apples, two bananas, ten berries of large strawberries (or other berries according to the season), a glass of low-fat yogurt without aromatic additives. For lovers of sweets: you can add a spoonful of honey. We prepare it simply: peel the fruit and cut it finely. Mix everything with yogurt. The main thing is not to eat more than one bowl (for those who are on a diet: 200 grams of food equals 130 kcal), as the salad is very tasty!
  2. Fruit and berry smoothie. This dish has generally a minimal amount of calories due to the fact that only fruits, juice and berries (35 kcal per 100 grams) are involved in it, and fat - 0 grams! Pour a glass of apple juice into the blender (it is better, of course, to cook it yourself), put two large soft apples, previously peeled and cut into small pieces, 100 grams of berries per season (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, currants). Turn on the blender and grind everything to the state of liquid slurry. Drink no more than a glass for breakfast!

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