DIY home grain crusher

The grain crusher is a universal unit to grind small and large crops for feeding domestic animals. With the help of a grain mill, you can significantly save time and energy, and the feed that is processed with its help can be mixed with additives that improve the diet of animals. In our article, we will look at how to make a grain mill for use in the household with your own hands. The main parameters of these devices will also be considered.

Features of the design of the grain crusher

Before you start reviewing the device, you need to thoroughly understand what the mechanism is needed for. With the help of a grain mill, forage crops are crushed, they become attractive to animals. After all, small foods will be much better absorbed by your pets, and this will contribute to faster weight gain, and the animal gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

DIY grinder from a grinder

The grinder has a very simple design, it is based on a durable case, which is also a camera for grain. And also in the design there are cutting components that are driven by an electric motor. An electric motor is usually used, as it is much easier to install on a structure. But to make it more convenient to use the grain crusher, you can equip it with handles. Some models have removable wheels.

Varieties of grain grinders for home use

Any household grain crushers are small and simple. But, despite this, all models have quite high performance. Therefore, the device allows you to process large quantities of grain in a short period of time. If you make a separation on the principle of functioning, we can distinguish the following:

  1. Rotary crushers. In such units, working chambers are made of durable metals. Therefore, the reliability of the machine is very high. Elements that are crushed, beat on the walls of the hopper, with the help of this and crushes the grain. Pay attention to the fact that crushing components hit the walls until the grain is crushed.
  2. Disk machines - in similar designs, crushing knives are fixed to the shaft with the help of disks.
  3. Hammer machines - in the design, the grinding elements are mounted on the rotor, it rotates in the receiving hopper.
  4. Roller crushers - they can crush and grind grain. The main element in the design is the corrugated rollers. With their help, it turns out to efficiently process exclusively wet grain. Therefore, if it is dry, it must be moistened in advance in water.

Classification by type of drive

Below we will see how to make a simple grinder from a grinder with your own hands.

DIY grain grinder

In general, crushers that are used in everyday life can be divided by type of drive:

  1. Hand crushers are the simplest devices for this device to work, it is necessary to use force, as well as spend a lot of time. With the help of such units, it is possible to grind grain into a coarse product. It is suitable exclusively for adult animals, in particular for bulls or cows.
  2. Pneumatic devices are used to process corn and other small grains. Using such a device, it is possible to grind products into small fractions very quickly, so that later they can be mixed into food for feeding small animals and birds. It features high performance. You can make such a home-made grain grinder yourself quite quickly, while the investment will be minimized.
  3. Electric grain crushers are also distinguished by a simple design and fairly high performance. Dimensions of the device are not very large, can be used both at home and in farms.

Rotary or hammer crusher: which is better

And now let's talk about how to make a grain crusher with your own hands and what type of design is better to choose. If you have a question, which of the crushers is better, you need to carefully study the design differences of these units. The rotary chopper works by moving the cutting knife. With its help, the mass fed to the receiving hopper is crushed.

DIY home grain grinder

Hammer aggregates grind raw materials using hammers mounted on a solid base. All products that are obtained by processing a hammer machine are very high quality. This is achieved due to the fact that the hammers have a very high range of motion. As a result, they crush even removed grain grains.

But as for the rotary crusher, it has much less power consumption and higher productivity. In order to finally answer the question, it is necessary to determine what tasks the crusher will solve. If your farm has a lot of adult poultry or livestock, a rotary crusher is ideal. But in the event that you plan to raise small birds, as well as young livestock for trade, it is best to make or purchase a hammer mill.

Crusher Tools

You can even make a grain crusher from an angle grinder, which is often called a grinder. This will save a lot of money. You can make a reliable design quickly enough. It will process a lot of grain, which is enough to feed even a large herd of cattle.

How to make a grain mill do it yourself

First of all, you need to stock up on such tools for making a homemade grain crusher with your own hands:

  1. Electric drill and nozzles for working with wood and metal.
  2. Pliers, screwdrivers.
  3. Vise.
  4. Set of wrenches.

Manufacturing procedure

After you study all the schemes, you can begin work. And now in more detail about how to make a grain mill with your own hands:

  1. First, take one sheet of plywood, it will serve as the basis for the grain crusher. The material should be of the highest quality, it is not allowed the presence of damage, rot, cracks.
  2. Now you need to make holes in this plywood. In one of them a grinder is installed. The second hole will serve as a place in which the grain will subsequently feed.
  3. The grinder must be fixed with brackets and bolts.
  4. Now you need to remove the disc from the grinder, and install metal knives in its place. All sides of these knives should be very well sharpened.
  5. Directly under the plywood below, you need to fix the grid, it will play the role of a sieve.
  6. You will need a barrel of plastic or metal up to 10 liters. It serves as a hopper for collecting crushed grain.

Before starting this device with the product, you must test it.

DIY homemade grain crusher

Be sure to regularly lubricate all elements of the Bulgarian engine. Otherwise, it will break very quickly due to the fact that the main components will be erased. If necessary, bearings must be replaced before starting work.

What to consider when manufacturing?

You must understand that you need a reliable, high-performance and powerful machine. Therefore, when making a grain mill for your household with your own hands or buying a finished design, you need to consider such factors:

  1. In what areas will the device be used. If the farm is small, then you can use a hammer mill. Home-made designs can be made on the basis of an old washing machine. She will have a good supply of power, and most importantly - the cost is almost zero.
  2. Power is the most important parameter of the crusher. It should be enough to process large volumes of grain.
  3. Performance is an equally important parameter. Therefore, in advance, before production, you need to determine how much grain will have to be processed.
DIY home grain crusher

After you answer all these questions, you can begin to manufacture a crusher or buy a finished one. And the main thing is not to overpay for β€œextra” power or performance.


In fact, you can literally make a grain crusher for your household from improvised materials. As a drive, you can use both muscle strength and an electric motor, for example, from a grinder. But always in electrical circuits install protection - circuit breaker and RCD. This will prevent electrical injuries.


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